Camuy Zipline Adventures at Río Camuy Caves Park

Update- Nov.30,2017- Post Maria- they have started zip lining again! The Camuy Cave park is currently closed, but the zip line area is open!

Do you want to add a whole new exciting way to see some of the Camuy Cave system? What about flying over them on a zip line! It is great fun, you’ll get to see part of the park that hardly anyone gets to see, and see it in a heart-pumping way! There are two really long, really high zip lines that go across the Tres Pueblos Sinkhole. When you add this tour to your park visit, you get to see some of the cave system from above, and from within. How cool is that?

Camuy Zipline Adventures is located within the Río Camuy Caves Park (Parque Las Cavernas del Río Camuy). Located in the town of Camuy, it is just over an hour from San Juan. This cave system is huge, and the park is run by the Parques Nacionales de Puerto Rico.

Camuy Zipline Adventure

Located inside the park, Camuy Zipline Adventures is a private concession, and is available when the park is open. Their ziplines go to an entirely different area of the park then the Government-run cave tour. Both the zipline tour and the cave tour take about two hours each, so you can do both tours and have two totally different experiences at the same area, on the same day.

Our Visit

We met our guides at their table that is set up in the area where you would wait for the cave tour. After signing the usual waivers, they drove us to the Tres Pueblos Sinkhole area where the ziplines are located. They provide your safety equipment (harness, helmet and gloves), and the guides help get outfitted.

The view from the first mirador (viewing platform) is great. You can really enjoy the area and the magnitude of the sinkhole, and the height and length of these ziplines! They told us about the area, sinkhole and other interesting info about the cave system. It is called “Tres Pueblos Sinkhole” because this sinkhole touches the three neighboring townsof Camuy, Lares, and Hatillo.

Camuy Zipline Adventure

After getting outfitted, the guides give the training and safety briefing, and explain how to use the zipline equipment. It really is easy, as long as you can muster the courage to step off the platform! We have done zipling before and always enjoyed it, and this was no exception. From the height, you get a birds’s-eye view of the river and the cave. It is more than 400 feet down to the river! The first zipline is long (like 700 feet) and not crazy fast, so you really have time to check out the scenery as you soar over from the town of Lares and land in the town of Camuy.

Camuy Zipline Adventure

On the second platform, they hook you up again, and you go on another zipline. This line is a much faster zipline — they say you can reach speeds of 50mph! It is really long also, but at that speed, time and your heart are running quickly! You still can see the Camuy River and cave entrance far below you as you zip past.

After your second landing, you can relax a bit. You’ll ditch your zipline gear and the guides take you to another mirador (which is just steps away, but in the town of Hatillo) where you can really get another great view of all the platforms and lines and the river far beneath you.

Camuy Zipline Adventure

From here, you talk a walk to see the mouth of Cueva Espiral (Spiral Cave). This is where you get your exercise. The cave entrance is at the bottom of a long, wooden staircase. There are a lot of steps! The way down is easy. The way back up … no so much. The mouth of the cave is neat and has some pretty formations. The guides explain how it continues to drop another 70+ feet down into the darkness before the bottom where the river is running swiftly through it. It is a really pretty area that used to be open to park visitors, but now it is just used by the zipline tour. Very green, with lots of tropical plants. You can enjoy it as you stop to catch your breath on the climb back up the steps.

Camuy Zipline Adventure

We had a great time. The guides were great, knowledgeable, and I liked their equipment (new and up-to-date). The groups are small (maximum 8 people), so you are not waiting forever between ziplines.

After doing the ziplines, we hung around and went on the Rio Camuy Caves tour. It had been a number of years since we last did that tour, so it was a good refresher for us.


The cost of the zipline tour varies, as the often offer specials. Check their Facebook page for the latest prices. There is a fee for the parking lot a Rio Camuy Caves Park (so you might as well go to the caves while you are there).

If you're happy, let them know it — Don't forget to tip your your bartender, tour guide or trip operator if you enjoyed yourself. Gratuities are appreciated and typically aren't included in the price they charge you.

They offer tours during park hours, which are Wednesday to Sunday 8:00am to 3:30pm

There are weight (minimum 70 pounds, maximum 250 pounds), age (minimum 12 years old), and height (minimum 42″ tall) restrictions to participate in the zipline tour. Additionally, you should be physically fit and able to climb a lot of stairs (for the Cueva Espiral portion, which I think you would be technically able to opt-out of.

Allow about 2 hours for the zipline tour.

You can call them at 939-257-6094 for more information or to book a tour.

You can visit the Camuy Zipline Adventures Facebook page for more information.

It is best to make a reservation for the zipline tour, but if you happen to be at the park, and they have openings, they should be able to get you on a zipline tour.

They are located inside the Parque de Las Cavernas del Río Camuy, which is on Carr 129 KM 18.9.

The Río Camuy Caves Park is about one hour from San Juan.

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