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Try Some Puerto Rican Moonshine Rum

1/21- Best to call before visiting.

PitoRico Rum

Moonshine, White Lightning, Hooch, Tennessee White Whiskey — call it what you will. Every culture has its own version of people using backyard stills to make high-proof, distilled spirits from locally-grown ingredients … often illegally. Puerto Rico is no exception. Here, people ferment molasses, and distill it to produce “moonshine rum” locally called pitorro or cañita, which is often 85-95-proof (45 or 48% alcohol). But they taste rough and burn something awful going down!

Sol Taino Distillery (formally Destilería Cruz) produces a brand of legal pitorro, called PitoRico, that is available plain or in various local fruit flavors. Their factory is in Jayuya, and the public is welcome to stop by to see them making it, have a taste of local moonshine or their other artisan spirits, and pick up a few bottles to take back home.


Distilling alcohol is actually a simple process, and it has been practiced around the globe for many thousands of years. There have always been a number of people in Puerto Rico that have backyard stills that make pitorro using local sugar cane and molasses. It is part of traditional Puerto Rican holiday celebrations, especially around Christmas, and is used in local Coquito recipes.

PitoRico Rum

This Puerto Rican tradition and process was the idea that led Destilería Cruz to create their PitoRico line of premium handcrafted rum. They use the same ingredients and old home-brewed recipe of fermenting molasses. But instead of a clandestine backyard still, they have a state-of-the-art distillery, and they produce their rums to meet the regulations required by local and federal agencies.

They have improved upon the “backyard still” process so that their rums taste good, and you can actually enjoy drinking them! Since they don’t age their fruit pitorro, it legally can’t be labeled as “Puerto Rican Rum”. But make no mistake about it, this “premium handcrafted rum” is 100% Boricuan! They now also make aged rums, under their Sol Taino name, both clear and gold rums, all delicious.

Our Tour

First off, Sol Taino Distillery is not the easiest place to get to. It’s in Jayuya, which is in the mountains pretty much in the middle of island. But we happened to be sorta out that way, so decided we would check out the distillery. Currently, it is a small operation, so the tour is quick, but tasty!

PitoRico Rum

There is no need to make a reservation (but you can if you want). You just show up at their scheduled tours hours and someone should be available to talk you through the process. They have a beautiful still, all shiny copper and clean-looking.

Our guide only spoke Spanish, though there is usually someone there who speaks English, but he was not available that day. She explained the whole process to us, starting with the fermentation of the molasses and water, the distillation of the alcohol, the “curing” of the alcohol, and the final processing. For their flavored artisanal rums, they blend in local fruit flavors.

Of course, pitorro right from the still is about 90% alcohol by volume, but for this rum to be sold legally (and to make it actually enjoyable to drink), that needs to be brought down to about 40% alcohol (80-proof).

Behind the distilling and mixing tanks was an area for bottling, capping, labeling, and packing their rums. At the time we went, they weren’t actually producing any rum, so we didn’t get to see the factory floor in action. But she said they would soon be gearing up for larger production runs as they start exporting it to US markets.

PitoRico Rum

After hearing about their process, we were offered tastes of each of their products. The original pitorro that is un-aged and unflavored is “strong” and hard to drink, but it is not really meant to drink straight (and it is probably a bit stronger than the 40% labeled!). It is usually mixed with fruit in a large jug and left to cure for a few months, producing a delicious fruity rum drink.

But they also have different flavors, all made with real locally grown fruits. These are much smoother and yummy, with flavors like passion fruit, coconut, tamarind, anis, and orange. They now also make clear, gold, spiced rums under the Cruz Taino label. .

They sell all their rums and a few other branded items (shirts, etc) right there. We choose a few bottles to take home for future enjoyment! Their rums are available at most stores locally, and the company tries to be present at most of the local food/drink fairs and shows around the island.

Remember to drink responsibly, and never drink & drive.


PitoRico Rum

You can visit between 1p- 5pm Wed- Sat for tastings. They offer free tours Thursdays at 3:30p, 4:30p, & 5:00PM and Fridays: 1:30p, 2:30p, 3:30p & 4:30PM The tour take about 20 minutes. Reservations not required, but you might want to make sure an English-speaking guide is there if that’s important to you.

You can call 939-227-3300 or email for more information.

You can visit the PitoRico web site or the PitoRico Facebook page for more information.

The distillery is located at Carretera 141R (Desvio Norte #5141) KM 0.7, Barrio Jayuya Abajo in Jayuya.

There are two ways to get to the distillery from the San Juan area. One is take Route 22 west. Exit onto Road 149 south. Continue on Road 149, until slight right onto Road 533. Continue on Road 533, until slight left onto Calle Guillermo Esteves/PR-141. Take to PR-141R (business route). The distillery will be on the left.

