Sadly- No More Swinging at El Columpio de Ceiba

8/2018- Post Irma/Maria- The swing is there and you can enter the base again. But path to swing is overgrown and there is almost no beach left- all eroded away with storm. It is no longer a very pretty area. Not sure if the tree holding the swings will last too long if a lot of people use it. Last time we went, the trail was totally overgrown and dirty!

It’s no secret that social media is amazing at making a place popular almost overnight. Someone posts a photo of something wonderful or beautiful or unusual, and then suddenly everyone has to go see it. El Columpio de Ceiba was one of those things that was all the rage pre-hurricane. We’ll tell you how you can get to it, “swing” to your hearts content, and get your own photo to post for all our your followers to see!

Columpio de Ceiba

The swing (columpio in Spanish) in Ceiba started as someone’s little idea of fun. Then a Puerto Rico flag was added, then a second swing. Right now, it’s a very popular local spot to go snap your selfie. In actuality, since the “swing” is in water, you can’t really swing on it. But you can stand or sit on it. So you’re really just going for the photo op. Luckily, it is a located on a small but pretty beach, post Maria- the beach is eroded away, but the water is still crystal clear blue water.

Columpio de Ceiba

El Columpio de Ceiba is located near a 12-foot tall pier area. There is a tree on the edge of the pier, and someone tied some swings to it that hang down into the water.

For the photo, someone goes to the beach and into the water to the swing, while the photographer stands up on the pier. You can get good photos both from atop the pier, and from down in the water in front of the swing. The Puerto Rico flag adds a nice touch!

And since this is a high pier … and kids (and adults) will be kids … people jump off the pier into the water, even though there is a sign saying not to jump/dive into the water. It really is a pretty spot.

Columpio de Ceiba

This place is no longer a secret. There is a large parking lot for it. Just follow the road and signs to the pier and beach. It’s maybe a 2-minute walk from the parking area. When you follow the signs, you get to the beach area first, and there are signs and paths leading to the swing and picture spot. Though it’s easy enough to figure out without the signs.

Sadly, people are not respecting the beauty of this place. Please take out whatever trash you make, and pick up a little extra.

Columpio de Ceiba


There is no charge for the beach nor for parking.

There are no formal hours, but I’d guess you’d only want to be in the area during daylight hours.

There are no facilities. No trash cans. No food nor drinks for sale. Bring whatever you might need. And take out any trash you generate.

El Columpio de Ceiba is located in Ceiba, inside the old Roosevelt Roads Navy Base. To get there, from the San Juan area, you’d start out heading east on Route 66 (toll) or Route 3. In either case, you’d continue east on Route 3 through RΓ­o Grande and Luquillo, heading toward Fajardo. In Fajardo, Route 3 turns to the right, and shortly thereafter becomes Route 53 (toll). You’ll want to follow signs for the airport, and take the exit to the right just before the Route 53 toll booths. From that exit, turn to the left, under Route 53, and continue onto Route 3. Follow signs for the Ceiba Airport. Go through the guard gate (tell them where you are going). Go left at the V (away from the airport), continue by following signs for Pure Adventure and/or Black Beard Sports. Continue past their shops, and you’ll see the looming rigs off to your right, just past Muelle 2. There’s a small handmade sign on the corner where you turn right toward the parking area for El Columpio de Ceiba.

The drive from the San Juan area is about 90 minutes.

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