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Getting Around By Taxi – Zones & Fares Explained

San Juan TaxiTo get around the metro area, your best bet is to take a taxi. You can hail a taxi in the street, or you can call one to come pick you up. Taxis are generally available at the airport, hotels, and major tourist attractions.

For trips anywhere in San Juan, except to/from the SJU International Airport and the tourism piers in Old San Juan, you will pay the rate indicated on the meter. Within the "tourist zones", taxi rates are fixed and posted. A tip of 10-15% is customary, and there is an additional charge for luggage.

If you want to take a taxi "out on the island", the Puerto Rico Tourism Company posts a separate list of fixed taxi rates from the San Juan area to major destinations on the island.

The metropolitan tourist area is divided into the following taxi zones:

  • Zone 1 – Luis Munoz Marin (SJU) Airport.
  • Zone 2- Hotels in the Isla Verde Area
  • Zone 3 – Hotels in the Condado and Miramar Areas
  • Zone 4- Hotels & Piers in Old San Juan, Puera de Tierra
  • Zone 5 – Convention Center, Isla Grande Airport

If you’re traveling to or from a hotel in the San Juan area, it’s helpful to know the taxi zone for the hotel. We’ve put together a list of hotels by taxi zone to make that easier

The rates between the various Zones are as follows (one way fares) PER TAXI, NOT PER PERSON:

From the Luis Munoz Marin (SJU) Airport (Zone 1)

there is a $3 “airport fee” added to fare for trips taken from the airport.</p>

  • to Zone 2 – $12.00
  • to Zone 3 – $17.00
  • to Zone 4 – $21.00
  • to Zone 5 – $17.00
  • to Plaza las Americas – $20.00
  • to Plaza Carolina – $16.00
  • to Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot – $16.00
  • Mall of San Juan- $15.00

From the Piers & Terminals in Old San Juan (Zone 4)

  • to Zone 1 – $21.00
  • to Zone 2 – $21.00
  • to Zone 3 – $14.00
  • to Zone 4 – $9.00 (other areas in OSJ and Puerta de Tierra)
  • to Zone 5 – $16.00
  • to Plaza las Americas – $16.00
  • to Plaza Carolina – $26.00
  • to Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot – $16.00

From hotels Condado/Miramar area (zone 3)

  • to Zone 1 – $17.00
  • to Zone 2 – $21.00
  • to Zone 4 – $12.00
  • to Zone 5 – $11.00
  • to Plaza las Americas – $16.00
  • to Plaza Carolina – $26.00
  • to Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot – $16.00

From Convention Center and Isla Grande Airport (zone 5)

  • to Zone 1 – $17.00
  • to Zone 2 – $17.00
  • to Zone 3 – $11.00
  • to Zone 4 – $12.00
  • to Plaza las Americas – $18.00
  • to Plaza Carolina – $28.00
  • to Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot – $16.00

Extra Charges

  • The suitcases are $1 each
  • $3 Airport fee
  • The fares above include up to 5 passengers. If there are more than 5 passengers, there is a $2 per person charge for the 6th and 7th passenger. Maximum 7 passengers per taxi.
  • From 10:00pm until 6:00am there is an additional charge of $1 per trip
  • Bridge/road Tolls paid by passenger

Metered Rates Outside of Tourism Zones

  • $1.75 – Initial Charge
  • 10¢ – Charge for fraction of mile (1/19 mile)
  • 10¢ – Waiting Time (Every 25 seconds)
  • $1.00 – Charge for each piece of luggage in the trunk (not carry-ons) (each)
  • $1.00 – Call charge
  • $36.00 – Hourly Rent Charge
  • $1.00 – Night Rate (10:00 pm to 6:00 am)
  • $3.00 – Minimum Charge per trip
  • $2.00 – Surcharge fee for the sixth and seventh passenger in vehicle

For more information on public transportation, call 1-800-866-7827 or please refer to the Puerto Rico Taxi rates from airport. assumes no responsibility regarding your safety when participating in the activities described in this article. Please use common sense! If your mother or that little voice in your head tells you that you are about to do something stupid … then don't do it! Read more about Safety →

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Good question- this article is about taxis at the airport going out. You should ask locally how they would get around via taxi. There will be local drivers.

Comment by Gwenn on 20 Jun 2021

Here on Vacation staying in Cidra how can we get a Taxi from Cidra to take us to the Airport for this Sunday Fathers Day?

