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Trek to Gozalandia Waterfall in San Sebastian

9/2021- The parking/trails and waterfalls are open.Very popular, so go early to avoid the crowds and get parking..

2015 – There have been many improvements since this article was written- they now have some actual stairs leading down to the falls. With parking very close to the falls too. We will be going back in a few weeks to check it out and get GPS and info for the second falls.

Gozalandia Falls

Waterfalls (cascadas or saltos, in Spanish) are one of those natural beauties Ray and I try to find as we travel around Puerto Rico. We know there are loads of them in Puerto Rico, but very few of them are very well known and easy to find.

Gozalandia or Las Cataratas or El Roble Waterfall in San Sebastian is sometimes called the secret waterfall even though it is actually on a couple of the official Puerto Rico tourism maps. I guess it is not that secret after all!

But, actually finding it is not that easy and one has to be a little adventurous. With the help of some people on the Puerto Rico forum who provided the initial directions, we set off to find this secret treasure! Note- 1/14- things have changed a lot since we went in 2010! Not hard to find at all but still a bit tricky, still not for everyone. It can be slippery to get down to the actual falls/river. The owner calls them “La Cascada del Guama”on his sign.

The Waterfall

Located in the town of San Sebastian, this waterfall is really pretty. Not only is the waterfall pretty tall (about 50 feet, I would guess), it was also kind of wide (about 20-30 feet). There was a pool at the bottom of the falls that people swim in that was deep and clean. This beauty has even been in a few movies (most recently “A Perfect Getaway”)!

Gozalandia Falls

The pool is deep enough that, some people jump off of the rocks into the water. There is also a small underwater "cave" on the right of the waterfall that people swim into. I hear there is a good-sized air pocket above it where one can surface and breathe. I have seen pictures where a couple of people fit inside there. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to play and explore as just minutes after we got to the falls, it started to downpour.

A word to the wise — leave any stream or river during rain storms. Flash floods happen often and are very dangerous. So, once the pouring rain started we knew that we had to leave right away. But we will be back to play! Note- 3/12- we did go back and enjoyed the pool and underwater cave. It was truly magical!

2015- We went back again and now there are parking attendants, and paved steps and pathways to both falls. The upper falls are upriver- take the path that goes to the right. It is about a 10 mins walk that follows the river,so if you get hot walking, hop in and cool off. This upper falls is really nice too, and it has a large pool and a rope swing. Really fun!

Getting There

Look for the large gate on the left, this leads down the hill to the parking area for $5! Yea!

Gate open from 10am – 6pm.

It road goes up and down pretty steeply in spots. Once Parked, walk toward the man-made pond with pavilion around it.

You will find some paths into the forest (we were able to hear the river and falls below). Gozalandia Falls has a path either to the left or just straight down. This whole trip takes maybe 10 minutes on the way down. The path to the right leads to the upper falls.


This is how we go there- Once we were on Route 111 in San Sebastian, we turned north onto Route 446. We took this a short way until a large bridge on the right. We turned right, went across the bridge and drove up the road about 0.6 miles. You will see a large gate on the left. Go in. Th parking lot guy will be at the bottom..

Gozalandia Falls

Ray y yo tratamos siempre de buscar bellezas naturales tales como cascadas y saltos de agua cuando viajamos alrededor de Puerto Rico. Sabemos que hay muchas en la isla aunque muy pocas son conocidas o fáciles de encontrar.

Gozalandia es otro nombre para Las cataratas de San Sebastián. Son también conocidad como Las cataratas secretas a pesar de que están en algunos mapas turísticos de la isla. No creo que van a ser tan secretas después de este relato.

Encontrarlas, sin embargo, no es tan fácil y uno debe ser algo aventurero. Con la ayuda de algunas personas del foro de Trip Advisor, nos dimos a la tarea de encontrar este tesoro escondido!


Esta cascada esta localizada en el pueblo de San Sebastián del Pepino y es realmente bella. Mide cerca de 50 pies de largo y entre 20–30 pies de ancho. Abajo hay una charca limpia y honda. ¡Algunas escenas de películas han sido filmadas en este bello lugar (mas recientemente "A Perfect Getaway")!

Gozalandia Falls

La charca es tan profunda que algunas personas saltan al agua desde las rocas. Hay también una pequeña cueva subterránea a la derecha de la cascada donde la gente también salta. He escuchado que hay una burbuja de aire dentro. Interesante. Desgraciadamente no tuvimos el tiempo para explorar y juguetear en el agua ya que a solo minutos de llegar, comenzó a llover copiosamente.

