Take a Dip in Charco El Mango

Adjuntas is a beautiful, mountainous town in the center of the island. It has many rivers running down the mountains, so there is always some beautiful water feature waiting to be found … if you know where to look! Just check out Charco El Mango … it is stunning. This little beauty is just off the beaten path enough that it is often overlooked. It’s an easy walk to get there, and when the sun is “just right” … it’s amazing!

This natural pool is pretty well-known with the locals in the area, but it didn’t seem too used. We went in the morning, mid-week week in November, and it was empty. And the surrounding area it was clean. Let’s keep it that way!

Charco el Mango

Getting to the area is a bit of a journey — it is on the Ruta Panoramica — a pretty drive, but slow going on those mountain roads. But this is an excellent stop on your way to the Guilarte Forest . There is a dirt “road” that leads right to it, but the road is deteriorated that you really need a 4×4 to use it. When we went, there were deep craters filled with water and mud along parts the road. Not something one should try in the average car. So we just parked in the grassy area at the end of the blacktop road (being careful not to block driveways nor the road) and walked in on the dirt road.

It was maybe a 10-minute walk on the relatively flat road. Easy! And pretty too! The dirt road appears to be an access road through a coffee and plantain farm. There were loads of butterflies flitting around us as we walked. And, then, when you get to the pool, there is a parking area. When you see the pool, you are above it, and when the sun is right, the pool is a beautiful blue color.

The path down is a little slippery and steep, but OK overall. We did notice some stickers, so try to avoid the plants.

Charco el Mango

The water is crystal clear, and looks deep. We did not go in, but I hear the water is COLD! There is a small waterfall that drops into the pool. Right there, the pool looks deep, and there is a rope swing if you want to try it on the far side. The whole scene — river and pools, surrounded by lush greenery and nature — it’s just magical!

The charco and area surrounding it was one of the cleanest we have seen in Puerto Rico. I was so happy. Enjoy it but please keep it clean!


The beginning of the dirt road is just off Route 525 in Adjuntas. It looks like a driveway. Park to the side of the road (don’t block driveways), and walk to the left (for about 10 minutes) on the dirt road to the charco. When you come to the V in the dirt road, take the branch to the right. We advise against driving on this dirt road.

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