Comment by Evelyn Torres on 16 Jun 2021

I honestly don't know how they would charge you for that...ask at the hotel. It might be the full fare, because it is in a set tourist zone.

Comment by Gwenn on 10 Jun 2019

Going from San Juan Marriott and Stellaris casino to La Concha which is on same street a few blocks away but have luggage. Is it okay to get a taxi for a few blocks?

Comment by Janet on 09 Jun 2019

It is limited, so I am sure it is not inexpensive. I know this company has a van: But once in SJ/OSJ, the public buses can accommodate a wheelchair.

Comment by Gwenn on 14 Feb 2019

We will be flying into the SJU airport in March. I use a power wheelchair. How can I get a wheelchair accessible van to take us to our hotel in old San Juan? Thanks, Doug

Comment by Doug Clough on 14 Feb 2019

I really don't know, best off having the phone number for the taxi company just in case. You can double check with PR Tourism company to make sure the number. But I would not walk. Sadly, that area has been having a crime wave lately.

Comment by Gwenn on 17 Jul 2018

Hi! We will be staying at the doubletree by hilton hotel and will need to travel to the Bella Atres Luis Ferre Theater. It's only a 10 minute walk, but we will be leaving the theater around 11:30 pm. Will it be difficult to get a taxi back to the hotel at that time? Is that area generally safe? Thanks!

Comment by Patrick Teel on 16 Jul 2018

Yes, in the SJ area (outside the airport) but they are still working it all out. Also going outside SJ will be set rate. Uber still can't pick up at the airport.

Comment by Gwenn on 04 Jul 2018

I read somewhere that Puerto Rico was doing away with tourist zones and that taxis will be 100% metered, no matter where you are picked up or dropped off. I also saw where Uber is becoming more accepted, since all the new regulations even the playing field. Is this true?

Comment by Barbara Hanna on 04 Jul 2018

At the airport, there will be a taxi stand. You will need 2 cabs. Easiest and cheapest way right now. Probably about $50 for all including luggage.

Comment by Gwenn on 27 Mar 2018

We're going on a cruise in August and it's a family of 9. I'd like to know what's the best and cost efficient way of getting to the port. Is it something that has to be paid in advance or is it like hailing a cab in NYC? Please advise. Thank you so much

Comment by Miriam on 27 Mar 2018

From airport to hotel it is $15 plus fees - so about $20. But from hotel to pier would be metered, so check Google maps as to how many miles (not many) and do math- I would also guess less than $20.

Comment by Gwenn on 20 Jun 2017

How much would it be from Airport to Courtyard San Juan Miramar 801 Ponce de Leon Avenue San Juan, 00907 Puerto Rico and from the hotel to the cruise port? Thanks. Janet

Comment by Janet Hornik on 20 Jun 2017

We are not the taxi company.... but yes, there are taxis always waiting outside airport baggage claim. They will give you the price before getting into cab. It is about $15 base fee plus $1 per luggage, plus $2 per person for 6th and 7th passenger. Also a gas charge.... Less than $25. Some take can ask at the desk at the airport taxi stand.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Apr 2017

I will be staying at the Condado Hilton Plaza in May. There are 7 of us that will need transportation from the airport to the hotel. What is estimated price for that trip? Are the taxis available upon walking out of the airport or do I have to call in advance? Also do you take credit/ debit cards?

Comment by lex on 02 Apr 2017

I don't think any taxi is able to handle a motorized chair. You would have to call the Taxi company and ask and schedule any trip. You will probably need a special van with a lift. You can do a google search, but I found or

Comment by Gwenn on 23 Feb 2017

I'll be traveling to Puerto Rico this March, and one of my mates is bound to a motorized wheelchair, are there taxis waiting that can pick him up in his big wheelchair?

Comment by Joseph Shell on 22 Feb 2017

yes. You may have to call for one to come to where you are located.

Comment by Gwenn on 04 Feb 2017

Will taxis in Fajardo take us to the Ceiba airport ?

Comment by Kellie on 03 Feb 2017

Yes, there are taxis at the airport 24/7. There will be a desk when you exit the baggage claim area. They will get the taxi and give you the price right there. No need to reserve. On the other end of your trip, at the cruise pier there will also be taxis waiting. I would save your ticket you got at the airport, to make sure you get similar price for way back. But yes, it should be $19 plus small fee for luggage.

