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Taste Puerto Rico at the Luquillo Kiosks

The kiosks are open!

Kiosks in Luquillo

The Luquillo kiosks (or kioskos) are a much loved part of Puerto Rico. This long row of humble (think almost ramshackle) buildings are right on Route 3 along the beach in Luquillo. But don’t let their appearance discourage you — stop in and you will be in for an experience that is uniquely Puerto Rican.

Something for Everyone

The Luquillo kiosks are about 60 different places, each of them are numbered and many of them are named. A few sell souvenirs (like Monkey Threads #30, and Studio Coco #13), some are specialty bars (like Tattoo Tavern #17 and Mojito Lab (in lot before #42) and some are vacant. But most of these kiosks sell food and drinks. Some of these places have been run by the same family for over 20 years, while others are brand new and recently opened. It is hard to say which ones are the best — it all depends on what you feel like eating! But most people will eventually have a favorite — just ask a local and you’ll find out for yourself!

Kiosks in Luquillo

One really cool thing about the kiosks is that they are fun and casual, with open air dining. One side of the restaurants opens to the parking lot and Route 3, and on a number of them they are open toward the beach as well. So some have a beach view, while others do not. One place even made a rooftop seating area!

You can stop by for a simple snack or just an ice-cold beer, or take some time and enjoy a "real" nice, sit-down meal. Or just bar hop and skip the food, if you can resist! A number of places will have live music in the evenings (especially on weekend nights). There are even a few with pool tables. Stop in and enjoy, but don’t bother to get dressed up — come as you are and relax.

Rice & Beans, Italian, Mexican, Peruvian … Oh My!

The 60 kiosks (actually, there are a few less) are very different and range in style, taste and price. You can get humble local fried goodies like bacalaítos, alcapurrias, pastelillos/empanadillas or even rice & beans, and a cold beer, for just a few bucks. You can also get much more unusual things like Pizza, local/Caribbean fusion, Chinese, Italian, and even Peruvian food. This mixing of the new cuisine and the classic Puerto Rican food kiosk now offers something for everyone. The places without liquor licenses even allow you to BYOB or, if you want, just stop into one place to pick up an alcoholic beverage to go with your meal at another place.

Kiosks Serving Classic Puerto Rican Dishes

  • #8 – La 8 de Sylvia
  • #9 Nativa
  • #10 Ely’s Place
  • #23 – Antojito
  • #24 Bocas del Mar
  • #35 Arena y Mar
  • # 40 Wepa Arepa- stuffed arepas!
  • #48 &ndash: Kiosko 48
  • #49 &ndash: Mi Favorito
  • #53 – Ya Yola – 787-655-0715
  • #54 – El Castillo del Mar
  • #59 San Miguel
  • #60 – Roca Taina

Newer Kiosks Serving Different Fare

  • #2 – La Parilla – 787.889-0590 – Puerto Rican / Caribbean fusion
  • #18 – Smokey Joe Caribbean Grill – BBQ
  • #20 Terruno
  • #22 – Jibaros – Local fusion/seafood – 787- 655-7312. open daily
  • #25 Grill & Crab house
  • #28 Tradicions
  • #29 – Osso Buco – Italian
  • #31 – Kongas – Seafood and local cuisine
  • #34 – Revolution Pizza Shop – Pizzas and Italian cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner everyday from 11am. 787-657-8251
  • #38 – Edelweiss – 787-355-0888 – Local food but large beer selection!. everyday 11:30am-10pm
  • #42 – Ceviche Hut – 787-975-0626 or 942-2873 – Peruvian cuisine. Tues- Sunday 11am-10pm
  • #50 – A Fuego PR – (787) 534-3360 – Caribbean cuisine. THursday- Monday – 11am-9pm

Kiosks in Luquillo

Each kiosk has different hours — some are open 7 days/week, others are not. Some are closed on Monday and Tuesday. Some are open for lunch during the week, but not nearly all of them. Generally, the kiosks are open Monday to Thursday from about 11am or noon until about 9pm or 10pm. Most are open later on weekends, which is also when you can expect more places to be open.

