Get a Bird’s Eye View of Ponce

Update 9/20 – They are open as a combo with the Serralles Castle tour.

La Cruceta del VigiaEl Vigia Cross (La Cruceta del Vigi­a ) is a 100-foot tall cross-shaped observation tower, located on top of Vigia Hill in Ponce. It is directly behind the Serralles Castle museum. The Cross is a 10-story vertical tower that has a glass elevator. It takes you up to the horizontal "sky bridge". These 2 features form the Cross. From this sky bridge, you have a great panoramic view of the city of Ponce, and the Caribbean Sea. There are pictures above each window of the view that have the buildings labeled, so you know what you are looking at. There is a small gift shop and restrooms at the base of the Cross. Japanese Garden at La Cruceta del VigiaThe Cross is located just feet away from a replica of the original "cross", which was actually a wooden signal tower. The early Spanish settlers used Vigia Hill as a looked-out for merchant ships and possible pirates. Once a ship was spotted, communication between ship and the tower (and thus the townsfolk), in the form of flags that were raised and lowered, was conducted. This way, the Poncerians would know who was coming – either good or bad. Today, it is a great place to see the city landmarks from up above. There is also a nice, tranquil Japanese-style garden behind the Cross. Take your time and enjoy the Koi fish ponds and the Bonsai displays.

Admission for the Vigia Cross and Serralles Castle and the gardens (located just downhill from the Cross) for $15 for adults and children, $10for seniors. All prices include sales tax. buy online (there is a service fee)

Hours of operation are from 10:00am to 4 pm Thursday through Sunday.

For more information, call 787-259-3816 or 787-259-1774.

The Cross is located two miles (3.2km) north of the center of town. Follow Bertoly Street or Union Street, and then follow the signs.

The trip from San Juan takes about 2 hours.

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