Comment by Gwenn on 17 Dec 2016

We are cruising out of old San Juan. Are there usually Taxis sitting outside the airport? Most interest in the Taxi Touristico which it appears that the rate is $19 one way. We are a party of 4 + 1 under age 2. We would also want to use the same Taxi line upon return. Can we reserve such?

Comment by Denise on 03 Dec 2016

I am not sure if they are sitting at the stands waiting, I doubt it at that time. But you can call them and request one 24 hr/day try- 787-945-5555 or 787-982-3466

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Nov 2016

We're flying out on a 6:00 am flight and are planning to stay at the Monastery Art Suites in OSJ. Are taxis readily available at that (shockingly) early time? (The hotel doesn't have a 24 hr front desk, so assuming we'll be on our own to find a taxi.) Thanks!

Comment by Brittany Biebl on 12 Nov 2016

Looks like $21 each way, so $42 without tip each night. You can probably find a car for less, but then you need to factor in fees and parking etc. If you really only want to go out those two nights, then a taxi (or Uber) is just easier.

Comment by Gwenn on 06 Sep 2016

Hi. We'll be staying at the Intercontinental in the Isla Verde area in early November and will need a round-trip ride two evenings: one time to Plaza de Armas in Old San Juan and another evening to San Juan Cruise Port -Muelle 6. How much would that run us? Is it better to rent a car? Thanks!! Jenny

Comment by Jenny on 05 Sep 2016

I don't know of any companies that will do that. There are a few car rental companies in hotels and just steps from hotels in San Juan and Condado. It might take some searching, but if you find one that has both the airport site and a SJ area off airport site, call and see if they would do that.

Comment by Gwenn on 06 Aug 2016

We're going to rent a car at the airport to spend a few days in San Juan before a cruise. Are there any car rental companies that will pick up their car from the hotel so you don't have to return it? We'll be taking a taxi to and from the cruise terminal.

Comment by Debra on 11 Jul 2016

Car seats are not legally required in taxis, so unless you call and ask them if they have one and to send a taxi with one, you will not find them available. The museum is out of the set price range, so it will be metered. It is about 9-10 miles from Condado, so I would estimate about $20 each way. But you need to get the number of a taxi driver to call when you are done at the museum, since they aren't waiting there.

Comment by Gwenn on 02 May 2016

What's the situation with taxis and car seats? Also, could I take a taxi from the Holiday Inn hotel to the Museo del Niño de Carolina ? About how much would that cost?

Comment by AUDREY BRIDGSTOCK on 02 May 2016

This is really not a feasible excursion by taxi. If you rent a car, it is doable, but may not be worth the while just for food. (it is about 45 mins for SJ and taxi would be about $70 each way. There is a new food truck on the oceanside road leading out of OSJ called EL Lobo Guavate Urbana (the Wolf) in the Shell gas station. If you want other choices, there are some local food places that MAY have lechon on the menu...El Jibarito and Deavedura both n OSJ, Bebo's BBQ in SJ (across from airport).

Comment by Gwenn on 18 Apr 2016

We are arriving in San Juan on a Wednesday in mid May on a carnival cruise and our port time is listed as 7 am to 4 pm, and my husband has heard about the El Rancho Original for Lechon in Guavate. Will it be possible to travel that far and still take in some of the historic sights of old San Juan? What or who would you recommend for travel to get their and about how much would it cost? Is it worth the time and effort to go to that particular one for lechon or would you recommend another place closer to old San Juan? Thank you so much!

Comment by Tina White on 16 Apr 2016

I honestly can not find which pier it embarks from. I would assume Pier 3/4 right in OSJ, but that is just a guess. See if you can find any information/name on your documentations and let me know.

Comment by Gwenn on 12 Apr 2016

can you possible tell me what pier the nor. ship Gem leaves from our plane lands at 3.10 pm and by the time we clear the airport I feel it would be 4.00 pm giving us 3 hours so we do not want to make any mistakes as we have a little mobilities issues Gwenn you write a very nice response comments of information Thanks Dan

Comment by DANIEL Spain on 11 Apr 2016

It looks like it is at $60 (plus gas/tolls ) Dorado to SJ. From Fajardo to Dorado you have to deal with the driver, but it would be at least $150. I would suggest you find a tour operator/private driver and see if you can work out a deal and have them guarantee they are there. It is possible a regular taxi might not want to go that far. Vieques does have taxi service. I would suggest you stay in Esperanza.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Mar 2016

We have 6 staying at Hyatt Hacienda Del Mar in Dorado in May. We are looking at spending a night at Isla de Vieques. Thinking about taxi to Isla Grande and flight (for view) into Vieques then ferry and taxi back to the Hyatt the next day. What prices are we looking at? Is there taxi service on that island? Any suggestions on our travels and where we should stay for the night?

