Visitor Center in Old San Juan Has Moved

New Location of PRTC Visitor Center

The Visitor Center of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company in Old San Juan has moved to a new location. But don’t worry – it’s still easy to find. They only moved right across the street.

The Visitor Center used to be housed in the small Casita at Plaza Darsena. The new location is on the first floor of the Ochoa building which is on the waterfront, just across the street from Pier 1. As you can see, it’s just a short walk from the cruise ship piers.

TheLa Casita is now a bar and the area around it will be the focal point of the Artisan’s Market (or el Mercado de Artesanias) in Plaza Darsena.

They still have a great staff to help you plan your day in town, with maps, brochures and the latest Que Pasa magazine. They are open everyday from 9:00am – 5:30pm.

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From this list: , I see the hotel is currently closed, but they say they will reopen (probably soon when they get power). Phone service is still spotty, but things are improving every day. I would give it another week or so.

Comment by Gwenn on 15 Nov 2017

We have a reservation at the milano on january 4th to the 7th and go on a cruise on norwegian on the 7th. we cannot get in touch with the milano to know if they will be operational, can you help us? sincerely cindy.

Comment by cindy maki on 06 Oct 2017

I don't recognise the name, but I am not an expert in restaurants.

Comment by Gwenn on 15 Jun 2017

Years ago when I was in Old San Juan there was a restaurant called Ocho Puertos (8 doors). Does it still exist today and if not what is the name of the business that is now there?

Comment by Joyce Zimmer on 14 Jun 2017

For written information, try contacting the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. they have phone operators on duty and a live chat that works well.

Comment by Gwenn on 22 Apr 2017

I would love to visit old San Juan but so far in going alone. Can you please send me some literature on things to do there and safe and reasonable hotels.

Comment by Irma Garcia on 12 Apr 2017

I don't know. Perhaps ask on Puerto Rico TripAdvisor.

Comment by Gwenn on 09 Jul 2016

Fifteen years ago I took a Royal Caribbean cruise to San Juan. I remember visiting a leather shop near the port and purchased a product I would like to replace. I believe the leather goods were made in Puerto Rico. Does anyone know if the shop exists any more and can provide possible contact information for the store? I don't even know the name of the shop.

Comment by Lorri Ruth on 13 Jun 2016

Many years ago, "La Casita" used to be a telegraph office.

Comment by Robert on 18 Feb 2016

They do not always have them to give out at the Tourism centers. We have it here:

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Oct 2015

Will be arriving there in December. where can I find the map for trolley? Thank you in advance

Comment by Wendy on 19 Oct 2015

Barrachina still holds bags- every day from 9am to 5pm. I believe Aloha restaurant right across from Pier 4 in OSJ will hold bags.

Comment by Gwenn on 06 Dec 2014

Arriving San Juan early Sunday Morning and want to leave bags somewhere so we can visit the town before leaving mid pm for the airport. Can you advise where we can do this, Barrachina was suggested, but they do not answer. Regards Roger.

Comment by Roger on 28 Oct 2014

We don't have it= maybe print off our map. Or you can contact the PR Tourism company, they might have a map. 1-800-866-7827

Comment by Gwenn on 13 Sep 2014

Hello. We will be arriving in San Juan on Oct. 25. I have heard about the free trolley. Is there any way to get a map of the trolley system before we leave home? Thank You

Comment by on 12 Sep 2014

You need to look at this article: For up to 5 people in 1 cab, looks like $19 plus $2 gas charge and any luggage charge $1 extra per bag. Then tip Also if it late night, that is an additional $1.

Comment by Gwenn on 09 Sep 2014

What is the expected cab fare from the airport to mid-town Old San Juan (Calle del Sol)

Comment by mike hambuchen on 08 Sep 2014

The bus system is not really designed for tourists. There is one, but you can't have luggage and I believe you need to transfer buses. But there will be plenty of taxis.

Comment by Gwenn on 21 Mar 2014

You will need to contact the PR Tourism Company: Call or online chat with them. They can send you maps and the newest Que Pasa Magazine, but it takes a few weeks.

Comment by Gwenn on 23 Feb 2014

I am looking for a map and travel brochure for Old San Juan. Could you send that to me?? Or do I order it somewhere else? Thanks.

Comment by Cheryl Peters on 21 Feb 2014

Flying into the airport to start a Royal Caribbean cruise. Is there a bus from the airport to downtown San Juan? And, what is the cost? Thanks

Comment by Claire Brand on 12 Feb 2014

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