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Go Underground at the Rio Camuy Caves Park

Update- 3/21 The Camuy Cave Park reopened March 24, 2021!. You must to call and make a reservation 787 999-2200 ext. 3470, 3471, 3472, 3473, 3474 y 3475 or try 787-898-3100, 787- 898-3106 . Only 120 spots/day. For now, there is no trolley…you have to walk down to cave AND BACK UP! They are hoping trolley is back in working order by June/July. Tours are bilingual. I will update article when we get more info!

Entrance to Camuy Cave

Personally, I am not really "into" caves. Coming from the north-east of the US, I have seen my share of cold, dark caves. But there is something about the Rio Camuy Caves that is different (I guess because they are not dark and cold!), and I actually enjoyed this trip.

On a trip to the Rio Camuy Caves Park pre-Maria (or, in Spanish, Parque de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy), we arrived early (about 9:30am) and had no trouble getting in. After you park, head into the ticket booth to purchase your reserved tour tickets. After you buy your tickets, sit tight or visit the gift shop while you wait for your tour to be called. It is an open air waiting area, but it has bathrooms, a food stand and some vendors selling snacks and artisan crafts. You wait for your reserved tour time and meet your guide and start walking to the cave.

You walk to the cave entrance. The park is nice and lush, and many of the trees are marked with their names. When you get to the caves, your guide takes you into the cave system. Basically, many, many years ago, the roof of a cave on both ends fell in, exposing this cave. There is a huge opening on both sides, so you shouldn’t get claustrophobic.

Our guide, Marcano, was very interesting and he had some jokes that were pretty amusing, so we were all entertained as we learned about the caves. The guide will tell you about the cave system. Clara Cave is the name of the cave you walk into first and it is huge and beautiful. After about a 20 minute walk through this cave, with about 7 -9 audio stops along the route. The cavern opens into another area where you can see the Camuy River running below you and there is a huge overhang above you. They also have the "fountain of youth" – a natural spring you can drink from (we had to try that!- But Note- When we went in 2016, this area was closed off due to a landslide. But I have to say, our tour guide answered everyone’s questions very well – he really seemed to know what he was talking about – he had been doing it for many years and still seemed to enjoy it.

Formation in Camuy Cave

We then turned around and went through the cave again, but on the other side, so it looked totally different. Here our guide gave us the less educational version – pointing out more of the amusing looking formations- "the gorilla sitting at a table", a "Christmas tree" etc. It was fun.

We also passed the section where you can hear the river racing below you, and where you can hear (and smell) the bats. They say there is a colony of half a million bats that live in the cave. Luckily, they sleep during the day, so you won’t run into any of them! But note- DO NOT TOUCH THE HANDRAIL HERE- it is full of bat guano- yuck!!

As you walk along the concrete path, watch out for all the stalactites hanging down (someone in our group hit their head!). The walkway is wet, and in some parts slippery, so wear sneakers or shoes with good traction, and use the handrails as suggested.

Once out of the caves, you walk back to the main entrance and your tour is done.

The only bathrooms are located at the waiting area. The tour takes about 1.5 hours, so plan accordingly. The caves are cool, you may want to bring a jacket. You can take all the pictures you want, and the guides point out the best ways and places to get good shots.

Playgound at the Rio Camuy Cave Park

The caves are located in a 268 acre park. This is a very popular site with tourists and locals alike. The park only allows a certain number of visitors in a day. They ONLY take reservations. Also, they close the caves if it is raining too much, because it could get flooded. (On our most recent visit, it started to rain during our visit and we had waterfalls all around- it was spectacular)!

The park has a wooded area with picnic pavilions, a play area for the kids, walking trails, a little restaurant, and a souvenir shop. Tour is bilingual (English/Spanish).

They say if you have asthma, other medical conditions or are pregnant, don’t go into the cave, or see their health department before going in. I assume it is mainly for insurance purposes as the walking part is easy, just slippery. But the air in the cave is thick with moisture, and a guy with asthma in our group had to use his inhaler.