Comment by Christine on 19 Mar 2016

You have a few block walk to get t the main drag in Isla Verde and the beach. There are some restaurants there. From there you are close to the EL San Juan Hotel which has Club Brava. DO a Google map search for Isla Verde or San Juan and you will see....things are labeled on the map.

Comment by Gwenn on 04 Mar 2016

Dorado is a good 30 min taxi ride from SJ, so it is outside the zone. It is $60 base rate each way...then the fees added on. Yes, there is parking at the Coliseo.

Comment by Gwenn on 04 Mar 2016

Hi I will be staying at the Hyatt Hacienda del Mar in Dorado and want to go to the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. How much will it cost to go by taxi? Is there parking at the Coliseo? I did not see the Hyatt listed in the zone breakdown. Thank you.

Comment by Aida on 03 Mar 2016

Can someone tell me if there are a lot of things to do (restaurants, stores, nightlife, museums, etc) within walking distance of the Embassy Suites or would we have to take a taxi to Condado/OSJ for those types of activites?

Comment by Tika Lane on 03 Mar 2016

I believe the should be a taxi at the hotel waiting....but I could be wrong. Try calling the hotel to make sure. And if they are not there waiting, the front desk people should be able to call one for you pretty quickly. The taxi ride to the terminals should only take about 20-mins or so....maybe a little longer if going to the Pan American piers. Taxis will be at the cruise ship pier for debarkation.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Feb 2016

We will be leaving on a cruise February 20. Will there be taxis available from the Courtyard Marriott in Miramar to the cruise terminals and any suggestions on how early we should call for a taxi to take us there? We like to board the ship as early as possible. Also, are taxis readily available on our return from the cruise to the airport?

Comment by Nancy Nadler on 02 Feb 2016

Yes, there are many places within a few blocks of La Concha. Do a google map search for the area, lots of stuff there,-66.0742791,19.25z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x8c0296261b92a7f9:0xf336ec2818049b1a

Comment by Gwenn on 02 Feb 2016

I'm staying at La Concha Renaissance, are there a lot of places (restaurants, stores, tourist shops, etc.) within walking distance or would we have to take a taxi everyday to get near those kind of things? I tried to look at a street view on google maps but its unavailable.

Comment by Tiffany V. on 02 Feb 2016

actually gas is really cheap here too, but the Taxi Union is not giving anything up once they get it!

Comment by Gwenn on 18 Jan 2016

Thanks for info on the gas surcharge and tipping. I guess cheap gas hasn't caught up to Puerto Rico yet? Just like the airlines aren't charging less. haha!

Comment by Karen on 18 Jan 2016

I hear some have credit card machines, but I am not sure how many do. I would bring cash just in case.

Comment by Gwenn on 18 Jan 2016

There is a $2 gas surcharge and if you leave from airport, there is a $1 airport charge. Tipping is never required, but yes, tips are always appreciated by service industry people, like cab drivers and wait staff, tour guides etc.

Comment by Gwenn on 18 Jan 2016

Hi Gwen - I think I may have seen this somewhere on my internet inquiries, but just to verify. in addition to the cab fare and misc. charges, is a tip required? Also I notice you are quoting a surcharge. Just curious what that surcharge might be for? I understand about the luggage. Thank you!

Comment by Karen on 18 Jan 2016

Are taxis still cash only? Is there a good way to travel between Condado and Ponce? Travel between SJ and Ponce....I don't have all the details, but there is a "Linea " - it is a public bus thing that you need to call and make a reservation, costs about $40- I think. Leaves from Rio Piedras I believe, so you would have to take a bus or taxi to that terminal. They Lineas run on a specific time schedule.

Comment by Pat on 14 Jan 2016

You need to check a map....La Parguera is at least 2 hrs away from SJ- I am guess about $150 each way by taxi. Look into a tour company that does the bio bay trips in Fajardo. Rent a car an see other things along the way (like the rain forest or the beaches etc). Hang gliding and/or Paragliding is available from Team Spirit in Humacao or with a couple other companies in Arecibo and in Morovis.

