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The operator we originally wrote this article about, FlyBoard Puerto Rico in Isla Verde, has stopped operating. However, Luquillo Flyboard (behind the kiosks in Luquillo) offers flyboarding every day!

Flyboard Puerto Rico

What do you get when you attach a wakeboard to a jet ski? The super fun of a Flyboard®, of course!

A Flyboard allows you to hover over the water, giving you a sensation like you have never had before. Seriously. Just check out the video and tell me it doesn’t look like fun! As soon as I saw a video of it, I knew I had to do it.

Luckily, Flyboard PR East is offering this in Luquillo.

How It Works

The Flyboard is a board, much like a snowboard or a wake board, connected to a jet ski by a long hose. The water propulsion that usually powers the jet ski is diverted through the hose to the Flyboard. The rider (flyer) is strapped into boots attached to the Flyboard, and is lifted out of the water by water jets on the bottom of the Flyboard. As a flyer, you can "steer" the board with your feet and by shifting your weight. When you get some experience, you can also do fun maneuvers . The Flyboard "captain" (on the jet ski) controls the propulsion, which controls your height. You get a 10 minute training while still on the beach, and then the captain gives you instructions and pointers while you are out in the water.

Our Flights

Flyboard Puerto Rico

Seriously. Just check out the pictures and videos and tell me this isn’t cool!

We went one Sunday morning with some friends to a different Flyboard company in PR that is now not operating. But the experience is generally the same no matter who you use. After signing the typical waivers, we got our training on the beach. Then we donned our helmets and life jackets (PFDs), and get in the water and go to the Jet skis.

One of the guides binds your feet into the boots attached to the Flyboard as you float next to the jet ski.

The Captain has you tow the jet ski to a wide open area where you will fly. This part is cool, too. You get into an Aquaman (or Superman) position, they start the propulsion, and you are pushed through the water on the surface — and the hose pulls the jet ski (you don’t have to do any work). I really felt like a dolphin, or like I was in the big tank at SeaWorld being pushed by Shamu!

Flyboard Puerto Rico

Once you’re ready to fly, you get the board under you (which really to me was the hardest part, since it floats), you lock your knees, the captain gives it more thrust, and you elevate out of the water. The ability to keep your knees locked and your body balanced are all you need to have a good flight. Once you get the feel of the board and propulsion, you can start controlling the board and moving around.

Yes, you will fall into the water a few times, getting water in your face and up your nose. But you won’t go too far under water with the PFD and positively buoyant Flyboard. When the captain sees you losing balance, he will slowly reduce the thrust, so that you come down slowly to the water. Just wipe your face off and try again.

Once you get the feel and learn how to dive in, instead of flopping in, you can dive into the water and then pop right back out (using your legs to get the board under you) and fly up into the air again.

Our group did amazingly well for first-timers. We all got up, some on the first or second attempt. Some of us did better than others, depending on leg strength, balance and other experiences.

Flyboard Puerto Rico

I think people that ski, snowboard, skateboard, SUP, surf, ride bikes, Segway, even yoga, or any other sport that requires balance probably will find this very easy to master. I bet that almost anyone can do it with some practice, confidence, and willpower — especially if you listen to, and follow, the instructions while you’re in the water.

For your first flight, they usually keep the board at about 5 to 15 feet above the water. But if you catch on quickly, or have experience, you can get 35 to 45 feet out of the water. It is really cool to watch people who have the control to fly high above the water.

As you are doing it and fall in, the Captain will give you pointers and tips on what to do differently to improve. Some tips are … Don’t look down, look at the horizon. Lock you knees. Make slow adjustments with your feet and then wait for the board to move. Little movements are exaggerated by the board, so move slowly into the turns.

After each of our turns, we all had ear to ear grins on our faces. What an amazing experience!

Since they do the Flyboard flights just off-shore, you can have someone with a zoom lens taking pictures. But it is may not be necessary as the companies provide photos and/or videos of your flight taken from the water level perspective. You need to have pictures and/or video to show your friends and family. This is way too cool not to share!


Luquillo Flyboard (Flyboard PR East) prices-The cost is $80 for a 30-minute session. Cash, credit card accepted. Price includes photos/video. Or just $60 without photos. They offer a discount for a groups of 4 or more. Check their Facebook page for specials and packages.

If you're happy, let them know it — Don't forget to tip your your bartender, tour guide or trip operator if you enjoyed yourself. Gratuities are appreciated and typically aren't included in the price they charge you.

Contact FlyBoard PR East. They are open 7 days a week 9am – 5pm. Call or text to reserve a time/date.. If you want 2 boards (so 2 people can fly at same time), you need to let them know ahead of time.

Flyboard East has no minimum age to fly, but the liability release must be signed by a parent or guardian at least 18 years old. Shoe size must be between 4 and 14, but smaller size should wear diving boot/socks. Maximum weight is 350 pounds, but lighter is better.

Sessions are 30 minutes each, but allow at least 45 minutes. And you might end up waiting.

You can call Flyboard East at 787-909-1372 for more information or to make a reservation.

You can visit the Flyboard PR East Facebook page or their web site for information.

The Flyboard PR East booth is located in Luquillo, between the Kiosks and Balneario Monserrate.

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