Take a Spin on the Ferris Wheel in Old San Juan

Old San Juan Welcomes a New Icon – The Wheel. Like many of the great cities around the world, a new landmark has risen to capture the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Standing tall against the backdrop of centuries-old architecture, the newest addition to Puerto Rico’s enchanting capital city is none other than the magnificent 110 foot tall Ferris wheel. Located in the Puerta De Tierra district, across from Pier (Muelle) 9 – you can’t miss it!

The Wheel Old San Juan

With its grand presence and captivating lights, the Ferris wheel offers a modern twist to the timeless charm of Old San Juan. It beckons all to embark on a journey to new heights, both literally and figuratively. From the apex of the Ferris wheel, riders are treated to panoramic views of the San Juan Bay, the capitol building, and beyond. As the sun dips below the horizon, passengers are transported to a realm fun and lights!

The Wheel Old San Juan

It also seems like it is a BIG “selfie” or “Insta” spot. Everyone was taking their photos in front of it. I thought it was very pretty to see. Right next door they are making an entertainment space (should open April 2024), which will have food trucks, a beer garden, and an entertainment center upstairs. I applaud them for helping with the urban entertainment and economic revitalization of the area.

The Wheel Old San Juan

I can’t say I was blown away by the experience. You get 3 turns around, and it went very quickly. The views were OK, there just isn’t that much to see in the area where it is located. It is a nice 10-15 minute walk from the waterfront cruise ship area. The surrounding area itself needs to be cleaned up. There is a nice Puerto Rico flag mural on the ground under the wheel, but it was dirty, so not that pretty.There is an empty lot behind it and vacant buildings around it. I hope other developers come and really help to spruce up the area.

The Wheel Old San Juan

There are rules for your safety. The (6 person max) compartments have clear enclosures, so you can see through them. We went at sunset, it was nice, and I did enjoy the lights, especially as the darkness came on. It was a nice little diversion before dinner in the Old City.

The Wheel Old San Juan


The cost is about $10 per person (regardless of age).

The Ferris wheel runs 7 days per week, week days from from about 5pm , weekend earlier (3pm maybe) until about 11pm.

Allow about 10 minutes for the ride itself.

We hear that the Ferris wheel will be dismantled and stored elsewhere during peak hurricane season.

The Wheel is located on Av Manuel FernΓ‘ndez Juncos (that’s Highway 1) in Old San Juan, across the street from pier/muelle 9.

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