Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this blog / site?

We came up with the idea for blog as a source of unbiased opinions about things to do while visiting Puerto Rico. We say “unbiased” because we go to the places we write about as “regular touristos”, and pay our own way just like you would. We’re experiencing the good, the bad, and the ugly just like you would on vacation.

We like to think that this blog serves as an alternative to those other travel guides where all the articles and reviews are written by people getting a “free ride”, so to speak.The comments and observations contained in these pages are the result of our personal experience living in, and traveling around, Puerto Rico. These are opinions from our point of view.

Who are the people behind this blog / site?

Please visit our about us page for more information.

Are you a Tour Company? Can you take me on a Day Trip?

No. We are not a tour company, nor can we offer you a guided tour. There are plenty of companies on the Island that do that.

Can I book a tour through you guys? Will you make the arrangements for me?

Sorry, but no again. We don’t represent any of the attractions or guides that we mention in our articles. When we’ve felt it was appropriate, we’ve provided contact information.

How accurate is the information in your articles?

The hours, prices and contact information provided in these articles was correct at the time a particular article was written. This information may have changed since an article was published. We are not responsible for incorrect hours, prices and/or contact information.

How safe is it to do some of the things you write about in your articles?

We take personal safety very seriously and firmly believe that every person is personally responsible for the outcome of their actions and for their own health and safety. Please visit our personal safety page for more information.

Can I subscribe or somehow get automatic notifications about new articles?

Yes you can. You can receive automatic updates about new articles and reviews on our site. You have the choice of receiving updates via email, in your RSS feed reader, via Twitter or Facebook. Please visit our subscription page for more information.

Can I advertise on your site?

Please visit our advertising page for more information.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please visit our privacy policy page for more information.

Do you guys get paid for your reviews or get commissions for referrals you make?

Please visit our endorsement disclosures page for more information.

Where did you get those nifty icons that you’re using on your maps?

Those icons are from the Map Icons Collection created by Nicolas Mollet.

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