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Post Maria- The Market has restarted, and starting Sept 2018, is back home at the San Juan Museum! Organic Farmers Market in Old San Juan

More than 150 years ago, the Plaza del Mercado (Market Plaza) on Norzagaray Street in Old San Juan was the place to go to shop for food stuffs, fruits and veggies. Once again, it is open and, similar to in olden days, it is full of only organically grown and homemade organic products. Today, it is called the Mercado Agricola Natural Viejo San Juan (Natural Agricultural Market of Old San Juan) and it is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds, for locals and visitors alike.

The market, located in the San Juan Museum, opens at 8am every Saturday. They usually have about 15-20 vendors on any given Saturday, so it is not large, but it is growing! There are some produce vendors, some other food stuffs and then others with organic, health-related products (even a holistic healer/masseuse).

Organic Farmers Market in Old San Juan

On the day I went, there was a variety of fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables, along with all sorts of locally made products, such as cheese, coffee, breads, sauces, juices, therapeutic oils and even organic homemade dog treats. There are also some plants, such as herbs, flowers, and vegetable seedlings, along with cut flowers for sale. And if you are hungry while visiting, there are prepared organic and vegetarian meals and snack foods, and even cocos frios, fruit sorbets and batidos (smoothies). Lunch was delicious! Sales run until about 12:45pm or 1pm. It is a great place to pick up some local products (for yourself or as a souvenir) and support local agricultural pursuits and farms.

I recently stopped in and found some goodies to buy and had a nice fresh, healthy lunch. Lots of great sights and aromas, and some really nice people to talk with. If you are in Old San Juan on a Saturday morning, stop in and check it out. Get there early, as some vendors (like the bread lady) sells out early.


The market is open on Saturdays from 8am until 1pm.

You can visit their Facebook page for more information.

The market is located at Calle Norzagaray #150, in the Museo de San Juan.

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Anyone know how to get in touch with the couple who sells jewelry at the outdoor market? I forget her name, but one of the two made tightly wrapped wire pendants...I bought my gal a beautiful piece of Larimar bound/mounted with some killer intricate work with wire there...trying to get more of the braided string necklaces she made to go with it...if you can help, get in touch!

Comment by Stephen Badger on 11 Dec 2016

The bread lady give away hugs n kisses for free after sold out breads

Comment by isasbread on 26 Oct 2010

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