Comment by Gwenn on 04 Jan 2016

Hi My friends and I ( group of 5) is planning on doing the Boat Trip into La Parguera Biobay. We are staying in El San Juan and ESJ towers . Would it be best if we rent a car or go by taxi ? Also we have hear about paragliding can you tell us where we can do something like that ??

Comment by Ramma on 04 Jan 2016

Yes, I believe $7 per cab is correct. You can see the forts(maybe 45 mins- 1 hr each) and a few other things in OSJ in 4 hrs. The trolley tends to be VERY crowded on cruise ship days, but really, OSJ is very walkable.

Comment by Gwenn on 31 Dec 2015

My friend and I are heading down to San Juan airport to catch a Celebrity cruise in 9 days. I first saw the free trolley ride through Old San Juan but didn't realize that there were 2 ports. I found out that we will be embarking at the Pan American Pier instead of the the one in Old San Juan. We arrive at 2:15pm that same day and the ship leaves at 8:30. First how much will it cost to go from one pier to the other pier? $7.00 each way? and secondly, is it worth it to visit the forts or will we feel rushed within the 4 hours timeframe?

Comment by Stephanie Wong on 31 Dec 2015

There are tours available that go to the rainforest for half day tours, 2 times a day, or even private all day tours. The concierge at the hotel will know who, or try a Google search for rainforest tours. Or last resort....go down to the cruise ship docks and you will find loads of tour buses waiting for people to go there.

Comment by Gwenn on 23 Dec 2015

We are coming to San Juan for New years week. Staying in the Condado area. I would like to visit the El Yungue rainforest. I see in a previous comment cabs are not allowed in there. Renting a car is impossible at this point (All booked up) What are the other options. Also any options for Condado are to Ponce area? (any other public transit besides cabs?)

Comment by Jennifer on 22 Dec 2015

I would assume that your best bet would be a transportation service. But maybe talk to the hotel and see if they have any other ideas. But there are taxis right there at the cathedral...did you try calling the taxi company? Logistically it might be tough, paying in advance and getting people to get larger groups (5-7 people instead of just a couple) in each cab. I would assume the going rate would be about $12-14 for 5- 7 people in a cab for 100 people = about 20 cabs= about $250.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Dec 2015

$19 plus $3 surcharges and $2 for luggage- so it should be $24

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Dec 2015

A taxi is probably the easiest to go there, but you will need to call one to get back as they are not waiting there at the beach. You can try the bus system. If you want to go to the beaches by the hotels, T5 or 53 will work. If you want to go further to the public balneario, you would need to switch buses to D45. But the buses don't run on Sundays.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Dec 2015

Hi Gwen, We are getting married at San Juan Bautista cathederal in OSJ this coming February (2/13/16). We have about 100 guests staying at the Carib Hilton and will be needing transportation from the hotel to the ceremony around 4:30PM. We were wondering if its even possible to arrange taxis for our guests or if it would be best to just hire a transportation service? The quotes have all been very expensive so trying to figure out our options. We appreciate any advice you can offer! Best, Clark and Kelli

Comment by Clark Wilson on 16 Dec 2015

can you please advise of the cost of a taxi or shuttle from Carnaval cruise ship to the airport SJU. For 2 adults. 2 pieces of luggage and 1 carry on. thank you,

Comment by DIane Broome on 14 Dec 2015

Thanks for this helpful post! I'll be staying in condado but want to go to the beach in isla verse. Is a taxi the best option? Will it be easy to find a taxi going both ways? Thanks again.

Comment by Jessica on 13 Dec 2015

Rent a car! The taxi rate to Fajardo will be $80 (maybe a bit more since you are not at airport) plus tolls and a gas charge and luggage charge, plus then any tip. This is each way. And once you get to the Fajardo inn, you need a car or take tours to go anywhere outside the hotel grounds. Take a taxi to the airport and rent a car. You can get a car rental for about $30/day.

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Dec 2015

What is the cost of taxi from San Juan cruising terminal to The Fajardo Inn? I have 3 persons. After staying in The Fajardo Inn for 3 days, then we will go to San Juan Airport. Is it better to take the taxi for these 2 trips or just rental a car in San Juan and drive by myself? Thank you!

Comment by Dean on 01 Dec 2015

Well, from OSJ to Plaza, the article says $14. But to get to Barceloneta- that is will be expensive! It is about 40 miles each way so it will be about $80 plus tolls.