Tickets are $18 for adults, $12 for children ages 4 to 12. All prices include an audio guide for your touring pleasure. Parking is $3 to $4 depending on your vehicle.

Open only Wednesday through Sunday from 8:00am until about 4:30pm, (or when it is raining). Note- they close the parking lot at 2:45pm SHARP- you need to get there before 2:45pm to get in! The last tour is at 3:00pm. The park is closed most major holidays (including New Years Day, Three Kings Day, Good Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, possibly Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter), lesser holidays they are open.

Allow 2 hours for the cave tour.

Call to reserve a spot! 787 999-2200 ext. 3470, 3471, 3472, 3473, 3474 y 3475 or try 787-898-3100, 787- 898-3106 for more information. It is best to call before going to make sure park is open (they will close if it is too rainy). Check their webpage for more info.

Camping is allowed in the summer (June 15-Aug 15) for $5 per person. Call ahead for info.

From the San Juan area, take Route 22 west to Arecibo – exit 77b. Then Route 129 south to Km 20. There are signs to guide you once you get off of Route 22.

Entrance to Camuy Cave

A mi personalmente no me atraen mucho las cuevas, quizás sea porque vengo del noreste de los Estados Unidos y he visto gran cantidad de cuevas oscuras y frías. Pero hay algo especial acerca de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy que las hace diferentes (Me parece que es el hecho de que no son oscuras ni frías), además disfruto del trayecto a las mismas.

En un reciente viaje al Parque de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy, llegamos temprano (a eso de las 9:30 pm) y no tuvimos ningún inconveniente al entrar.  Los encargados te dan un boleto numerado a la entrada del estacionamiento. Luego te llaman a la entrada dejándose llevar por el número o sea por el orden de llegada.  En cuanto se estacionen pasen al Centro de Visitantes para que puedan comprar sus boletos y “audio guide”, luego durante la espera pueden pasar por la tiendita de souvenirs hasta esperar a que llamen su número.

Ahora, se aborda el tranvía o trolley y se pasa a la entrada de este bello parque.  El mismo posee una naturaleza exuberante y muchos de los arboles están rotulados con sus nombres. En cuanto lleguen a las cavernas, los guías los llevaran dentro del sistema de cuevas. Básicamente lo que ocurrió aquí  hace mucho tiempo fue que el techo de la cueva se desplomó dejando la cueva al aire libre. Hay una enorme cavidad a cada lado de la misma, así que no debe preocuparse si padece de claustrofobia.

Nuestro guía, el señor Marcano, hizo nuestro recorrido muy interesante y nos conto varios chistes muy divertidos, así que la pasamos muy bien mientras tomábamos el tour y aprendíamos sobre las cavernas. (Ahora usa un audio guide). La Cueva Clara es la primera que tendrá la oportunidad de apreciar. Es enorme y muy bonita. Luego de una caminata de 15 minutos por esta cueva, la misma se abre a otra área donde se puede apreciar al Rio Camuy por debajo de donde uno esta y hay una enorme plataforma que sobresale por encima de las personas. También tienen su "propia "fuente de la juventud"– un pequeño manantial del que uno puede beber (¡No podíamos dejar de beber agua de esa fuente!). El guía contesto muy bien todas las preguntas que se le hicieron — se veía muy versado en la materia ya ha estado realizando este trabajo por muchos años y parece que aun lo disfruta.

Formation in Camuy Cave

Luego regresamos a la cueva pero caminando por el otro lado de la misma así que lucía totalmente diferente. Nuestro guía, luego de informarnos cómo y por qué esas formaciones se crean y se desarrollan, nos dio también su versión menos educacional al señalar las formas  tan divertidas que adquieren las mismas – "un gorila sentado en una mesa", "un árbol de navidad", etc.  Fue muy divertido.

También pasamos por la sección donde se puede escuchar el rio por debajo de la cueva y donde se puede escuchar (y oler) a los murciélagos. Dicen que hay una colonia de cerca de medio millón de ellos en la cueva. Agraciadamente, ellos duermen durante el día así que no se toparán cara a cara con ninguno de ellos.

