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Slot Machines in Puerto Rico Casino

You’re on vacation and you’re feeling lucky. Well then, you might want to pay a visit to any of the 16 casinos here in Puerto Rico. Now before you get ahead of yourself, don’t think Las Vegas-type (or even Atlantic City-type) casinos. These are much smaller by comparison. However they offer state-of-the-art casino action, with all the lights, bells and whistles that you seek! Of course they have slot machines. But they also a variety of exciting table games, from roulette and craps to blackjack and mini-baccarat.

Slot machines are the most popular games in most of Puerto Rico’s casinos. There are even slots in the airport and many bars. Slot machines make almost three-quarters of most casinos’ income. In most casinos, you can find them ranging from penny slots all the way up to $25 slots. A few of them still take coins, though most of the casinos have changed to plastic magnetic-strip card or paper bar-coded cards tied to a debit card.

Some places still have some of the older machines, where you can pull a lever on the side of the machine (or push a button) and watch the reels spin. When they stop, the pattern of visible symbols determines if the player wins money and, if so, how much. But more often you will see the more modern computer video ones. Personally, I like the old ones – they feel more lucky to me!

The choice in game tables are a little more limited. Not all places will have your game of choice. Roulette is pretty easy to find. It is best to call ahead of you have your heart set on a certain game.

Over half of the casinos are located in the San Juan area, though we have a couple right here in Rio Grande. There are also casinos in Ponce, Manati, Bayamon, Dorado, Aguadilla and Mayaguez. Business casual dress is fine, but you must be 18 years or older to play (and even to be admitted in). Most casinos offer free drinks (and sometimes snacks) for players. Some casinos also have live music on weekends in attached lounges. The following is a list of casinos on the island.

Casinos in Rio Grande & North East

Casino “Club Bahia” at Wyndham Rio Mar – Rio Grande

6,000 square foot casino, offering 150 slot machines from 1¢ to $5, and 12 games tables. Open: 10am – 2 am 7 days a week .
web: Wyndham Casino webpage
phone: 800-4-RIOMAR or 787-888-6000

Casino “Tropical” at Fairfield by Marriott in Luquillo

17,500 square foot casino, offering 300 slot machines , and 6 games tables. Open: 10am – 2 am 7 days a week .
web: Tropical Casino e
phone: (787) 889-8600

Casinos in Isla Verde/Carolina

Currently closed- Ritz-Carlton Casino, San Juan – Isla Verde

17,500 square foot casino, with a very elegant atmosphere, offering over 300 slot machines, and 16 game tables. Open 24hr/d, tables open 12 pm- 4 am.
phone: 800-241-3333 or 787-253-1700.
Ritz Carlton Casino Webpage

Casino del Sol at the Courtyard by Marriott, Isla Verde

14,000 square foot Casino del Sol, offering almost 400 slot machines, and table games. Open 6am-12 mn.
phone: 787-791-0404 or 800-791-2553.
Casino Del Sol Casino Facebook page

Foxwood El San Juan , San Juan – Isla Verde

15,000 square foot casino, with a very elegant atmosphere, offering over 300 slot machines, and 14 game tables. Open 8am- 2 am.
phone: (787) 936-7777
Foxwood ESJ Casino Web page

Oasis at Embassy Suites Hotel & Casino, San Juan – Isla Verde

6,000 square foot casino offering almost 300 slot machines and 7 game tables. Open Monday-Sunday 9am- 2 am
phone: (787) 791-7589.
Oasis Facebook page

Casinos in the Condado

San Juan Marriott Stellaris Casino, San Juan – Condado

10,700 square foot casino, offering 450 slot machines from 1¢ to 25$, and the largest number of game tables in PR. Open 8am-9pm.
phone: 800-464-5005 or 787-722-7000

Casino del Mar at La Concha Hotel, San Juan – Condado

12,500 square foot casino, offering over 400 slot machines and 17 tables. Open 6am-11pm daily.
phone: 787-721-8500 or 787-977-3210.
Casino del Mar La Concha Webpage

Casinos in Miramar (by Pam Am Cruise Pier)

Casino Metro at Sheraton Convention Center

This 20,000 square foot casino offers over 400 slot machines, and a 16 game tables. Open 24 hours.
phone: 787-993-3500 or 787-977-8989.
Casino Metro Web page

Casinos in Bayamon

El Tropical Casino at Hyatt Place Bayamon

This 14,000 square foot casino offers over 300 slot machines, and game tables. Mon- Sat 6am – 11 pm.
phone: 787-995-8300 .
Casino Metro Webpage

Elsewhere on the Island

Casino de la Plaza, Ponce Plaza Hotel

Offering over 250 slot machines, and 8 game tables. Open 8am-11 pm 7 days/week. phone 787-813-5050.
Casino de la Plaza Facebook page

Hilton Ponce Golf & Casino Resort – Ponce

Offering 350 slot machines, and 9 table games. Open 24 hours. phone 787-259-7676.
web page

Blue Dolphin Casino at the Costa Bahía Hotel & Convention Center – Guayanilla

Offering 220 slot machines, and 7 table games. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 am. phone 787-835-3335.

Holiday Inn & Tropical Casino Resort – Ponce

Offering almost 350 slot machines, and some table games. Open 24 hours. web page. phone 787-844-1200

Holiday Inn & Tropical Casino – Mayaguez

Offering more than 350 slot machines, and 7 table games. Open 24 hours. web page. 787-833-1100

Casino Real (Four Points by Sheraton Caguas Real) in Caguas

Offering over 550 slot machines, and 13 table games. Sunday- Thursday Open 9am -2am. Friday and Saturday 9am-4am. Phone- 787-653-1111 or 787-653-8686.
Casino Real Webpage

Ocean Casino at Marriott Courtyard- Aguadilla

Offering 300 slot machines, and 11 table games. Open 24 hours 7 days/week. 787-658-8055.
Ocean Casino Fbpage

Atlantico at Hyatt Place Manati

10,000 square feet casino, offering over 250 slot machines, and 8 game tables. Open 8am-11pm 7 days/week. phone 787-854-7373 or 787-854-1100.
Casino Atlantico webpage

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