Explore Colorful Murals in Humacao

Towns throughout Puerto Rico are really getting into the “arts”! A number of areas are inviting talented artists/muralists to beautify the vacant/abandoned buildings in their towns.

Humacao Grita

Humacao is the most recent town to join this fun! They had a number of different artists come in to create a huge outdoor art gallery. There are many colorful and interesting murals, in all different styles and sizes. With murals located all around the town plaza, it is a great reason to stop into the Humacao town center and wander around, enjoy the murals, and shop or grab lunch and/or a drink to support the local businesses.

Humacao Grita

Humacao is located toward the middle of the south eastern coast of Puerto Rico. The area got hit very hard by Hurricane Maria in 2017, so there are many vacant buildings, or buildings that need a lot of care. So, to help stimulate the town and beautify it, the Elegel Group came in to help in 2018.

Humacao Grita

They call their project “Humacao Grita”. They invited a number of urban artists from Puerto Rico and beyond to make art in the town. There are over 30 murals located on various buildings centered near the town plaza, and sprinkled throughout the rest of the town. The end product of their efforts are amazing!

Humacao Grita


You can wander around Humacao and look at the murals for free, but you may have to pay for parking in one of the public lots if you can’t find on-street parking (which is scarce around the Town Plaza).

The murals are best viewed during daylight hours.

This map on Street Art Cities shows the locations of many of the murals. Start by finding Humacao (south-east / lower-right) on the map, and then zoom in to see the locations.

To get to Humacao from the San Juan area, take Route 18 south to Route 52 south to Route 30 south/east. From the Rio Grande, Luquillo, and Fajardo areas, take Route 3 east to Route 53 south.

Humacao is about 60 minutes from the San Juan area, and about 45 minutes from the Rio Grande area.

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