Swing on the Edge in Salinas

Update- It is now a super popular spot! There have been many changes and improvements at the curve- a Salinas sign, a ramp for handicapped access, even a snack bar! Enjoy!

Sometimes we just see something beautiful and have to share it. The Curva del Árbol Renace (Curve of the Reborn Tree) was once just an overgrown area on the side of the road. A group of people knew the potential to be a pretty spot, and decided to clean it up. They added some steps, a swing, and a flag … and a beautiful tourist spot was born, showcasing the beauty of Puerto Rico! The tree itself is a large flamboyant tree. It suffered a little damage in Hurricane Maria, but it is still magnificent. I can’t wait to go back to see it in bloom!

Curva del Arbol Renace

This is a wonderful scenic area area, with amazing views. The Tetas of Cayey (the double mountain peaks that remind people of a pair of breasts) on one side, and the mountains and valleys on the other. You can see the Caribbean Sea to the south. The photos make it look like you climbed up to a mountain top, but this requires you to walk up about 8 steps from the road! (new info: July 2019- They have added a ramp, so everyone can enjoy the swing and views!). It’s a wonderful photo shoot location!

Curva del Arbol Renace

It is a roadside nature area, that is free and always “open”, so come and enjoy!

It is quite popular now (as it should be). We went mid-day on a Monday, and while we had it to ourselves for a while, people did come and go. There is a small parking area, with space for 4 or 5 cars.

The area was clean — PLEASE keep it that way! They put up a few fences to keep you from falling off, but you really do need to be careful near the edge, and definitely watch kids (both when on and off the swing).

Curva del Arbol Renace


There is actually a Facebook page for the tree!

The tree is located on Route 1 in Salinas at KM 71.3. The easiest way to get there is to take the Salinas exit from Route 52, and get onto Route 1 going north. If you prefer, you can get onto Route 1 farther north, and drive south on Route 1. That’s a pretty drive, but it will take longer. Though you can see the Tetas de Cayey from the tree, if you go north on Route 1 a bit, you’ll have a view of the Tetas with the power lines.

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