Explore Nature’s Beauty at Playa Ostiones and Ducot Trails

Cabo Rojo, a picturesque municipality located on the western tip of Puerto Rico, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. With its stunning beaches and diverse ecosystems, it offers a plethora of outdoor activities for all types of travelers. A new little gem we found recently is Playa Ostiones and the Ducot Trails.

Playa Ostiones

Nestled along the rugged coastline of Cabo Rojo, Ostiones Beach is a very pretty, protected, small beach. Officially, it is part of the Reserva Natural Finca Belvedere, which was part of the old Belvedere sugar plantation. The sugar cane fields have reverted to their natural state, and this area is protected by the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA).

Playa Ostiones

Playa Ostiones has a great little white sand area, and usually has calm water. There is not much actual sand/beach, so people seem to just sit their chairs in the water and chill out. The water is clear and inviting. And it was a great place to watch the sunset. I really liked the area.

But there is a very active boat ramp here, so there are a lot of boats and boat trailers coming and going. There are also a number of condos right there, so there are people always coming and going. But do not be discouraged. Right in the south end of the parking lot is a trail head sign for Ducot Trails, which will help beach-goers really enjoy this area.

Playa Ostiones

If you are hoping for a little more laid back beach, I highly recommend you take this trail. As you walk through here, you will find lots of openings onto small, secluded beach areas. People seem to just claim their spot! If the first ones are full, just keep walking – there are lots of them. One more pretty than the next! Much of this area seems to have reefs around, so snorkeling can be very good, though shallow. If you choose to snorkel, please be careful to protect the reef.

Playa Ostiones

I recommend this trail also just for walking through its beauty. It is a great little coastal trail, very scenic. It is about ÂŊ- mile in length (it is an in and out trail). The trail is well-maintained. It goes mostly through the “forest”, though part of it does have you walking through the sand at the coastline. It is a natural path, so you will be walking on packed sand and some rocks, roots, etc.

Playa Ostiones

It goes through different nature areas, mangroves, palms, sandy beach, and shells. It is really lovely, peaceful, and calm. You will see a lot of nature as you walk – hermit crabs, birds, lizards. There was even a marine turtle nest when we went. The whole area had a great relaxed vibe to it. We went on a hot and humid summer afternoon ,and we didn’t have any bugs bothering us on the trail, though the mosquitoes did show up during sunset viewing from the beach!

Playa Ostiones

The area gets its name from the abundance of oysters (ostiones in Spanish) that can be found in the area. As you get to the end of this trail, you will come to “El Conchero”. These are large piles of empty oyster shells are from hundreds of years ago. As I did research into this area, it is historically, culturally, and archaeologically significant. Please preserve it as you found it.

Playa Ostiones

Both Ostiones Beach and the Ducot Trails underscore the importance of responsible ecotourism and conservation efforts. The area is lovely. Visitors are encouraged to “Leave only footprints and Take only photos”, so we can protect the fragile ecosystems and historical treasure. By doing so, we can ensure that these wonders remain accessible for generations to come.

Playa Ostiones


Parking is free.

There are no facilities at this beach/trail. Bring sunscreen, water, and shoes (or at least flip-flops) if you plan to walk the trail. Insect repellent not not be a bad idea.

The Ducot Trail is about ÂŊ-mile one way, so figure about 30-45 minutes to walk round-trip.

The DRNA has published this document (in Spanish) on the significance of the Ducot Trail area.

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