Inspiration Flows from the CROMÁPOLIS Murals in Fajardo

Artistic people who can create something that beautifies the world are so inspiring. In Fajardo, a group of artists got together, and with the help of the community, sponsors, and volunteers, created 8 beautiful murals around the downtown Fajardo area called CROMÁPOLIS: Proyecto de Arte Urbano. The colorful artwork brings the town to life. They are hoping it will be an annual event, encouraging people to visit the town, spread color and happiness, and hopefully inspire people using art as a messaging medium.


The town of Fajardo is located at the north eastern tip of Puerto Rico. The downtown area is a bit depressed and run down, but still full of community and life. The “street art” or “urban art” movement, which make “outdoor museums” has really caught on across the island. In 2019, a group of people created the idea of “Cromápolis”, and worked with the local communities, making this beautification a fun and educational experience. They got artists from around Puerto Rico, and some from abroad, to come and design murals. The artists had helpers painting the murals. And there is even a “community” one painted largely by the local children with the theme of caring for the land and our health. Then they had a great big party in January 2020 to invite everyone to see Fajardo!


Located mainly along two of the larger streets that run through downtown Fajardo, the murals have different themes and messages. They are “local” themes — typical scenes, our underwater reefs, Carnaval, Puerto Rican boxers, roosters, and indigenous art — hopefully inspiring people to care, remember, and protect the wonderful place that we call “home”.

These murals are amazing. One can’t help but be impressed by the massive size and colors of “Zandunga Queen”- a colorful mural over 50 feet tall! But the colorful works from these talented people all are impressive.


Today, Fajardo is more beautiful than ever. Come to the town, check out the murals, spend some time (and maybe some money) walking around the area. The Cromápolis creators are planning on making it a yearly event. Planned toward the end of each year, they will be adding more murals, getting the community involved, inspiring people to care, and sharing their talents with all of us. And then the celebration with everyone in January. There are a number of other towns that have beautiful murals, they are all really something to see!


It is free to walk around and look at the murals. The hope is that you’ll spend a little money in Fajardo while you are there — grab lunch, or a coffee, or an ice cream.

View the murals during daylight hours.

You can get more info on the Cromápolis Facebook page.

Here is a Google Map with the locations of the murals marked.

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