Al caminar por la vereda de cemento, tengan cuidado con las estalactitas.  ¡Una persona de nuestro grupo se golpeó la cabeza! El camino es húmedo y algunos trayectos son resbalosos así que usen zapatos seguros al pisar que tengan buena tracción.

Una vez se llega al exterior de las cuevas, vuelves al tranvía nuevamente y te llevan a ver un sumidero donde se ve el rio nuevamente.  Entonces van de vuelta a la entrada y ese es el fin del tour. Los únicos servicios sanitarios que hay, están localizados en la entrada (detrás de la taquilla). El tour se toma cerca de 1.5 horas así que planifique con anticipación. Las cuevas son algo frías así que posiblemente quiera llevar un abrigo. Puede tomar todas las fotos que guste y los guías señalaran los lugares idóneos y la mejor perspectiva para tomar sus fotografías.

Playgound at the Rio Camuy Cave Park

Las cavernas están localizadas en un parque de 268 hectáreas. Esta atracción es muy popular para los turistas  y para el público local en general. Es mejor llegar antes de las 10:30 am No se hacen reservaciones. Tome en consideración el hecho de que si esta lloviendo cierran el lugar por el peligro de inundaciones repentinas que pueden ser causadas por la creciente del rio subterráneo.

Este parque tiene un área de madera donde se puede hacer picnic, un área para los niños, veredas para caminar, un restaurante pequeño y una tiendita para comprar souvenirs.  El audio guide era en ambos español y Ingles. 

Se explica que de padecer de asma y otras condiciones medicas similares o si hay una mujer en estado de gestación, no debe pasar a la cueva o debe preguntar en su departamento de salud antes de proceder al interior de las cavernas. Supongo que debe ser por razones del seguro del lugar ya que la caminata es relativamente fácil de hacerse aunque el camino es resbaloso. El aire de la cueva es sumamente húmedo y un hombre con asma de nuestro grupo tuvo que usar su inhalador.

Los boletos o taquillas están a $18 por adultos,  $13 por los niños de 4–12 años de edad y  los envejecientes tienen un descuento. Estos precios incluyen una guía de audio. El estacionamiento es de $3 a $4 dependiendo del tipo de vehículo que usted maneje.

Abren solo de miércoles a domingo desde las 8 am hasta cerca de las 5:00 pm o hasta que el parque se llene o cuando comienza a llover. They close the entrance at 2:45pm- go need to arrive before 2:45pm to get in! El último tour es a las 3:30 pm El Parque de las Cavernas cierra la mayor parte de los días feriados (incluyendo el Día de Año Nuevo, Día de Reyes, Viernes Santo, Día de Acción de Gracias y Navidad).

Separe 1.5 horas para la excursión.  Si el parque esta lleno, posiblemente se tome mas tiempo ya que ellos admiten a las personas en el orden de llegada al parque.

Note 1/15- temporary phone number- 787-382-0119.Puede llamar al siguiente teléfono para mayor información: 787–898–3100. Es preferible que llame antes de ir al parque para cerciorarse de que va a estar abierto ese día. Recuerde que el lugar cierra cuando llueve mucho.

Se permite acampar en el verano (junio 15– agosto 15) a $5 por persona. Llame antes para información.

Desde el Área Metropolitana, tome la Autopista 22 hacia Arecibo – salida 77b.  Luego la carretera 129 hacia el sur hasta llegar al kilometro 20.  Siga los letreros  una vez salga de la autopista.

We are in the process of updating the maps we use on our web site. While we're working on that, you can click on the GPS coordinates below to view the location on Google Maps ... assumes no responsibility regarding your safety when participating in the activities described in this article. Please use common sense! If your mother or that little voice in your head tells you that you are about to do something stupid … then don't do it! Read more about Safety →

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yes, the park is open, but their reservation system is awful. I hear they were sold out for a number of weeks ahead, but I don't know that for sure. Good luck! When I first tried to get a reservation, I called right at 8am, and someone answered. But that was like a month ago, just before they opened. Good luck!

