Explore the Old Aguadilla Lighthouse Ruins

Since the hurricane, the ruins are a little more “ruined” than in the photos…they have lost a little more of the side wall.

For all you lighthouse folks, photographers, or people who want to explore some off-the-beaten-path places — we found the old lighthouse ruins in Aguadilla (or, as they are referred to here, Las Ruinas or El Faro de la Ponderosa) pretty cool. There is not much left of this lighthouse (only parts of 2 walls, really), but it provides a setting for some beautiful photos.

Aguadilla Lighthouse

Some Lighthouse History

Officially known as the Borinquen Point Lighthouse, this structure was built in 1889 by the Spanish. Made of brick, it had a tower with the light and a living area for the light-keeper. Like many of the lighthouses of its time, it was pretty elaborate in architectural details. However, in 1918, there was a major earthquake in the north-west that severely damaged the lighthouse beyond repair. It was abandoned, and a new concrete lighthouse was built in 1922 by the US Coast Guard in a different location — a little more to the north-east in Aguadilla.

What remained of the ruins were left to be further destroyed by time and vandals. But still you can see the beauty that was once a mighty lighthouse. And the views through the hollow windows to the west, overlooking the ocean are breathtaking. (2017 update- the bushes have overgrown the views, but it is still neat to see!).

Aguadilla Lighthouse

Getting to the Lighthouse

This was the fun part of the trip — we actually had to go through the golf course. If you want go go: From Aguadilla, take Route 107 north. You will be close to the airport and you will see large, golfball-shaped domes (at the airport). A little past that, you will see a small road on the left that will take you through the golf course. You will eventually pass a nice beach “Borinquen”. Keep following the road until you get to the very end, where it deteriorates to a dirt road.

You can park your car by the ruins (just don’t block the road). If you continue on this dirt dirt road, there is a beach down there (it’s called Playa La Ruina) and past that Wilderness beach, which are not great for swimming but surfing is popular there.

Aguadilla Lighthouse


Allow 15-20 minutes to explore around the lighthouse and take some photos. Plan on it taking about 10-15 mins on the golf course road to get there.

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My mother and I just visited these ruins this past week. They were stunning, though I must admit I am a fan of ruined structures. We also walked along the beach directly by the ruined base of the lighthouse and discovered portions of the tower in the sand. Vegetation had grown over one large rounded section of the tower so it's easy to miss. We got some gorgeous shots of both the walls and swam in a virtually private beach. Park as close to the ruins as you can but as others are mentioning here, DO drive slowly and carefully as the roads were quite curvy and rough.

Comment by Yayi on 01 Jun 2014

My wife and I have gone to see the lighthouse each time we've visited Puerto Rico (8 trips) and always take great photos of the area...be aware, however, that the area is a meeting place for homosexuals and if you're a man alone you WILL be propositioned. We have never felt ourselves to be in danger, but the place IS isolated so it's a good idea to always be alert.

Comment by David on 23 Jun 2013

At a point in time I think this point of interest was an amazing site to see but recently I visited the place and it was pretty scary. The area is completely unsafe, the road can do serious damage to your car and the location is very tricky to find. I would avoid the area in the evening/night time at all cost. I think that if the town takes an interest and cleans up the area there is great potential to make these place a once again amazing point of interest as the area is surrounded by beautiful beaches. This was a complete dissapointment to my friends and I who looked forward to visiting it.

Comment by Syd on 12 Jan 2011

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