Punta del Viento – A Pretty Nature Reserve in Patillas

Nestled along the southeastern coast of Puerto Rico, the Reserva Natural Punta del Viento in Patillas is a hidden gem. It offers a tranquil escape for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and anyone looking to connect with the unique flora and fauna of the region. It is a lovely place that very few people visit (of course, that might be because Google Maps says it is closed). But it is a nice place to walk, enjoy the coast, take wonderful photos, camp, and be one with nature. I have had a visit pending to this area for ages. and one rainy day on the east coast, we decided to check it out.

Punto del Viento

Patillas is a town on the south east coast of Puerto Rico, about 90 minutes from the San Juan area. This nature reserve is located at the end of a long coastal road that goes through a residential area, and eventually turns into a one-lane, dirt road, where there is a “Welcome to the Nature Reserve” sign posted. Going in a 4×4 would be best because the the road had some areas with big pot holes, deep mud, rocks, etc. Since we did not have a 4×4, we parked on one of the turnoffs (off the road) to the left just past the bridge and walked in.

Punto del Viento

Since there is really only one main road (with many turn offs to get to the beach areas), I don’t think you can really get lost. We walked along the shore line on the way in. The beaches we found were very lovely, around each curve a new view, a new type of sand or rock – very diverse. There was an large area with sea grass, and I hear turtles and manatees visit here often. There were some areas that provide breathtaking views of coast and the Caribbean Sea. Because we don’t know the currents in this area, we would only swim in the protected lagoon areas.

Punto del Viento

Once we got the the end of the reserve, we walked back along the road, through the “forest”. I had once read that there is a pterocarpus forest in this reserve, but we could not find a usable trial to it. So we just enjoyed the walk. There was a wide range of trees and mangroves. The reserve’s varied habitats make it an ideal destination for bird enthusiasts and photographers. It was nice and breezy, and surprisingly, not buggy!

Punto del Viento

It looks like camping is permitted here, but realize there are no facilities. When we went, someone had set up their 4×4 pickup with tents at the end of the road. It really looked like the best spot – nice beach and protected cover! Visitors are encouraged to embrace eco-friendly practices, ensuring the sustainability of this pristine environment. No vehicles on the beach please … it is a marine turtle nesting area.

Punto del Viento

We met a local family when we first arrived there, and they said the car was fine near the bridge, and the area was safe. he views were amazing, and it felt very secluded and safe. I don’t know if this is a must-visit for everyone. We walked abut 4 miles total – it was a lovely day for a nice walk. Make sure to bring a hat/sunscreen, and ample water!

While this reserve has no facilities, it is free to enter. Just up the road is the Balneario de Patillas, which as restrooms, showers, food/drinks, etc. We stopped there on our way out. There are also a number of restaurants in the area. So it seems like you are totally away in nature, but you are not far from amenities. A few people enjoy kayaking here, we saw some snorkelers way out at the edge of a reef. If you don’t own a kayak or want to do some adventures in the area, you can contact Adventure and Water Sports. They have tours of the area on foot or via and 4x4s and they offer kayak tours in the reserve.

Punto del Viento


There is no cost to enter the nature reserve.

Open every day, during daylight hours.

Bring ample drinking water, sunscreen, and a hat. There are no facilities. Please take your trash out with you when you leave.

We walked about 4 miles round-trip along the beach and back to our car.

Take Route 3 to the beach area in Patillas, then turn onto the un-named road that leads to the nature reserve (use Google Maps).

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