Un consejo a todos– Abandonen los ríos y cascadas cuando hay tormentas eléctricas. De modo que una vez comenzó el mal tiempo sabíamos que debíamos salir del agua inmediatamente. ¡Pero, volveremos a juguetear allí algún día!


2015- Regresamos nuevamente y ahora hay asistentes de estacionamiento, y escalones y caminos pavimentados hacia ambas cataratas. Las cataratas superiores están río arriba, tome el camino que va a la derecha. Se trata de una caminata de 10 minutos que sigue el río, por lo que si le da calor al caminar, súbase y refrésquese. Esta cascada superior también es muy bonita, y tiene una gran piscina y un columpio de cuerda. ¡Realmente divertido!

Cómo llegar

Busque la puerta grande a la izquierda, ¡esto conduce cuesta abajo hasta el área de estacionamiento por $ 5! ¡Sí!

La puerta abre de 10 a. M. A 6 p. M. .

La carretera sube y baja con bastante pendiente en algunos puntos. Una vez estacionado, camine hacia el estanque artificial con un pabellón alrededor.

Encontrarás algunos caminos hacia el bosque (pudimos escuchar el río y cae más abajo). Las cataratas de Gozalandia tienen un camino a la izquierda o simplemente hacia abajo. Todo este viaje toma unos 10 minutos en el camino hacia abajo. El camino de la derecha conduce a las cataratas superiores.


Así llegamos al lugar– En la ruta 111 en San Sebastián, giramos hacia el norte en la carretera 446. Tomamos este atajo hasta encontrar un puente grande a la derecha. Doblamos a la derecha, cruzamos el puente y continuamos directo por cerca de 0.8 millas. Hay una prton larga en izquierda. Estacionamiento $5.

We are in the process of updating the maps we use on our web site. While we're working on that, you can click on the GPS coordinates below to view the location on Google Maps ... assumes no responsibility regarding your safety when participating in the activities described in this article. Please use common sense! If your mother or that little voice in your head tells you that you are about to do something stupid … then don't do it! Read more about Safety →

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Yes, they are open. Parking is $5. I think they open at 10am I think, though other people say 9am. When you see the large gate on the left with a picture of the falls on it, you have arrived!

Comment by Gwenn on 10 Aug 2021

HI Gwenn, Are these falls still open? Any changes? My family and I plan to go next week and we wanted to ensure San Sebastian's waterfalls are still accessible. :)

Comment by Leyla on 06 Aug 2021

I don't know about an airfield there but you would still need a car to get there...

Comment by Gwenn on 06 Jul 2017

Hey Everyone, Question. Would love to visit. I've noticed on google maps there is an airstrip in San Sebastian. Does anyone know anything about it. I have my own airplane and was wondering if its possible to land there to visit the falls?

Comment by Justin on 05 Jul 2017

We don't do tours...just share info. The park is free to enter, but parking in their lot is $5. Yes, you can get into the water.

Comment by Gwenn on 16 Mar 2016

do you do tour guides?? what's the price for entry to the park?? Can you get in the water??

Comment by vivian davis on 16 Mar 2016

Beautiful and fun waterfall. Truly an enchanted island with enchanting waterfalls. Only downside was the crowd of tourists in winter break. The closest parking lot was $5, there are two paths to the closest waterfall. One was paved, and the other was more of a slippery staircase, kinda dangerous for carrying DSLR's. Flash floods are always a danger. And be careful about jumping off the rocks, some kids have gotten seriously hurt out there. Everything you need to know is further explained here:

Comment by Aida Yoguely on 18 Feb 2016

We went back In Jan 2016 and we followed your coordinates and instructions! They were precise and it is only $5 for parking. The owner and staff are very nice. There is also a bar/restaurant(outdoors) that you can order food and drinks before you begin to follow the path to the waterfalls. There are now stairs to the waterfall as well. I suggest bringing non slippery sandals/shoes for the wet areas. Beautiful site and views! We will definitely be back when we visit again soon.

Comment by Jez Lopez on 18 Feb 2016

Well, yes, I guess it is possible. But it will not be easy. I guess you have to park on street and sneak through the gated area and down the long drive, across private property to the falls.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Feb 2016

Is it possible to access the waterfalls before 9am when the parking lot opens? I will be on a tight schedule and would have to go early in the morning.

Comment by L M on 03 Feb 2016

How did it go? As long as he is in a carrier, I think you will be ok. They have paved a large portion of the paths now.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Jan 2016

My family and I are planning on going to the falls today. Although we have a 5 month old... Do you think the treck is too dangerous to bring him with us?

