Enjoy the Holiday Glow in Old San Juan

Christmas Lights in Old San JuanPersonally, I think one of the prettiest things about the Holidays is all of the lights. And Puerto Rico does not disappoint.

Most towns decorate their town squares and government buildings with loads of lights and displays. This is especially true in Old San Juan. Additionally, many people go "all out" when decorating their homes.


Christmas Lights on La FortalezaThe Christmas season "officially" kicks off right after Thanksgiving. There are tons of holiday lights all over Old San Juan.

The lights stay lit until the end of January. So make a point to stay in Old San Juan after dark this holiday season – and enjoy!


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For much variety, you will need to rent a car for at least a few days. For food and dancing, head to Guavate on weekend (especially Sunday afternoon.) Not so muh light shows, but each town plaza has lights up (Fajardo's is really nice), and there are a few homes that are well known for outrageous light displays- Cueva Iluminada in Vega Alta for instance (check google maps). Any town festival will have artisans, and you are just missing a big artisan sale in OSJ, but there are some very nice hand-made artisan stores in OSJ. Every Friday in OSJ is music/dancing at https://www.facebook.com/adoquinjammingnights/ . We try to update our Facebook page with events as we find them, so keep an eye open there.

Comment by Gwenn on 07 Dec 2019

I am planning to stay in old san juan dec 19-28, I need to know what are the MUST GO sites during this period. I am interested in light shows,, traditional singing or parandas, places to eat the puerto rican christmas meals, places to buy traditional art and crafts etc... I would appreciate your response. Sincerely Benjamin Grajales

Comment by benjamin grajales on 07 Dec 2019

I agree... I spent some time in OSJ on Three Kings Day and it was beautiful. I don't think I took any pictures, but the lights and the atmosphere was phenomenal. Nice post, I wrote almost the same thing over at my blog the other day as well... haha. I'll be sure to subscribe to your blog. :)

Comment by SB on 04 Dec 2007

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