Comment by Gwenn on 26 Nov 2015

Hi, I will take a cruise from San Juan and want to go shopping the day before... The hotel is located in OSJ, can you tell me the fares to go to Premium Outlet Barceloneta and Plaza de las americas? Thanks

Comment by Elizabeth Sanchez on 26 Nov 2015

Depending on the route they take, it will be around $45 each way for 5 people in a taxi, plus tolls and gas charge and luggage and tip- think $60. I strongly suggest you rent a car because there is nothing to do within walking distance from the resort. Maybe one small local bar....not really a tourist location.

Comment by Gwenn on 25 Nov 2015

Car seats are required by law only in private vehicles. They are not required by PR law in Taxis. Most taxis do not have them available.

Comment by Gwenn on 24 Nov 2015

How does a family with kids/baby travel? Are car seats required? Do taxi companies provide/have them available?

Comment by Sue Orti on 24 Nov 2015

I'm staying near the Malibu Beach Resort in Loiza. Would you know how much a taxi from the airport would cost? This doesn't seem to be zoned area.

Comment by Larissa on 22 Nov 2015

I believe it would be $7 per cab. (Zone 4 to zone 4)

Comment by Gwenn on 14 Oct 2015

How much would a taxi ride be from the Pan American Pier to the Morro Fort. I read that it was better to get dropped off there and then walk down the hill when pressed for sightseeing time. What zone is that considered? We would have most likely have 2 full cabs of 7 people each but no bags. Thank you

Comment by Tara Bertolini on 14 Oct 2015

I believe it was something they were trying to implement in some cabs, but not all have machine to accept a credit card. So bring cash.

Comment by Gwenn on 10 Oct 2015

Do taxis take credit cards or do you need cash?

Comment by Sandra oreilly on 03 Oct 2015

Yes....Dorado is about 45 mins from the airport. I would rent a car just to be able to tour around/get snacks/try different restaurants etc. Taxis take 7 people max, so 8 people would need 2. Cost of taxi is at least $60 each way.

Comment by Gwenn on 10 Sep 2015

What is the best option for a group of 6-8 adults going from SJU to Embassy Suites in Dorado? Would it be better for us to rent a vehicle to get to San Juan or OSJ during 1 or 2 days of our visit?

Comment by Stephanie on 09 Sep 2015

At the airport there are always taxis available. There is a stand outside baggage claim and the attendant will give you the price before you get in (yes $10). From the airport, you always get the correct price. Now....outside the airport I have heard some cab drivers get creative with the fares.

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Sep 2015

We are arriving SJ around 10:55 p.m. Our hotel is Howard Johnson's in Isla Verde. Zone 2 is what it looks like. Our trip is in Jan 2016. Is the fare still $10 right now? I understand the luggage, etc charges. My main concern is finding a taxi that is honest and dependable that late at night. Been to SJ before but many years ago. Are there enough taxis available that late at night or do you recommend we arrange transportation ahead of time.

Comment by Karen Meredith on 31 Aug 2015

Rent a car, or take a taxi into Old San Juan.

Comment by Ray on 07 Aug 2015

Staying in Condado Beach near the Marriott on Ashford Avenue before my cruise and will like to know the best way to get to the Morro. We're a family of 7 (5 adults and 2 kids). What do you recommend.

Comment by Judy on 04 Aug 2015

We are not associated with the taxis, but no, you shouldn't need a reservation. The rate for up to 5 people in a taxi should be $63 plus $2 gas fee, tolls ($2.50), and $1 per piece of luggage and maybe an airport fee of $2. So about $73 dollars each way. Taxis are always available at the airport. You would need to call them or ask the concierge to get one for you on the way back. The Rio Mar has transportation for $40 pp round trip. See what works out better for your party.

Comment by Gwenn on 29 Jul 2015

Do you take reservations? I will be coming to San Juan Airport on 8/5/15 and leaving on 8/9/15. How much would it be to be picked up at airport and dropped off at Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa

Comment by Peggy on 29 Jul 2015

For 17 people in one vehicle, you are talking about a tour bus....not a cab. That you would have to find and pre-book. But if you don't all have to be in the same vehicle, you can just pile into 3 taxi vans. Should be about less than $20 total of 6 people in each cab (not including luggage fees). Ask the driver the price before getting in!