Comment by Cassandra Wells on 19 Jan 2016

Thanks- yes- we went this past summer and were impressed with the stairs/paths. I still have to update the article with the new GPS coordinates.

Comment by Gwenn on 05 Jan 2016

We just went a few days ago. What a find! They have accessible parking for $5. They have improved the access, now there is a concrete side walk/steps that take you all the way into both falls. They are truly beautiful and unique. Like they say, on the weekends it becomes alive with people jumping and doing tricks. Never felt crowded and was clean and nice to be in. They built a bar / restaurant. Not many were eating, but there were some passion fruit mojitos that everyone was drinking and they looked delicious! In summary, well worth the trip and so far these are the most beautiful and fun falls (2) I have been in PR. Enjoy!

Comment by Tito Oliver on 05 Jan 2016

Place is so amazing just getting home from the 3 am red eye out of aquadilla. The waterfalls there now have an amazing restaurant in the parking lot for the falls. Amazing people beautiful falls never imagined I would see something so breath taking. I jumped from the very top of the falls found out later probably wasn't a great idea I made it but locals said its not common to see someone do that. They call me loco gringo ha-ha. Must see San Sebastian waterfalls. Everyone should at least one time in there life. Unforgettable experience and lasting memories. Love of my life Puerto Rico. Coming back to the cold and flat surf is such a bummer. Can't wait to go back.

Comment by Adam walsh on 11 Nov 2015

Nice review Jerry!!! I was there yesterday and I agree with every word you said. so worth it!!! This place is AWESOME FUN! Bummer I didn't know about the 2nd fall but I'm a local so next time I'm there I'll definitely look for it. Can't believe I didn't go sooner. I thought it was going to be difficult for my kids (9&6)and not even a little bit, they were ahead of me and had so much fun jumping and sliding!

Comment by Bella on 16 Jul 2015

I love reading comments, especially the one "you need to be athletic to see the falls".. Such BS. My wife and 3 9 r old kids had little to no effort to getting to the bottom of the falls. so you can disregard that stupid comment.... Now about this place. All I can say is WOW what a GREAT place and such a low price to pay! This is a situation where I wish they charged more than 5 bucks. Cause it was work $50 bucks to me! The falls is fun to jump from, just make sure you blow out your nose and ears before you land. After the 4'th jump, my right ear popped and now I am feeling it. They just added a concrete pathway to make the trek down sooo much easier. My grandma could do it. The old slippery way is still there, but now the concrete pathway is so much safer, and better for taking a cooler, boom box, or other items. Once you reach the deck that over looks the fall, you can go down to the falls, or goto the right and trek about 1/4 mile and reach the other fall. This fall has a rope swing, but is no where near as fun as the primary fall, that you see pictures of and that has the tiny cave. Compared to the other lame, overpriced attractions here in PR, this one is SOOOO much better an worth it. I am a picky white guy from Florida and VERY little impresses me anymore. This, however BLEW ME AWAY. I am actually going back. And, we decided to go back to the fall instead of the waterpark in Aguadilla, this coming from my 9 yr old triplets! Gee, let's see.... Spend over $100 to get into a crappy, over crowded water park? Or spend $5 bucks for this waterfall. Best part is, you can bring a cooler, beer, boombox, etc.. and no worries! My kids were sliding down the rocks, while I was jumping from over 30 feet in the air! (yes, it's about 30 feet tall) There are other points to jump from also. I ever heard (from the locals) that some crazy white guys were jumping from the VERY TOP!!!!! Do yourself and family a favor and just visit this place. It is WELL worth the drive. I am finding that the west part of this island has way more natural things to offer. We even found a secluded beach today where I was able to swim/sit on the sand completely nude and not a single person was anywhere near us.

Comment by Jerry on 15 Jul 2015

Last time we went, it was not easy- you do need to scramble up/down the muddy hill a bit. Athletic no, but you have to be in decent shape to climb up and down the slope.

Comment by Gwenn on 21 Dec 2014

Do you need to be athletic to go see the falls.

Comment by Carla on 21 Dec 2014

I lived in Rincon for a year and have been to the waterfall many times. I didnt see anyone mention the second waterfall up stream from this one. It is quite a trek and the only way is in the water. Its maybe a 1/2 mile. It is well worth the effort. it is just as big and much more wild there. bring a go-pro. Love Puerto Rico!!!!! What a great Island!!