Comment by Gwenn on 08 May 2021

Are the caves officially open? I've tried to call and email the park to set a reservation, but could not get through to a live person. My family and I plan on going later this month.

Comment by Jemi on 06 May 2021

Nothing official yet.

Comment by Gwenn on 26 Feb 2021

Do you know when they plan on opening?

Comment by Carmen on 25 Feb 2021

no, not yet.

Comment by Gwenn on 16 Feb 2021

Are the caves open?

Comment by Carmen on 15 Feb 2021

Sadly, No. Supposedly it is an electrical issue. The town of Camuy is trying to get PR to give them the Cave park to operate because no one else seems to be in any hurry to get it re-opened.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Oct 2019

Hello, are the caves open now?

Comment by Sudheer on 03 Oct 2019

We have the same hurricane worries as Florida, but they hit us less often because we are smaller and earlier in the path. Weather is hot and humid (like Florida in Sept).

Comment by Gwenn on 05 Jul 2019

Gwenn can i ask you I was thinking to visit Puerto Rico in September like middle or end of the month . I am from Florida I know it’s hurricane season... but maybe Is it good over there? How is the weather or maybe you heard about hurricane this year ? Expecting or not? Thank you in advance

Comment by Alena Mezhenina on 04 Jul 2019

No, caves are still closed.

Comment by Gwenn on 15 May 2019

Is the cave open now? We are visiting in June. Please advice. Thank you

Comment by Marisa Gonzalez on 13 May 2019

I had seen one thing about it opening this summer, but nothing official. I will post if I see any specific dates, but I doubt it will be in a week.

Comment by Gwenn on 11 May 2019

Any updates on the park being open? Going in a week and would love to see how it's changed since 10+ years.

Comment by Diane on 07 May 2019

They are still closed. They were never open to explore on ones own....always via a tour. Government run, guards at gate etc. Check our site for other caves to explore...there are others.

Comment by Gwenn on 18 Mar 2019

HI, any update on the caves tours? is it open to explore on our own?

Comment by Julie c Larsen on 18 Mar 2019

We have no idea...there has been no news at all about it.

Comment by Gwenn on 05 Jan 2019

Pls tell me when is it gonna be re open?

Comment by Alena Mezhenina on 05 Jan 2019

no- it is still closed.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Jan 2019

Will the park be open on January 16, 2019?

Comment by Elizabeth on 03 Jan 2019

Absolutely- drive yourselves there (so much to do in that area!). Park in their lots and then pay admission (which will be a tour).

Comment by Gwenn on 30 Jan 2017

Can you drive yourself and then get a tour once there? don't want to pay for a day trip.

Comment by sharon s on 29 Jan 2017

Mandatory to go with a tour guide.

Comment by Gwenn on 22 Jan 2017

Yes, it will be open and the price " Tickets are $18 for adults, $13 for children ages 4 to 12, and Seniors get a discount, kids under 4 are free. All prices include an audio guide for your touring pleasure. Parking is $3 to $4 depending on your vehicle. Occasionally the audio guide is not available, then there is a $3 discount."

Comment by Gwenn on 22 Jan 2017

Can you tell me is will open the week 25 to 31 of January and price to. Entrance

Comment by Lino salgado on 10 Jan 2017

can I explore the cave on my own without a tour guide, just pay for the entrance fee? or is it mandatory that you have to go with a tour guide?

Comment by tu nguyen on 09 Jan 2017

no- the drive to Camuy Caves is easy. On a nice road, no climbing or narrowness. Enjoy!

Comment by Gwenn on 09 Jul 2016

I was wondering is the drive to the caves up the mountains and if it is, is it a narrow road and climbing up ?

Comment by Victor morales on 05 Jul 2016

No- the pass will not work because Camuy Caves is not a Federal Park. The pass should be good at the Forts in OSJ.

Comment by Gwenn on 02 Jun 2016

I would like to find out if the national parks and federal recreational lands pass given to military is allowed to be used to gain entrance into Las Cavernas de Camuy. Pleased provide an answer as soon as possible. Also, does anyone know what the valid number for the park is? Thank you.