Comment by Gwenn on 27 Jul 2015

Need roundtrip cab service for 17 people from the Condado Hilton to Old San Juan (Barrachina). What would be the price and should I pre-book it before hand? Thank you

Comment by Kay on 27 Jul 2015

I assume you are staying at the one in San Juan, by the convention center. It would be cheaper to use a taxi (rate would be $15 plus extra fees (adds up to about $5 more) to get from airport. The rate to OSJ is about $10 plus fee. Just easier than getting car, paying for parking, getting car returned etc.

Comment by Gwenn on 13 Jul 2015

Hi: We will be in Puerto Rico for 3 days prior to leaving on a cruise. Can you tell me what zone the Hyatt House is located in and how far it is from the cruise terminal. Would it be better to rent a car if you were only to use to get to hotel and old San Juan and cruise terminal? Thanks.

Comment by Richard Kim on 08 Jul 2015

I do not know. Ask the cab driver the rate before getting in....they sometimes get "creative" with the price when at other locations (besides the airport).

Comment by Gwenn on 07 Jul 2015

Is there a gas fuel charge if you don't leave the zone? We will be staying in Old San Juan and need to take a taxi from sites in Old San Juan as my mother cannot walk more that 1 block. It looks like the fee will be $7 per trip?

Comment by Deahn Hendrixson on 07 Jul 2015

You can't take a taxi to El Yunque (they are not allowed in the park). You would have to either take a tour (private or with a group) or rent a car.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Jul 2015

How much would it cost to take a taxi from Hampton Inn To El Yunque rainforest and are there taxis always available there?

Comment by Misty Lauffer on 02 Jul 2015

From the post, looks like $22 plus baggage fee. At the airport, the attendant will give you the exact price (minus optional tip) at the airport before you get into cab.

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Jul 2015

How much it is cost for a taxi to and from San Juan airport to Sheraton hotel on old San Juan for A family of 4 person.

Comment by Kim on 01 Jul 2015

Caribe Hilton is Zone 4 (Old San Juan hotels and other places in OSJ). So zone 4 to zone 4 is $7.

Comment by Gwenn on 11 Jun 2015

How much would it be to go from the Hilton Caribe to the cruise port? Also the Hilton Caribe to Old San Juan?

Comment by Tasha on 10 Jun 2015

zone 4

Comment by Gwenn on 30 May 2015

What zone is the Pan American cruise terminal included in? Is it Old San Juan or The convention center zone? Thank you!

Comment by Susan Domres on 29 May 2015

Looking at the article, $19 basic fare, plus $2 gas charge, $2 for the 6th person, plus $1 for each piece of luggage. Plus a tip of your choosing. The person at the taxi stand at the airport will get you the cab and tell you the price before you get in.

Comment by Gwenn on 27 May 2015

Good day, How much will a taxi cost for 6 person 4 adults and 2 children from the airport to the Carnival cruise port? Thanks for your response.

Comment by Ravelishma on 27 May 2015

Condado is zone 3 … so $15 + $2 "fuel surcharge" + $1 per suitcase.

Comment by Ray on 15 May 2015

How much should a cab charge me from the airport to la concha hotel located on 1077 Ashford Avenue? I believe its zone 2? I don't wanna get ripped off either. 2 people traveling with 2 small suitcases.

Comment by steven whoknows on 14 May 2015

SJU is zone 1, OSJ is zone 4. Looking at the chart, from zone 1 to zone 4 is $19. Plus $2 gas tax, and $1/luggage . But at the airport, the person at the taxi stand will tell you the exact rate.

Comment by Gwenn on 12 Mar 2015

I'm taking my girlfriend to PR for her birthday in about a week. The whole taxi cab getting around thing kinda confuses me. We'll be there for 5 nights. How much would it cost to get from SJU to Old San Juan?

Comment by James on 12 Mar 2015

Yes, I have heard that some drivers are "creative" in making their fares. It is a shame and against the law. You would need to ask the PR Tourism Company about the problem. I suggest you call them , ask for a printed price list and bring it with you. Then when a cabbie gives you a "special" price, show him the price list and ask them to explain the difference. Get their name and cabbie # and report them.

Comment by Gwenn on 25 Feb 2015

My husband and I have 4trips to Puerto Rico in last four years and we love to visit the island. However, taxi drivers charged differently even though the same distance. For example, between Caribe Hilton to a restaurant in Condado cost $ 14 and from the same restaurant to the hotel cost $ 17. We get ill from finding the different taxi fairs, so we don't even bother to ask them any more. We just give the amount which seems fair. It is disturbing. People say it is the flat fees. Well, it does not seem that way. Can they display the taxi rate inside of the taxis for less confusion ? I am planing to take an another trip soon. It will be nice to have the friendly improvement for tourist. Thank you.

