Check Out El Patrón Waterfall

The abandoned house has El Patron and an arrow on it now…hard to miss! Just find the trail behind the house.

I like waterfalls, so when I see photos of local waterfalls, I make every effort to find them. That is how we found Cascada Patrón. This waterfall looks really nice in pictures, and it is relatively easy to reach. Technically, it is in the town of Morovis, but it is on the boarder with Vega Baja, so it is a quick stop when doing other things in the area. Another plus is that it is not too far from San Juan.

El Patrón Falls

Our Visit

El Patrón Falls

We went on a Monday morning, and, as expected, we had the place to ourselves. I have seen photos with a number of people at the falls, so I know it can get busy (most likely on weekends and in the summer). There is a path that leads to the falls behind an abandoned house … so, yes, you need to cross private property to get to the falls … but it is not posted to keep out or anything.

The path is easy to follow, but be aware it can be muddy, it is a bit slippery in places, and it does get steep in a few areas. But it is only like a 10-minute walk from the road through the forest to the waterfall.

The waterfall itself is pretty nice — probably 40 or more feet tall.

It had rained the day before we went, so the water wasn’t 100% clear, but it still was pretty. If it rains, the falls get more full and prettier, but watch for flash floods. We could see where the high-water mark was from the recent rains! There is a small pool at the base of the falls, but it it looked pretty shallow. This waterfall was interesting because it flows over a different kind of rock, which was pretty fragile.

The main problem I have with this waterfall (and, really, this town in general) is there is a lot of trash and garbage dumped all over. So much of it ends up in the rivers and, of course, around these falls. It is a bit sad. But the falls themselves do look nice in photos, you just have to overlook all the trash. 🙁

El Patrón Falls


Remember to take water, maybe insect repellent, and to wear sturdy shoes.

The walk from the road to the waterfall takes about 10 minutes.

The easiest way to get to El Patrón Falls is to take Route 22 to Road 137 (that’s exit 42). On Road 137, look for a Walgreens. Just after the Walgreens, at KM 17.4, turn right onto Road 6617 and continue until KM 1.8. Coming from this direction, you will see an abandoned house on right as you come around the corner … then look on left and you can see the abandoned house with the trail sort of hidden in the tall grass. Park on left side here and the trail to the waterfall is on either side of the abandoned house.

It is about a 1-hour drive from San Juan

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thanks for the update!

Comment by Gwenn on 31 Jan 2020

Visited January 2020 and the trail is very overgrown. Would recommend bringing a machete and wearing long pants and shirt if you plan to visit. The falls were very pretty, but the pool is not good for swimming. We enjoyed the adventure of finding a hidden place, but might not be worth the trek for the average tourist!

Comment by M Simons on 31 Jan 2020

Just visited on April 17, 2019. Kind of a sad place, murky, overgrown, no real place to bath, shallow. Nasty creatures in water. Found rare flower, but we will never go back. Just because it is only an hour from San Juan does not justify a visit. You'd be way better of heading around the corner to Choco Azul.

Comment by Tom Drum on 17 Apr 2019

Bummer. It has been dry lately, so maybe it will clear out when we get rains again. Thanks for the update.

Comment by Gwenn on 17 Jun 2018

Went down the path, but sadly the waterfall pool is no longer there. Is was filled by dirt, trees and whatever else could fall into it. Also the waterfall itself it's smaller, has shifted and very low flow. :-(

Comment by Max on 17 Jun 2018

Thanks for the update. It will take a little while for the trails to get well used again. But they will.

Comment by Gwenn on 04 Feb 2018

I went to this waterfall today and the path is no longer there. Trees have fallen all over and it doesn't look like anyone has gone for a while. It also looks different after the hurricane from the other pictures I have seen. I still enjoyed the visit, but it was a lot of work to get there and a machete definitely would have helped!

Comment by Brandon B on 02 Feb 2018

We went here on our trip to Vega Baja in March. Thanks for the detailed directions! Pretty cool place.

Comment by Larry Jones on 19 May 2017

We checked this out this past weekend, thanks for posting this and the great directions!

Comment by Karen on 25 Mar 2016

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