Comment by Melissa Velez on 02 Jun 2016

I think renting a car is the cheapest way to go. But there are tour companies that offer a trip out there - I did a quick google search and found VIP tours, Sunshine Tours, PRvactionplanners and Viator, so I know there must be more. Plus, you can find a private tour company and customize.

Comment by Gwenn on 10 May 2016

What's the best way to get to the caves from the Old San Juan cruise ship port?

Comment by Leslie Johnson on 09 May 2016

This phone number does not belong to the Park anymore. 787-382-0119 Thanks, FJ

Comment by Francisco Cruz on 24 Mar 2016

There isn't a lot of choices on that road. There is only 1 or 2 places...the park always recommends the one just down the is ok.

Comment by Gwenn on 20 Mar 2016

I was wondering if you have any restaurant recommendations in the near vicinity of the caves. I know you guys usually pack a lunch but wanted to ask just in case. Thanks.

Comment by Karen on 20 Mar 2016

Yes, parking-They charge $3 for cars, $4 for larger vehicles.

Comment by Gwenn on 11 Feb 2016

Is there a fee for parking? or is it free?

Comment by Anna J on 11 Feb 2016

I have been to the caves maybe 15 years ago and loved the experience. I plan on going again in May 2016. My Sister has not yet done and will be with me to experience. I hope it is as good as it was then. Cant wait !!!

Comment by Blanca Pabon on 20 Jan 2016

I believe it must be very old. They caves were closed a few years ago after an accident (rock fell on someones head). But they have been reopened for years now and were open as recently as of yesterday. But they will probably be closed for New YEars day and probably early on the eve and closed on Jan 6th also for the holidays.

Comment by Gwenn on 28 Dec 2015

I saw where one of the tour companies said the caves were closed until further notice? Have you heard this??? What's going on?

Comment by Jessica on 28 Dec 2015

We are not associated with the park, but I am guessing they will be open the 27th and the 30th as usual, but may have a short schedule or closed on the 31st/1st. Best to call and ask them.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Dec 2015

I think you will be fine in this cave. You are on the floor, very rarely near an edge with any height. And there are handrails.

Comment by Gwenn on 19 Dec 2015

Will you be open December 27-1st? Those are the dates I'll be in PR.

Comment by Cynthia Santiago on 15 Dec 2015

I'm planning a trip to PR in February with a very active 4 year old. I'm terrified of heights and she is a daredevil! Are the paths / handrails along a cliff? I have been in caves where you walk through on the floor, and others where you're always on the edge...

Comment by Mary L on 15 Dec 2015

If you go to PR ,I would recommend to skip these cayves.I was waiting 3 hours in order to see them. It was a waste of the day. Don,t do it and you do not miss anything.

Comment by Carmen fuego on 25 Nov 2015

Thanks for the help, Gwen. I'll take a look at those towns and keep my expectations in check! And thanks for the heads up on "motels"!

Comment by Carol Deer on 31 Aug 2015

PR does not have hotels/motels just around like in the States- very limited selection on places to stay outside large tourist towns. (PS- here "motels" usually charge by the hour, look for a hotel/Villa/Inn/Parador etc). And think pretty basic places. You can try Quebradillas or Hatillo. Isabela will have more options. Look for one that gets good reviews (and believe me- keep your expectations low).

Comment by Gwenn on 24 Aug 2015

We will be visiting on a Friday morning in Feb and would like to arrive as close to opening time as we can. We would like to drive to the area the afternoon before and then head over to the cave in the morning. Can you suggest which town we should be looking at for a motel? It will just be a one night stay as we will be spending a couple of weeks visiting different areas of PR, so we don't need to be near the beach or anything. Thanks for any help! Carol

Comment by Carol on 22 Aug 2015

They are only open Wed- Sunday, so you have a few days to go. I would suggest not a weekend if possible. No matter the day you choose, you need to get there early (before 10am ), as they have only a limited number and sell out of tickets.

