Enjoy Nature Free to Grow at the Ceiba de la Libertad

When left untouched, Ceiba trees can grow and spread their buttress roots for hundreds of years. A very large and beautiful example of that is in San Germán, called the Ceiba de la Libertad(The Liberty Ceiba). This centennial tree has many more years to grow, but it is already a beauty! You can stand among it’s huge roots and enjoy the shade of its branches.

Ceiba de la Libertad

This tree was planted on 18 February 1898 as part of a large celebration to commemorate the 1897 Autonomous Charter granted by the Spanish government to Puerto Rico, which gave Puerto Rico the right to self govern their local affairs. The tree was planted high above the town, on Cerro De La Libertad (Freedom Hill). This area is now owned by the Almodóvar Family. In 2015, the tree was legally declared a Resource of Historical, Natural and Cultural Value, so it will safely stand for all to admire for many years to come.

Ceiba de la Libertad

San Germán is a small but historically significant town in the south-west part of Puerto Rico. While I wouldn’t say travel down there just to see this tree (though it is lovely), it is a definite “stop by to see it” while exploring all this beautiful town has to offer. The tree is located in a space on the side of a tiny dead end road. It is just beautiful! We parked at the bottom of the hill of this dead end road and walked up, but there is room to go up and park closer to the tree if you need to.

This tree is on private property, but the family welcomes people to visit it. Please respect the tree and the area ,and keep the area clean!

Ceiba de la Libertad


There is no charge to see the tree. But you can contribute by picking up a piece of trash if you see any.

Go during daylight hours.

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