Comment by Chris Bauman on 30 Jul 2014

Definitely a great spot to go. We went there (12 of us) on our way to go camping at Maricao (posted review there too). As stated above, the owner of the property does charge $5 per car to park there and seemingly he stays there and your car is safe--good to know. And, the impressive part is he takes credit card as well as cash! We were the first ones there, but many high-schoolers came down and starting jumping off the cliffs. Jump at your own risk, as the rocks are slick and dangerous. The locals did it--so those who traveled with me jumped as well. Water was cool, clean, and refreshing. A nice hidden gem nestled down a nice trail. After you go to this one, walk further up the trail--and there's more. Thanks for the information on here, everything was accurate.

Comment by Jordan on 18 Apr 2014

We just went to Gozalandia today (thanks to this webpage) and it was awesome. The crowd was small when we first got there (6 people at around 1pm), but grew quickly to 30 people within an hour. The locals we great and showed us the ropes to proper jumps and the cavern. I got some great GoPro footage (search YouTube Gozalandia (BMLJ). The swimming hole was refreshing and overall, I highly recommend this spot.

Comment by Luke on 25 Mar 2014

Thank you!

Comment by Elizabeth on 11 Feb 2014

Elizabeth- go to the bottom of the article and you will see a map. On the map there are 2 points marked with a placemarker, one is the parking on is the falls. Click on the little icon and the GPS coordinates will show up.

Comment by Gwenn on 04 Feb 2014

Sorry - what are the gps coordinates? I can't seem to find them in the comments.

Comment by Elizabeth on 04 Feb 2014

If there is a better warerfall and swimming hole combo in Puerto Rico, I haven't discovered it yet. Gozalandia was amazing. I would say that it's getting pretty well known. I was there a few days ago on a Friday, and I was suprised at how many people were there. I know it's summer, but dang. I kept double checking to make sure it wasn't Saturday or Sunday. I'll try Mon through Thur next time. Just follow the directions provided in this article, and you should get there pretty easily. Once you see the big gate with the the long and wide driveway behind it, you are pretty much there. The current $5 charge per vehicle was totally reasonable. I truly loved this place.

Comment by Josh on 23 Jun 2013

We were just June 21 and now there was a parking lot and a $5 fee. It's was quite an adventure, very dangerous because it's muddy and slippery. It is beautiful but it started pouring so we didn't stay long.

Comment by Ana on 03 Jul 2012

Yes,it is not an easy trek. It is an adventure to get there- so not for older people or people with bad legs.

Comment by Gwenn on 28 Jun 2012

Este domingo, 24 de junio de 2012 fui con mis padres y el camino es malisimo. Está fangoso y todas las personas que estaban bajando resbalaban y tu muchos problemas en bajar a mis padres mayores. Al fin no llegaron al rio. Ademas, el rio está llena de limo y la mayoria de la gente se caia. Yo caminaba con cuidado. Es una lastima tan bonito lugar, pero super peligro, no apto para personas mayores, ni lo que sufres de las piernas. Adicional, es bien peligros para los muchachos que se tiran desde lo alto de las cascada.

Comment by Amliv on 25 Jun 2012

This was a great water fall to visit. Just make sure when you park that you are completely off the road or I here you will get a ticket. The waterfall is awesome however the current is strong and the pool is deep. I would reccomend the trail about the main waterfall. You can sit in smaller pools and not as many people. Lot's of locals and I would wish they would keep up after themselves. Steep climb down so becareful.

Comment by Captain America on 03 Jun 2012

This is my favorite spot in PR. It's interesting how touristy it's become. I'm originally from Puerto Rico and I enjoyed this "charco" many years. My parents visited this place as kids as well. It's so great that the road is paved now. We would hike out there 15-20 years ago by foot that entire area. It took us nearly 40min-1hr to hike but so worth the trip...It's still just as great but i've been disappointed with the amount of liter over the past years. ...wish people would be more conscious about keeping it clean

Comment by GH on 19 Mar 2012

well my experience was a little different!! i could say i was one of the locals in san sebastian since i lived there for 9 months! i only visited this waterfall once though, but if you have locals who help you, the way down is much easier! at first the drip coming from the chained fence is a little difficult without the proper shoes (i learned wearing flipflops) but since my boyfriend and his friends( who happen to be born in P.R.) took me down a muddy but not that steep path! so techinacally there are other ways that the natives found easier then the path that takes you to the top of the waterfall with just the option of jumping or using the rope to climb down!! it was quite amazing, there were many locals on this hot day, probably up to 50! i even saw some with small charcoal grills cooking on flat rocks. we spent most of the day there and i even saw two crazy teenage boys jump off the waterfalls top. later my boyfriend helped me swim to the mentioned cave, and its really not that big! you just hold your breath swim less then a foot foward and wallah, a tiny cave thats less then 4ft tall! i manenged to fit me my boyfriend and his friend into the cave but got out after 10 minutes because our body heat the steam and humidity in the air made it hard to breathe!! later to our surprise a casting crew came down, for what movie im not exaclty sure of and flimed some scenes! it was amazing to see so many people be silent and crowd around to watch the short fliming! after they finished the director thanked the crowd with " viva puerto rico!" and gracias a todos (thanks to everyone!) it was quite an expiernece!!