Comment by Gwenn on 17 Aug 2015

We are hoping to visit Puerto Rico October 1-7 and would like to visit the caves while there. Please let me know best day/time. Thank you very much.

Comment by Karen Jedele on 17 Aug 2015

No, it wasn't at this park. I don't know of a tour that does kayaking through a cave....some of them do tubing through the Tanama caves.

Comment by Gwenn on 31 Jul 2015

I saw some pictures of this park with a kayak tour inside a cave. Are these pictures really from this park? If so, is this tour made by reservation and extra cost? Thank you!

Comment by Karla on 31 Jul 2015

Yes, the caves are open, as usual. About the baby, that I do not know. Call them and ask.

Comment by Gwenn on 13 Jul 2015

So are they caves open? And cani take my baby strapped on to me

Comment by Joshua Cruz on 09 Jul 2015

Yes, the caves should be open. But you should probably call them before going just to make sure they don't have something special going on.

Comment by Gwenn on 30 Jun 2015

I have some friends coming on August 4rd. until August 18; do you know if the Caverns will be open during the month of August?. Please let me know as soon as possible since we need to make plans for several tours during that period of time. Thank you, Elvia

Comment by Elvia M. Acosta on 30 Jun 2015

I don't know why they wouldn't be open that day. If we hear otherwise, we will post it on our Facebook page. Are you calling these numbers: Note 1/15- temporary phone number- 787-382-0119. Call 787-898-3100 or 787-898-3136 for more information? Yes, they open at 8:30am

Comment by Gwenn on 26 Jun 2015

We are planning to visit the caves on 7/2. I know they have clousres sometimes and I get NO answer on either number listed? Can I get cinfirmaiton that caves are open?? Is Opening time 8:30am?

Comment by tracy hudson on 26 Jun 2015

You mentioned that adequately!

Comment by Emilia Enriquez on 26 Feb 2015

I am a local from the area that saddly had only been a few times there. But my experiences have been good and memorable so I think you should at least visit them.

Comment by Ismael on 03 Feb 2015

Bad news....the Camuy Caves are closed on Dec 31st and Jan 1st. They are open on the 30th. I don't think you can make reservations. I would try to get there early, since that is a busy week (everyone is on vacation).

Comment by Gwenn on 13 Dec 2014

We are arriving Dec 29, 2014 6 adults and 6 children. We would like to see the cavern Dec 31,2014 (Wednesday). Can we make resverations and what time and day would be best?

Comment by Michael Burek on 12 Dec 2014

The experience was high on our list, but we should have not had high expectations. The pre-tour movie didn't work but we had to sit in the over air conditioned room for 15 minutes while he tried to fix it. Our tour had 30 people in it, too large for all of us to hear the guide. The guide spoke mainly Spanish then quickly (and in much brevity) said it in English. He focused on pointing things out as "this looks like..." instead of actually educating us on what we were seeing. The tour ended 20 minutes sooner than anticipated since part was closed ;no reason why,didn't know this in advance either).

Comment by on 20 Jul 2014

In summertime and weekends locals take trips to their natural wonders, including these caves. So everything is busier than usual. For any summer activity I would recommend going as early in the day as possible.

Comment by Gwenn on 06 Jul 2014

We saw on the website that getting to the caves early was necessary, the last tour was at 3:30 pm. Got there at 2:10 pm and the gate was closed, It was explained that there were some buses that had filled the capacity for that day. Are bus tours (public or private) so plentiful? If so, then reservations might be a better means of operation since disappointed tourists means "bad feedback"". We will return...and try to leave our home earlier, like about 6 am.

Comment by DJ on 05 Jul 2014

I guess that there are some people that will not like caves, but I love them. The beauty, marvel, and wonder I experience with every visit to this cave park keeps me coming back. The handrails, artificial lighting, and cement walkways take away from the natural feel of the cave, but it also makes it very enjoyable, and easy to experience. Love it. I think the way to have the best and most efficient visit is to arrive close to the 8:30am opening time, and enjoy the experience without having to wait for hours (sometimes), until your number gets called. It's got to be terrible to arrive there after a long drive, and realize that you've been locked out. I heard 1,000 people daily is what they allow. There was no audio option when I visited. The prices were currently $12 for adults, $6 for seniors 60 to 74, and $7 for children from 4 to 12. Seniors above 75, and children 3 or less were no charge.

