Visit Balneario Punta Salinas Beach in Toa Baja

Post Maria- June 2, 2018- The beach has finally been offically reopened!

Balneario Punta Salinas

One of the great things about living on an island is that there are beaches all around you. While sometimes it is nice to be alone on a deserted beach — just yourself, the sand and the ocean — at other times it is nice to have all the facilities and securities that make you feel comfortable.

Balneario Punta Salinas, in Toa Baja, is one of those beaches. Located on the north coast, not too far from San Juan, Balneario Punta Salinas is popular with the locals, but it does offer the facilities that you need. It is situated on an islet — one protected side for swimming, and the other side has rough water but with great views of Old San Juan.

Balneario Punta Salinas is a large beach located on the west side of the islet. This large crescent cove beach usually has calm water. Inside this crescent is the swimming area, which has life guards. The beach did not recieve the award for 2018/19, but it sometimes gets the Blue Flag Beach award.

Balneario Punta Salinas

Outside the Blue Flag area you can enjoy kayaking and other water fun, like fishing. The water quality is tested and there is a display with lots of information about the area. This is a manatee area and a sea turtle nesting site, so keep your eyes open and you might get a lucky wildlife sighting.

To the south end, it is forested and to the north end, there are some rocks and a nice "island" that helps block the rough Atlantic waves. There are picnic pavilions of different sizes for rent.

Regarding the beach itself, the sand is a dark beige color, not white sand. There was a bunch of natural debris (seaweed) the day we went, but I think that all depends on the recent weather and currents. It was a pretty beach, but not my favorite.

Balneario Punta Salinas

Facilities at the balneario include restrooms, showers, changing rooms, life guards, water quality monitoring, basketball hoops, consession stands for food/drinks during high season, and floating wheel chairs (supposedly, but I would call first). If you go during Puerto Rico’s local "low season" (mid-August to May), don’t expect everything to be open.

The eastern side of the islet get the winds and the waves. It also gets all the run-off from a river, so the water isn’t clear and there is lots of debris washed up along the shoreline. Swimming is not allowed on that side.


Entrance to the balneario is about $5.00 (plus tax) per car for parking.

Hours of operation are Wednesday- Sunday 9am-5pm (closed Monday and Tuesday). The balneario is open on most holidays, regardless of season.

Balneario Punta Salinas

You can call 787-795-3325 for more information.

You can visit the Puerto Rico National Parks web site for more information on all of the balnearios.

Directions from the San Juan area — Take Route 22 west to Road 167 (exit 13). Follow Road 167 north to Road 165. Turn left on Road 165. Follow Road 165 until you see the sign for the balneario on the right.

Driving time from the San Juan area is about 20 minutes.

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I have lived near this beach for more than ten years, and I stopped going because it is filthy and the workers never seem to be working though they are always driving around in trucks all the time and hanging around. Everything that is right and wrong with PR. So much potential, so much mismanagement. There is no vision for this beach.

Comment by Tom Drum on 17 Apr 2019

Thanks- I updated the info.

Comment by Gwenn on 06 May 2017

The parking fee is more now, I believe around 5.25

Comment by shontae ayala on 06 May 2017

Oh my God... I wanted to.go for taking only some pictures.

Comment by Ivette on 19 Mar 2016

Este lugar es peligroso. Esta misma semana (semana santa) del 2014 me robaron mis pertenencias. Estábamos muy cerca y se llevaron llaves del carro, ropa, maquillajes, ipad, wallet con dinero, etc. Hay muchas personas ( adictos) problemáticas por el área y la seguridad nunca se ve, al menos los días que yo he ido. Lo que se supone que fuese un día bueno acabó siendo una tragedia. Una pena porque el lugar es hermoso.

Comment by Nil on 19 Apr 2014

We visited two days ago. We had the beach almost to ourselves. The bathrooms and showers were all in working condition and there was a lifeguard. There were lots of seaweed, but once past the seaweed the water was clear and we could even see some small fishes swimming around. The surounding areas were clean. This is a nice beach- not the best in the island but nice enough for a beach day.

Comment by Alana on 05 Apr 2013

I am Puerto Rican and I love my beautiful island, however balneario Punta Salinas was dirty. I paid to get in and we could not even sit because there was so much trash every where. I recommend Domes, Boqueron, Crash Boat , Seven Seas and Luquillo.

Comment by Bianca on 26 Apr 2012

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