Ojo de Agua – A Natural Spring in Vega Baja

Vega Baja has a number of natural , fresh-water springs (called manantials in Spanish). These pretty, crystal-clear pools of water are a wonderful natural resource that are beautiful to look at, and refreshing to cool off in. This one, the Manantial Ojo de Agua, is located right in a neighborhood, and they have kept is as a nice place for people to enjoy themselves.

Vega Baja is located on the north coast of Puerto Rico. The town has interesting topography, and lots of karst (limestone) rocks, from which fresh water springs up. There are a few others in this town you can visit in more “natural” settings, but this one is easily accessible, being just in a neighborhood, just a few blocks off a main road!

Ojo de Agua in Vega Baja

Our Visit

We were in Vega Baja doing a few other fun things, so we made a quick stop here to see the Ojo de Agua. It had recently been cleaned up (I hear it gets forgotten some times, and can get dirty). It was really nice, with crystal clear water, and just some natural algae growing here and there. There were lots of colorful fish swimming in it. The surrounding area was freshly painted, with a eye-catching Puerto Rican flag. We were the only ones there. I have seen pictures of lots of people in there, cooling off from the heat of the day.

Ojo de Agua in Vega Baja

There are sidewalks all around it, some in the shade, so you can bring a chair and watch the kids play. Right by the painted flag, you can see where the water comes up through the rock. I walked into the water. It was cool, but the cement walkway leading in was a bit slippery. So while, it looked accessible, you would really have to take care when wheeling or walking someone in. There was a rope swing on one edge … I don’t think the water is more than 3 feet deep at the most … so jumping off the rope swing might be ill-advised!

It was cute. I hope it stays clean. This is not a must visit spot, but it could be a quick stop if you are in the area.

Ojo de Agua in Vega Baja


We would recommend visiting this during daylight hours.

From Route 2 in Vega Baja, turn northward onto Calle Hugo Venegas, and follow the road for about a quarter mile. which turns into Calle Amapola. Follow the road for about a quarter mile from Route 2. Note that the name of the road changes to Calle Amapola.

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