Comment by Josh on 03 Jul 2014

Excellent information update- thanks!

Comment by Gwenn on 22 Apr 2014

It appears that the entrance gate to the parking lot is closed at 2:45 pm sharp at the latest.

Comment by Gabriel on 20 Apr 2014

That is why you need to look at our website- we had all that information. The park has a maximum number of guests a day they allow in. During weekends and holidays, that number can be reached earlier in the day. The park will also close early if it is raining.

Comment by Gwenn on 18 Apr 2014

Before I went to Camuy cave park with a group of my friends, I searched about its information online. On the website it said the park closed at 4pm. But when I got there around 3o clock yesterday, the security guard (he said his name was Ramon Gonzalez )told us that we couldn't enter because the park was full. But it was not 4 I clock yet and the parking lot was empty. When I told him it was our third time coming to this place but we've never entered the park, he was so indifferent with a rude attitude. In general, the guard's attitude was really unfriendly and we we're disappoint led about traveling so far but didn't even enter the park. We thought the guard lied and rejected us on purpose.

Comment by Andy on 17 Apr 2014

This was my 2nd home for a lot of years. My dad was the man in charge and the one who opened them, Pedro Hernandez Purcell. I was there every weekend, had a lot sleep overs there too. I have not been there like in 20 years. Will love to see it again

Comment by Pedro Hernandez on 06 Dec 2013

Being, essentially, a holiday weekend, I would expect it be busy. Be prepared to wait. This is the only tour at Rio Camuy Caves Park.

Comment by Ray on 04 Dec 2013

I am going to be at the caves on January 5th which will be a Sunday. Do you think 10/10:30am is too late to show up? We don't want to have to wait more than an hour. Suggestions? Also is there any trip that takes you on more of a tour of the cave or is this the only one? Thank you!

Comment by Nikki C on 28 Nov 2013

Excellent article !!!!!! Congratulations. I am a former director of this Park an this is one of the best short articles written about a visit. Thanks you

Comment by ANGEL LOPEZ on 20 Nov 2013

Thanks- I updated the info.

Comment by Gwenn on 05 Nov 2013

We went here in February 2011 and loved it! There was no movie, and they were not separating the tours by language anymore. All the tour details were given by headset, the guide would just tell you when to listed to each number. We were in a very large tour - two full trams. It started to rain when we were leaving, otherwise we would have loved to spend more time in the park. We also drove up from Ponce. The drive was beautiful, but stressful. In retrospect, it would have been so much faster from San Juan. If the 10 freeway ever gets finished, it would be much easier from Ponce (and the unfinished stretch may be shorter now.)

Comment by Nikasha on 30 Oct 2013

Don't just visit "tourist trap" San Juan/Condado area. Rio Camuy Caves are open Wednesday to Sunday. It is worth the trip. Enjoy it. Then head downtown Lares for a nice ice cream made of flavors you could never imagine.

Comment by Gura on 28 Apr 2012

My wife and have been to Puerto Rico 3 times in the last 5 years and July of 2011 visited Rio camuy caves and it was truely amazing being in the cave also drinking from the fountain of if you find time while in Puerto Rico visit camuy cave.

Comment by Gualberto Santana on 15 Apr 2012

We just visited the caves this last Friday (January 20th, 2011). I was extremely disappointed. The cave itself was pretty cool, but the tour guide we had was obviously sick and tired of being a tour guide there. He obvisouly did it just for the paycheck. He had been there 25 years. He ran through motions and we were short changed on a lot of the above items. We didn't see a movie and we weren't taken to any sink hole. We were in and out of the cave in about 30 minutes. With the Tram ride we were back to our car within an hour of when the tour began. The only positive on the day was that it was extremely uncrowded. Our group had only 4 people in it including me and my wife. Maybe that is why the tour guide simply didn't care. Not that he wasn't nice. He was willing to take our picture, etc.....but to spend $33 for the two of us to park and walk through the cave, not to mention the 3 hours and $12 in tolls (round trip) it cost to get there from San Juan and I wouldn't do it again. If you like caves, it might be cool to visit, but don't go with super high expectations, I've been to far more impressive and interesting caves.

