Visit the Majestic Ceiba Tree in Patillas

Sometimes nature is just awe-inspiring. A good example is the huge Ceiba pentandra tree, whose size is best appreciated up-close. There are a number of these large, amazing trees throughout Puerto Rico, with some of the oldest and largest growing in Ponce, Vieques, Mayagüez, Patillas, Quebradillas, and Peñuelas. These trees are native to the island, and it is the national tree of Puerto Rico! We recently went to visit the one on Patillas, locally called the “Ceiba Atabey”.

Ceiba Atabey in Patillas

The Ceiba Atabey is located in the town of Patillas (on the east coast of Puerto Rico). It is a Ceiba pentandra tree, which can grow more than 100 feet tall. If that is not enough, this type of tree makes many large buttress roots that keep the trees firmly in the ground, and provide some lateral support against hurricanes. This particular tree is said to be over 400 years old … think of all the hurricanes it has withstood, and all the generations of people it has outlived! You look so small when standing inside the folds of the roots.

This particular tree is right on the side of a small, paved road — so you need to be careful of traffic when parking, walking, and taking photos.

Ceiba Atabey in Patillas


Located just off Route 181, on Road 7759 (on the left just after the bridge) in Patillas. Find parking nearby on the side of the road.

The road and shoulders are narrow. Be careful of on-coming traffic.

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