Stop by and check it out! Pick a favorite! And, until you find a favorite, feel free to kiosk-hop and sample a little from everyone! Just remember, the kiosks are popular with tourists and locals, so if you want the best seats, get there early! And on weekend nights, it is a very busy place to hang out and enjoy. Check Facebook for these places- many of them have their own page with updates, specials and live music nights.

The kiosks are located on the north (ocean) side of Route 3 in Luquillo, right next to Balneario Monserrate. They’re about 5 minutes east of the "main" entrance (Route 191) to El Yunque National Forest.

We are in the process of updating the maps we use on our web site. While we're working on that, you can click on the GPS coordinates below to view the location on Google Maps ... assumes no responsibility regarding your safety when participating in the activities described in this article. Please use common sense! If your mother or that little voice in your head tells you that you are about to do something stupid … then don't do it! Read more about Safety →

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yes, they are usually rented from individual owners. There are usually some vacant. But you should try asking at the Luquillo Municipal office (the mayor's office or something).

Comment by Gwenn on 10 Jun 2019

Yes I'm curious to know if those kiosks are rented or if they can be rented very interested in finding this information I live in the US and I'm a cook but would love to live in the country I was born and it just so happens to be were I was born Fajardo anyway please send the info just curious thank you yazmin menendez

Comment by Yazmin Menendez on 09 Jun 2019

I got this sense that the locals care very much about the safety of the tourist that visit and police themselves very well.

Comment by ana perez on 06 Feb 2019

We just got back from Puerto Rico and I must say we went to the kiosks 3 times the week we stayed. There's so much variety and everyone was so nice. It's really cool place to eat, drink and walk out on the beach. We went at night too and we're not disappointed. It's a huge party strip. The locals were cool and made us feel at home. Everyone was friendly. Evendors met the owner of one of the spots who sat down with us one the first night we visited. He's the reason we came back the next night for the partying. Will definitely be back on my next trip to PR!

Comment by James on 17 Aug 2015

Every wide eye Gringo says how nice this place is, but the sad thing is that I've been there twice in different years and I see the same thing both times: 1. An extremely dirty exterior: mucho glass, garbage and weeds in the parking area so sad... 2. What's on the outside blows inside: it's dirty outside and it's dirty inside the restaurants. 3. Food is below average as you can get the same dishes outside surrounding areas in a clean environment and for less. 4. Drunk Spanish guys and wild dogs although harmless does make one feel uncomfortable... 5. Dirty everywhere, does not represent Puerto Rico in the positive! Clean the place up !!!!!!

Comment by Henry on 10 Mar 2014

Recently my sister-in-law visited kiosk #33, after returning to San Juan she noticed that she had left her purse behind. In an attempt to help, I was able to find the phone number for Kiosk #31. A gentleman by the name of Freddy was able to assist me and, while on the phone with me, walked to Kiosk #33 and verified that the purse was there. We drove back to Luquillo and recovered the purse...the big surprise was that EVERYTHING was intact. There are still honest, good-hearted people in Puerto Rico.

Comment by Joe Vega on 25 Nov 2012


Comment by ED ROSARIO on 17 Feb 2011

Lot's of fun - great drinks, food, people! Wish I was back there!

Comment by Patrick K. on 25 Oct 2010

We visited the Kiosks last week and had the most fun there. The strip is truly diamond in the rough! We had the lobster dish and stuffed baby red snapper at La Parrilla. The food came out looking so pretty and well prepared that a customer from another table couldn't help coming over to our table to take photos :). Thanks for writing this article! We definitely was exposed the most to the local flavor at this area!

Comment by Tracie on 02 Aug 2010

I actually visited the Kioskos by just randomly running into them on a trip last year with some friends. The Kioskos are an amazing cultural experience that I found very comfortable as the ambiance, social interaction are very similar to my own cultural background in a way (I'm Italian). One should definitely check this place out if you're in the area. For me, I enjoyed mingling with the locals, hanging out on the beach behind the kioskos (it's like going to a beach party) and trying the varied foods offered. Definitely come as you are, very laid back and enjoyable. A great place to grab a bite to eat and a beer after hiking in El Yunque.

Comment by Sonia on 22 Apr 2010

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