Comment by Steve on 24 Jan 2012

My family and I have been to a few caves and this one was quite unique! It felt so open and warm. We drank from the fountain of youth and I hope it works! haha The tour guide was awesome with a great personality. The funniest thing happened while we were there. Our tour guide takes us to the opening of the caves where the bats hang out. As he's telling us about the bats and how they sleep during the day about 5 flew out and flew around causing a little commotion. A few people were petrified but we thought it was funny and added to the experience. We got there about 9 and only had to wait for 30 min. I didn't think that was too bad. We drove from Ponce to get there. Thank goodness for GPS's because my print out from Google Maps and the roads we were on didn't match up. The ride was a little scary with the roads being so small and windy but it was nice to see the mountains and the cute houses along the way.

Comment by Michele on 15 Nov 2011

We went to the caves in July 2011. We had a great experience! We drove in from Dorado, a 2 hour drive! I called the morning before at around 8:00 am when they open. They suggested to be there early. We arrived on a Thursday at around 9:30 (it is hard to get 4 teenagers out of bed early :) We were the 4th car into the park. We had no line purchasing the tickets, but we did notice a big tour bus arrive just behind us. We waited about 15 minutes to ride down to the caves. The tour was great! Afterwards, we waited about 15 minutes for the tram to come and pick us up. We had a fabulous experience. Disney, eat your heart out!

Comment by Maria on 30 Jul 2011

The weather was bad, and all my adventures kept getting cancelled. So we went to the Cave and it was so awsome... The drive there was scary due to the roads that the GPS told us to go, but on the way there the view was awsome and we got to see some water falls.

Comment by Amber on 08 Nov 2010

We went to see the cave on May 26, 2010. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the cave because it was full. Guard at the gate told us that you have to be here early to get in and told us to come back at 3 pm. But when I called at 3 pm the cave was closed due to rain. We drove from Fajardo so on the way back we stopped at the prime outlets in Barcelonetta. Please keep in mind cave will close if it rains. It was a bad experience for us.

Comment by Sayuj on 31 May 2010

It's still closed. There has been no re-opening date announced. We'll update this article once the cave re-opens.

Comment by Ray on 21 Aug 2008

Any information of the opening of Clara Cave? Is it still closed?

Comment by Eugene on 21 Aug 2008

I just called the number the number in anticipation of making a reservation or getting information, and was told that the caves are still closed. (March 18, 2008) I am so disappointed.

Comment by Fred on 18 Mar 2008

Sorry that you found out too late that the caves were closed. I can't really answer your question, except to comment that if you were going to Disney, and a ride was closed due to an accident, you wouldn't see signs posted along the highway to the park notifying you of the closure there either.

Comment by Ray on 11 Feb 2008

My wife and I travelled from Dorado to the cave area in the last week of January. We were told of the accident and that the park was closed when we arrived at the park guardhouse/entrance. Tragic event. My question is, why didn't they simply post notices of the closure on the highway roadsigns along the way? We travelled 90 minutes for nothing. At least we were able to divert to Rincon to watch the surfers and have lunch, so it wasn't a total waste of a beach day.

Comment by Ray (also) on 08 Feb 2008

That was the first accident at the Caves in 20-some years. Cave systems are natural environments, and as such cannot be completely controlled. The reason the caves are closed to the public right now is so that they can figure out what went wrong and how to prevent a similar accident in the future.

Comment by Ray on 23 Jan 2008

I am so sorry to hear about the accident. I was planning to visit the park in March. This would have been my first trip there, but I am too scared to go now.

Comment by Sonia on 23 Jan 2008

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