Another way to get there from San Juan is Route 52 south to exit for Route 10 west. Then slight right onto Camino Los Banch. Turn left onto PR-503. Turn right onto Ruta Panorámica/PR-143. Continue onto PR-144. Turn left onto Camino Santa Barbara. Slight right onto PR-141R. The distillery will be on the right.

The PitoRico distillery is about 1 hour 45 minutes from San Juan. It’s probably only worth the trip if you’ll be in the area for another activity.

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You have to contact the company directly.

Comment by Gwenn on 01 Dec 2019

I need a few bottles of pitorro ship to Texas can you ship to Texas

Comment by Reynaldo Alvarez on 28 Nov 2019

You will need to call the company that makes the product. Look in the article for their contact information.

Comment by Gwenn on 13 Nov 2019

Please call me about how I can buy pitorro.979-219-xxxx

Comment by Eduardo Rivera on 10 Nov 2019

John- you would have to contact them directly and see if they can ship it yet. 939-227-3300 or email

Comment by Gwenn on 29 Sep 2019


Comment by JULIO DE JESUS jr on 28 Sep 2019

Tried the Pito Rico 106 with homemade sangria while on vacation in San Juan and loved it, went back to the shop the next day and bought two bottles at $20 each to bring back to the states, I should have purchased more bottles. It taste great!!!

Comment by Mike on 06 Jul 2019

You will need to contact the company directly. I don't know if they have the permits to ship.

Comment by Gwenn on 01 May 2019

I'd like to know where I can purchase a bottle or two in the USA? And whether your US distributor can ship anywhere in the US?

Comment by Darrell Anthony Lundy on 29 Apr 2019

They sell it in most supermarkets here I think. I swear I have seen it.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Feb 2019

Vivo en Guaynabo y me gustaría comprar PitoRico de coco y de tamarindo. Me puedes informar lo antes posible. Gracias

Comment by Tere Blondet on 17 Feb 2019

You would have to try contacting the distillery.

Comment by Gwenn on 16 Sep 2018

I wooll like too purches a botle but i live in germany, can you tell me the way to that i have to do.

Comment by Herbert Soto on 14 Sep 2018

I think is a big market for Pito Rico here in the garden state NJ because we have many Puertoricans that will love to get some of that good stuff. En resumen tienen que vendernos más aquí en New Jersey o en New York de esa forma podriamos ir a buscarlo allá en Nueva York.

Comment by Bernardo Navarro on 19 Dec 2017

You need to contact the company directly. We are not affiliated with them.

Comment by Gwenn on 24 Nov 2015

Would like to purchase before Christmas. I live in Houston Texas. Please sent me informed.

Comment by Pedro Aviles on 24 Nov 2015

Seriously? The last post from Sept still says Saturdays. I will check into it and update info. Thanks! 11/20 pm- I just got an email from them, they are open Tuesday - Saturdays 9am- 5pm.

Comment by Gwenn on 20 Nov 2015

It is no longer open on a Saturday :( Monday to Friday now

Comment by Adam on 19 Nov 2015

You will have to contact the company directly :call 787-828-1300 for more information.

Comment by Gwenn on 16 Nov 2015

How much will it cost to have a 24 count-200ml bottles box of pitorro (caja de 24 canecas de pitorro)?

Comment by D.F on 16 Nov 2015

It is now in lots of supermarkets around PR.

Comment by Gwenn on 02 Nov 2015

Quisiera saber en que supermercado o lugar puedo comprar el producto. Soy de Toa Baja. Gracias

Comment by Alicia Mejias on 01 Nov 2015

Hi- You will need to contact the company directly 787-828-1300. We at don't sell anything. But realize, this is the legal stuff....not the "real"/illegally produced high alcohol content moonshine.

Comment by Gwenn on 24 Jun 2015

me gustaria comprar Ron canita para navidad.necesito mas information.thank you.

Comment by bartolo romero on 23 Jun 2015

Gus- you would need to contact the company directly.

Comment by Gwenn on 07 Nov 2014

Donde puedo comprarlo aqui en Florida. Yo vivo en Punta Gorda, Fl 33983. Ustedes pueden enviar atraves UPS. Me gustaria comprar ante de navidad. Por favor enviarme information.

Comment by Gustavo Velez on 06 Nov 2014

They have the 750ml size and I think it was about $13-15.

Comment by Gwenn on 31 Aug 2014

Wow, thanks for the info. I'm super excited about visiting here while visiting the near by caves. Was wondering how big the bottle are and price range?

Comment by Delia on 15 Aug 2014

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