Photo Op: Comerío Represas

Sometimes, just taking a day and going out for a drive leads to some great finds. We recently took a “Sunday exploration drive” down Route 167 in Comerío, and checked out some very impressive dam “waterfalls” right along the road.

Comerio Represas

Built around 1910, these dams (represas in Spanish) are the remains of now defunct hydroelectric power plants on the Río La Plata. They are no longer used for generating electricity, but the “waterfalls” (saltos in Spanish) that they create are getting a second life as natural points of interest. The town of Comerío is in the early phases of constructing a scenic overlook at Represa Two.

Represa One (El Salto #1)

Comerio Represas

There is a very sharp curve in Road 167 at KM 4.2, that is right above Represa One. There is some “pull over” parking on the mountain side of the road, and a guardrail on the other side of the road above the dam. Be careful crossing the road … it is a blind curve, and the cars heading north won’t see you.

This dam is about 45 feet tall, and there may be a good viewing point from the edge of the road (though last time we went, I could not see the dam). There was a steep and slippery “path” down to the river. The view from down by the dam is impressive, as is the view looking down-river.

The path down was challenging, and it is steep on the way up. Definitely not for everyone, especially those with fear of heights or people who are not steady on their feet. We could not find this path on our last visit, so maybe it is no longer there.

Represa Two (El Salto #2)

Comerio Represas

Continuing south on Route 167, between KM 3.7 and 3.6, there is parking and viewing area, to get a view of the old power plant and the “waterfall” over Represa Two. This dam is much taller (about 125 feet) than Represa One, and about 400 feet wide.

There is a small bar on the side of the road that has good Coco Frios (among other things), and a great view of the dam. This is where the town of Comerío made a scenic overlook.

Continuing just a little farther south on Route 167 to KM 3.2, you’ll see a sign for Represa Two. There is a parking lot just a little bit south of the dam itself or find a spot on the side of the road.

The town made a nice paved walkway that leads down to the edge of the dam. When we went in 2020, this walkway was “closed” to the public, but you can sneak through the fence and use it, but it can be VERY slippery in spots). This “waterfall” is pretty impressive up close!

Comerio Represas

There is an area that goes “under” the dam here that leads into the dark to a doorway … it was open so we took a look around inside a little. There were a lot of bats living here! There is also a tunnel that leads under the dam itself (goes to the other side), but that gate was locked.

We enjoyed our time at these dams, got some good photos, and a little exercise.


From the San Juan area, take Route 22 west to Route 5 south to Route 199 west to Route 167 south. We found parking on the side of the road.

The road is one lane each way, and curvy. Park off of the roadway, and be careful when crossing the road.

If you take the paths down to the dams, you could spend 15 or 30 minutes at each dam. Otherwise, these are just nice photo ops.

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