Everyone Loves an Orchid or Plant Show

Hoping there will be shows in 2021.

Puerto Rico Orchid Shows

Springtime is the time for flowers and flower shows! Being originally from the north-eastern States, flower shows were always a rite of passage for the beginning of springtime. We’re happy that we can continue that tradition here in Puerto Rico.

Orchids are very popular here, so you will see a number of orchid shows all around the island in the spring. If you want to see some real beauties, you can attend a show sponsored by a local orchid society you’re visiting the island.

Puerto Rico Orchid Shows

These shows are not as huge as some in the States, but the displays are really nice. It is not just about orchids, there are other types of plants for sale, too. At these shows and festivals, you can usually people selling orchids, heliconias, bromeliads and assorted orchid gardening stuff. There are lots of flowers to be seen and purchased — some common and some very unusual. Some of the plants are grown locally, though many are imported from Hawaii and Thailand.

2021 ORCHID and Plant SHOWS- will update when dates available

presented by the Sociedad Orquidistas del Caribe. At the Plaza Guayama Mall. Free admission.

At the Plaza Centro Mall in Caguas at their Mercado Agrícola. During Mall hours.

At the Plaza del Caribe Mall in Ponce. presented by the Asociacion Orquedista del Sur. Free admission.

Mid Feb- Festival of Orchids in Catano. At parking lot of Bahia Viva from 9am-5pm.

Mid-March at the Mayaguez Mall, presented by the Sociedad de Orquidistas de Mayaguez.

Puerto Rico Orchid Shows

Mid-Late March at the Caguas Botanical Garden, presented by the Sociedad de Puertorriqueña de Orquidistas. Hours are 9:00am to 6:00pm. admission will get you into garden and orchid show. This year over 1000 orchids on display! There are usually about 10 large orchid displays, many smaller displays and exhibits and maybe 10 orchid vendors, and a couple vendors of other stuff and other types of plants. The vendors are typically bilingual. There is usually some music and seminars about orchids (in Spanish). We always find something unusual and pretty to buy!

Late April / Early May (usually the week before Mother’s Day) presented by the Sociedad de Orquidistas del Este. Open 9am to 6pm, at the Coliseo Municipal Fito Ramos in Fajardo. Free admission. .

a couple days before Mother’s Day presented by Orquidistas de Dorado. Dorado Orchid Fair in the town plaza. Open 9am . Free admission.

For More Information

You can contact any of these local orchid growers for more information

  • Percy Orchids — 787.787.9392 (bilingual)
  • Orquideas Hoja Dorada — 787.646.5556
  • E. Orchids — 787.733.1493
  • Caribe Orchids — 787.602.9787
  • Orquideas Bernor — 787.237.2701

Note for Tourists

Puerto Rico Orchid Shows

If you stop in at an orchid show, and you find a plant that you simply must have, you can take it home! Since orchids are not potted in soil, the USDA allows the transport of orchids into the US mainland without any problem. So you buy an orchid today, and take it on the plane so you can enjoy a little bit of paradise in your own home!


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Why don't you try contacting one of the local orchid growers...like Percy Orchids. Or one of the local Orchid Societies...they will know the local vendors. Info should be in the article

Comment by Gwenn on 17 Dec 2016

I am very much interested in coordinating an orchid exhibition/sale for a "Community Commercial Center", in the metropolitan area. The Mall has a convenient Lobby and Common area to facilitate the same. Please advise who should I contact? Thank You!

Comment by Angela Massanet on 14 Dec 2016

PR has a great climate and all sorts of beautiful tropical plants grow here. We at PRDayTrips don't sell or ship plants, but I believe that yes, orchids can be shipped by mail. Since they are not grown in soil, I believe they are allowed. You should check with an orchid nursery.

Comment by Gwenn on 04 Jul 2015

Hello there. Wao, Qué hermosura. No sabía que Puerto Rico Tenía tantas cosas bellas. Les tengo una pregunta? Me gustaría saber si ustedes envian orquídeas por correo?

Comment by Rosa Rowe on 04 Jul 2015

Thanks for the update!

Comment by Gwenn on 06 Jan 2015

The Orchid Show 2015 will be presented by the Sociedad Puertorriqueña de Orquidistas at the Puerto Rico Botanical Garden at Rio Piedras. The one anouced to be at Coliseo Pedrín Zorrilla is the same show, but it will not be at el Coliseíto. Since last year (2014) we changed the show place to The Botanical Garden. Dates are correct! It will be from March 26-29, 2015, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. We are planning to present six orchid vendors, one bromelliad vendor, one anthuriums vendor, and some other handcrafted stuff vendors. We will present some orchid seminars. For second time, we will celebrate what we called Children's Place, a drawing and painting contest for children from five to twelve years old. PROS

Comment by José Fernández on 05 Jan 2015

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