Visit Hacienda Dos Aromas for a Fun Farm Day

Hacienda Dos Aromas offers a unique, enriching, and yummy experience, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with adorable goats while exploring the tranquil beauty of the blossoming farm. Located in the scenic countryside of Juncos (a town in the center of the east side of Puerto Rico), this farm has something for everyone. From the warm hospitality of the farm owners (who were our guides) to the adorable baby goats, and the delicious samples of cheeses and gelatos, a visit to Dos Aromas is sure to leave you with lasting memories.

Hacienda Dos Aromas

The farm is called Hacienda Dos Aromas, and they have many acres that the owners are starting to plant out with cocao, coffee, and other local crops. They also have on theLucia Goat Farm. On this tour, you get to see some of both areas, but honestly, the goats are the highlight right now!

Hacienda Dos Aromas

Once on the Dos Aromas farm, you first learn about the goats. It is currently a growing industry. What I really liked about it is that the owners are committed to humane farming practices. They currently have an area of male goats (2 of each breed), the female goats in another area, and then the babies. The goats mate naturally, and only a couple times a year (so as not to overwhelm them). The goats get free time in the fields every day to run and play, and to eat grass and hay. They explain about the process of raising goats, and the milking process.

Hacienda Dos Aromas

The highlight is undoubtedly the opportunity to interact with their friendly goats. These delightful creatures are a joy to be around, and the farm owners encourage visitors to pet, feed, or hold them. And when they are release to the fields, it is a joyful game for them. It was nice to see happy farm animals.

After that, you are escorted through a growing area, where they tell you about the produce they are growing, and the importance of buying local products. Here you can see a number of different local crops being grown together. Right now, they have plantains and have started planting coffee. They explained what else they are starting to plant on the many acres of the farm. They grow cocao on one of their other farms, and make some delicious chocolate!

Hacienda Dos Aromas

Next, we went to the elaboration area, where they use the milk from the goats to make cheeses. They explain the process of making the milk into cheese. And then you get samples of each cheese flavor they make. It was yummy. They also are working with a local guy, Kenneth Aguayo, who makes Italian style gelatos. He has a recipe using their goat milk that he calls Goat Lato. You get to sample the gelato also! They also make goat milk hand creams and soap. They let you sample the different fragrance of their creams. They have all their products for sale, and other produce that they have ready on the farm. Support local!

Our tour also included a lunch from the neighboring Chef Melvo. His food truck La Tala, is also in a field, surrounded by animals and fruit trees and vegetable gardens. The tables and chairs under tents made for a lovely lunch spot with delicious food!

Hacienda Dos Aromas


Tours are offered Thursdays through Saturdays, by reservation.

This tour is primarily outside, so bring hat, sun screen, some water to drink. Wear sneakers or closed toe shoes to walk around the farm.

Allow 1Β½ to 2 hours for the tour.

You can contact them at 787-694-8652 or for more information.

Visit the Dos Aromas or Queso Lucia Facebook pages for more info.

When we went, the tour was in Spanish, but they had a English guide/translator starting there, for English speaking guests. Ask for that when booking your tour.

Hacienda Dos Aromas is located on Carr 31, KM 19.2 in Bo. Caimito in Juncos.

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