Comment by alysha on 08 Mar 2012

Thanks for the GPS coordinates!!!.... was so much easy to find the waterfalls with that. Really appreciated.

Comment by chonfla on 23 Jun 2011

Hey guys! I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting this information online! I went to check out the falls today and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. As someone else mentioned, there is another access point I found to be much better with a white paved road. This one is much easier to use as you don't have to follow the very narrow footpath littered with rocks. You can access it by simply driving a little farther down the road than the coordinates mentioned above and you will see there is a better place to park, one that is used by many people. I also like this way better because it makes carrying things a lot easier... like a cooler :) bring lunch and spend the day! the locals do it, why not you? So thanks again, I couldn't have found this place without your help! -Kaylie

Comment by Kaylie Herron on 18 Jun 2011

We really enjoyed this waterfall on a recent trip. The pool is quite deep and jumping from the cliffs is quite a joy! Several of the jumps require you to clear the overhanging rock faces below, so make sure that you jump way out into the pool if you go. The cave is also pretty cool and not too difficult to access. I would suggest that you use your feet to feel for the floor of the cave, as this will allow you to stand once you're in there. We did have some difficulty finding the gate near the parking area. Is it located down the street from the metal shed (westward towards San Sebastian). The trailhead is located near a cement runoff ditch on the North side of the road (left if you are headed uphill).

Comment by Jason on 02 Apr 2011

This is one of the best ways to experience the Real Puerto Rico. I have been to this waterfall a few times and the last trip there, they were actually setting up for "The Perfect Getaway". Thus, I traveled up the river to another waterfall which I like too. Both are on the same gentlemans property. I met him my first time there. A little out of my element I took the wrong path and he drove up on a 4 wheeler and chatted with me. I apologized for being on his property and he gave me a very nice invitation to see the waterfall. He gave me directions and offered to carry me over there on his 4 wheeler. It is a beautifule place and the other fall is great too. I don't remember the rope being on the lower fall but I know there is one on the upper fall. There is also an underwater cave on the right side in the water looking at the fall. It depends on the water level as to whether or not you can see the enterance. Looking at the picture above, just to the right of the water there is a dark area, this is wher the cave is. You will have to work to get there because after you walk a little bit you have to either jump the fall or climb down the side. Great exercise but dangerous. Make sure you get your footing because it is slippery. It is a bit confusing to find but worth the work. Go early to avoid getting lost. Everytime I have been there have been locals that are most helpful and fun to watch. It is really a great slice of the natural Puerto Rico that is not on the tourist maps! (well most of them anyway) This is private property so please be respectful to the owner and to nature. Please clean up after yourself! I am actually leaving in 2 days to visit again and look forward to seeing my faithful waterfall companion. When you go through the fence above (there is another way with a wide white paved road too) you will feel lost but look for the clearing and listen for the fall, you will hear it and the locals playing.

Comment by Denise on 19 Jan 2010

The movie he's talking about is "A Perfect Getaway" with Steve Zahn and Milla Jojovich! Watch out though, they say its in hawaii! To me, it's the best waterfall in puerto rico! Go on the weekends to really see what Gozalandia is about--aka when there are other people around. You will see you can actually climb into the waterfall and jump out of it. I'd recommend watching the crazy locals go off the top first to calm your nerves! It's dangerous and they've had people die there, so be careful because that air lift ain't comin for a while. I don't even think my cell worked down there! Like the other waterfalls, the rainfall affects the size of the if it rains for a few days then the waterfall is going to be nuts ( like you see above) or if its pretty dry the waterfall is pretty weak and very easy to hop out of! Be careful! Also guys, there is a rope swing to the left. Quick tip: you have to hold onto the rope, swing yourself to the large rock wall on the left and kick off it to get a good swing where you will clear the rocks and go into the deep HAVE FUN and clean up after yourself!

Comment by Nate on 07 Jan 2010

I love this waterfall. It is so different from your typical waterfall. I always comment that it reminds me of an ancient Indian Tribal Chief's face! It is quite a trek to get there, not a bad walk, but tricky on slippery rocks and mud. But oh so worth it...just don't trip! I am hoping that they are making the area easier to travel, it looked last year that they may be making some attempts to make the walk a little easier.

Comment by Lee Foxwell on 07 Jan 2010

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