Add Some Color to Your Day in Río Grande

A number of towns around the island have dressed up buildings to encourage people to visit their downtown areas. Río Grande has jumped on that bandwagon and jazzed up one of the entrances into “downtown” Río Grande. There are a number of buildings that are painted in the colorful mosaic design, plus a big chair, a couple of pretty murals, and even some butterfly wings for your selfies!

Rio Grande Pintalto

The painted buildings are the work of the great folks are Proyecto Pintalto, La Fundación Alma de Bahía, Municipio de Rio Grande, and volunteers from the town and surrounding areas. They worked on their paintings on weekends until, at last, the inauguration on 19 June 2021.

Rio Grande Pintalto

The main painted area is the large Public Bus Terminal (Termino Carros Públicos) and Plaza Mercado building, and some of the buildings around there. The area is not as large or mural-filled as some of the other Pintalto projects , but it is just as colorful and happy!

Rio Grande Pintalto

It is a cute photo stop on your way to or from El Yunque National Forest. There are a few little store there to get some snacks or gas up. You can check out the mercado for some fresh fruit/veggies. Or just relax in the little plaza.

Rio Grande Pintalto


At the end of Route 66 in Río Grande, go straight across Route 3 onto Road 187. There is a large parking lot (across from Co-op Roosevelt Roads), but you need to go around the block to get there (due to one-way roads).

Visit the Proyecto Pintalto Facebook page for more info.

The Pintalto Project has also done work in Manatí, Yauco, Aguadilla, and Las Piedras. Each of those are worth a visit if you are in the area.

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