A Rainy Vacation Day is Better than a Sunny Work Day

Rainbow Over Rio Grande

So you came on vacation to Puerto Rico expecting all blue skies and sunny beaches. And now it’s raining. Or maybe pouring is a better description!

Don’t worry. All is not lost. There are plenty of things to do on your PR vacation that don’t require perfect weather.

With terms like “wet season”, “hurricane season”, or just because you are coming on vacation, you’re looking at the weather report and wondering if visiting Puerto Rico at certain times of year is a good thing or a bad thing.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Here’s our weather report for every day of the year … partly sunny, with a chance of rain. It’s sunny, then it rains, then the sun comes back out. Yes, we occasionally get slammed with a major storm, where it will be grey and rainy for days… but the same can be said for any prime tourist destinations in the States. On any given day, the weather may be very different in different parts of the island. When it’s raining in the north-east, it may very well be dry in Ponce or on the west coast. Sometimes we can see it raining just a few miles away from us, but it is sunny where we are!

The key is knowing that you don’t have to sit in your hotel room when the weather turns gray. Maybe a look at our blog will help you out.

As we write more articles, we’ll be putting a RainyDay tag on those things that we think are good to do when it’s a less-than-ideal beach day.

Come to think of it, this list might also come in handy on those I-really-should-have-used-more-sunscreen days. 🙂

Let us know how you’ve spent rainy days in Puerto Rico by leaving a comment.

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Looking at the map, looks like NW shore towns and south shore towns are not getting rain. But that could change...like the weather!

Comment by Gwenn on 25 Apr 2016

Where is it not raining in Puerto Rico today?

Comment by Jose on 25 Apr 2016

Maybe I'm a little crazy, but hiking in El Yunque is great when it's raining. It certainly helps you stay cool. Just bring towels to dry off afterwards, and maybe a change of clothes and shoes. Another thing that might be regarded as more appropriate would be strolling around El Conquistador. For the price of parking you could check out a killer hotel, and probably see some great views. Plaza Las Americas would be worthwhile, too. You can check out the largest mall in the Caribbean, and the largest JC Penny in the world.

Comment by Josh on 09 Jan 2014

We actually had a several days of a PR vacation that were pretty rainy one January. We went to an indoor market one day, which was fun, but too small to waste much time. Probably the best was Old San Juan. We braved it depite the rain, and it really brough down crowds (which were supposed to be huge during the festival). The rain ended up drizzly later in the day, and we had a great day.

Comment by Tricia on 14 May 2011

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