Visit Beautiful Borinquen Beach in Aguadilla

Volunteers continue making amazing improvements to this beach and the area in general!

If you want to enjoy wide open beach, beautiful vistas, and a picnic with ocean breezes, then Borinquen Beach in Aguadilla is perfect for you! Located just a few hundred yards from the old lighthouse ruins, this beach is a great place to have a picnic lunch under the palm trees, or on the sand while enjoying this picturesque area. It is a large beach, on both sides of the parking lot … I doubt you will ever feel crowded here!

Borinquen Beach

Borinquen Beach in Aguadilla is an example of why one can never stop exploring Puerto Rico … it is never the same place twice. Thanks to efforts from some local folks at Rescate Playas Borinquen Corp., they made what was, from our last visit, a rough and sort of scary place into a beautiful, peaceful beach! This small group has made so many improvements in this area, including grading the road and cleaning-up the beach and surrounding area. They have created a lovely destination for everyone.

What a surprise this beach was to us. I seriously didn’t even know it was there! Our last visit here was in 2009, and if we even noticed this beach, it must have been uninviting. And back then, we heard so many bad things about safety of the area, we never bothered to go back. Now, the area is safer, inviting, and beautiful. Great job!

Borinquen Beach

We went in the winter, so the surf was rough, and the waves were coming in fast … not recommended for swimming due to rip currents. I hear that in summer it is ok for swimming, there still can be rip currents! Probably not recommended to swim. There is even some snorkeling by the cliff/rocks, but best to wear a floatation device…just in case. And if you go at low tide, you can walk about 10 minutes along the rock son the rightside to the Point- “Punta Boriquen”, you will find some small “caves”. Just use caution. The day we went, there was one family set up in chairs, and a few other people enjoying the area. You can catch great sunsets from here, too.

While you’re in the area, keep going and visit the light house ruins, then drive farther to see some more pretty beaches and watch the surfers at Wilderness Beach. You will also find a new hiking/biking trail, which we didn’t have a chance to explore that day, so we will have to go back!

Getting here, you have to go through an active golf course, so watch for balls! But just drive down the road until you see the water and the sign for the beach. There is a big paved parking lot. You can’t miss the wide open sand beaches on both sides of the parking lot. To the right you can walk to the pretty rock formations and to the left, you can walk almost to the ruins. Up in the trees to the right you will find picnic tables. We found some sea glass and shells on the beach to the left.

Borinquen Beach


This beach and surrounding areas are probably best enjoyed during daylight hours.

Be smart … only go into the ocean here if it is safe for swimming.

There are no facilities at this beach, except for some picnic tables and some trash cans.

From Route 2 in Aguadilla, take Road 107 north. When you get to the Rafael Hernández Airport on your right, look for the end of the runway. Across from that, on your left, you’ll see a road that cuts across the golf course. Follow that road the Borinquen Beach.

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