Great Views at Piedra Blanca

Sometimes I see a photo of something that I think it is so pretty, I just have to see it for myself. Piedra Blanca is one of these places. This giant rock is on top of a mountain, so besides being impressive in its own right, the view from the area is great!

Piedra Blanca

Piedra Blanca is located in the mountains of Yabucoa, a town on the east coast of Puerto Rico. This large rock stands like a monolith on the edge of the mountain. I think it is really impressive! As you scramble down a little path alongside of it, you realize just how huge it is! And the views are great.

Piedra Blanca

It is popular with the rock climbing crowd, so you will see the bolts that the climbers attached to the rock.

While this is not a “must see” thing, I think it is worth the quick side trip if you happen to be in the town.

Piedra Blanca


Visit during daylight hours.

Allow enough time to snap a few great photos.

Piedra Blanca is on Google Maps, but to get to it, you need to go down a small road at the intersection. Continue on this little road until you get to the end. You will see it up the hill at the (gated) driveway to the communications tower. This gate is usually closed, so you need to park on the street (without blocking driveways) and walk up.

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