Comment by Kiki Scott on 24 Feb 2015

I think it will be $10 for up to 5 people and then $1 per piece of luggage, plus gas charge and tip.... It is all down hill to the port.

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Feb 2015

I have a hotel on Fortaleza street in old san juan. its like 3 streets from port. what is the cost for a taxi to the port. it doesn't look easy to drag luggage that far.

Comment by gary on 01 Feb 2015

You would have work out a price and route with the driver. At that point they are not taxis, but tours, so price could be ?? If there is a cruise ship in port, they have bus tours around SJ/OSJ for cheap (like $15-20pp). Just go down to the cruise pier and they will be there. Or figure out a bunch of public buses that go around SJ/OSJ for just a couple bucks!

Comment by Gwenn on 05 Jan 2015

can we get a taxi to take us on a cruise around San Juan

Comment by linda archibald on 04 Jan 2015

Car seats are not legally required in taxis. Most of the companies do not have them available. I don't think you need to reserve a taxi, there are usually some there at the ferry dock. But it might not be a bad idea, just to be sure. Or at least have a number ready, in case you need to call one.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Nov 2014

Hi, We are a group with 4 adults and 1 child (3 years old). We need to take taxi between SJU and cruise port. Do we need to worry about the car seat for the child while we are taking taxi? We also need to take a taxi from Fajardo port to Ceiba airport. Do we need to reserve a taxi in advance for this trip? Thanks a lot.

Comment by BIKE on 19 Nov 2014

It should only be for bigger bags that need to go in the trunk. A hand bag or backpack you keep with you shouldn't be charged.

Comment by Gwenn on 18 Nov 2014

The extra charge per suitcase, does that include carry-ons? Or does it only apply to big luggage? Thanks.

Comment by Cruiser on 16 Nov 2014

Yes, there are lots of taxis there.

Comment by Gwenn on 16 Oct 2014

Are there a lot of cabs at the cruise port to take returning cruise passengers to SJU?

Comment by Debbie on 15 Oct 2014

No need to reserve- there are always many taxis waiting outside the baggage claim area at the airport. There is an attendant that will get you a cab and give you the price. Using the airport taxis is the easiest way- no worries about meeting anyone specific or waiting.

Comment by Gwenn on 26 Sep 2014

How many companies are there to provide cabs/taxi services for transportation between SJU (airport) and cruise port? Are there any contact numbers I can use to reserve? How far ahead should they be reserved?

Comment by Chelsea on 23 Sep 2014

Taxi rates are per cab, for up to 5 people in the cab. at 6th and 7th passenger would be $2 more each. Depends on how large your party is...many of the taxis are minivans and they are usually easy to get at hotels, ports and in OSJ and at the airport. Outside those areas, I would call and reserve them.

Comment by Gwenn on 21 Jun 2014

Is this a per person rate or the rate for the cab? If I have a large party, can I arrange for a large cab or two cabs in advance? If its per person, it would be much cheaper to rent a car to get to the hotel, go to the cruiseport, and travel around San Juan, wouldn't it?

Comment by nancy sanders on 14 Jun 2014

Great cab service. Clean, modern and punctual. The driver was really friendly.

Comment by Jesse R. on 31 Aug 2013

This is still current- the rates are still the same.

Comment by Gwenn on 17 May 2013

Thanks for the info! ;-) I noticed this was posted in 2008 and last updated in Jun 2012. Have the rates changed since then? We're flying out to SJ on 5/20/2013.

Comment by Richard C on 16 May 2013

Thanks for providing such comprehensive information. I found it all very helpful and now I feel informed before even arriving in San Juan. ¡Gracias!

Comment by Denise M. on 04 Jun 2012

I found a graphical map of these zones at:

Comment by Don Leverton on 28 Jun 2009

I've lived in Puerto Rico for 3 years and used cabs a fair bit outside of the metro area. I have never yet seen a metered cab - at least not one of the "taxi touristicos". Before getting in the cab you tell the driver where you're going and they will tell you the cost for the trip (unless you're at the airport/cruise dock, then the dispatcher tells you the cost).

Comment by Rich on 01 Jul 2008

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