Cool off at Salto Collores Waterfall

the area is open and operational and pretty as ever.

During the “summer” months, you see and hear a lot more about “internal tourism” (turismo interno) both in the news and on the internet. That’s great for everyone … we all find out about new and beautiful places to visit. Salto Collores Waterfall is one of those places that we found out about through local media. This pretty waterfall is one of the easiest places to visit on the island. It’s not far from the Ponce area, so it can be added onto a day-trip to the area.

We have known about this waterfall for years, and we went looking for it a long time ago. We did a lot of driving around, but we just couldn’t find it. Last month I saw a local TV program featuring this waterfall, and they gave GPS coordinates. I wasn’t 100% sure of all the details, but we went to check it out.

Salto Collores Falls

Salto Collores is located in the town of Juana Díaz, in the southern part of Puerto Rico. Just 30 minutes from Ponce, this is another refreshing day-trip stop in that area.

It’s not too far off a “main” road, at the end of a thin road (that I bet would probably be a nightmare on a weekend in summer!). I will tell you one hint they didn’t mention on the show … Follow the road to the end, and you’ll come to a really nice gate. We couldn’t believe “Estancias L-E” was the place, but it is. Just wait at the gate. The owner of this lovely property will open the gate if he sees you there, or honk if you need to get their attention.

Once they open the gate, drive toward the house and park in their yard. You can see the waterfall from the parking area. It’s less than a 5-minute walk from your car. At the end of the grass, you have to walk on a short wobbly “bridge” (there is a hand rail) and then you need to do a little rock /river walking. It isn’t difficult. We saw people young and old doing it (though we did see a few slips/spills since the rocks are slippery — so just be careful). But once you are there, there is room to sit on the rocks and enjoy a few pools and waterways.

Salto Collores Falls

The falls are very nice — maybe 35 feet tall — falling into a nice pool that has various depths … places shallow enough to sit and others deep enough for when people were jumping in from various rocks. This is a popular spot for BBQs, with a flat grassy area not to far from the falls to set up shade tents and your BBQ. Bring your own chairs.

If you are adventurous, there is a trail to the right of the falls that leads up to the river above the falls. There are a few swimming spots up there. But the trail up is steep, and could be slippery if muddy. So climbing up there is not for everyone.

The off street parking is great and another nice thing is there is a bathroom available. All in all, it is a really nice set up! If you’re looking for a romantic retreat, they have a small guesthouse that they rent on the weekends. Note that the owner does not speak English.

Salto Collores Falls


Parking is $10.00 for the day.

They open their property for parking Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm. They are “closed” on Sunday. But this is private property, so if the gate is closed, they are closed!

You can call them at 787-837-0763 for more information. Spanish only.

Travel time from the San Juan area is about 1½ hours. From Route 52 in Juana Díaz, it’s about a 20-minute drive.

From the San Juan area, take Route 52 south toward Ponce. At exit 91, take Route 149 north for 1 mile. Turn left onto Route 14, and continue for about 2 miles. Then turn right onto Road 512 (before the Puma gas station). Continue to KM 7.3, then turn left, and follow that road to the end (where you’ll find the gate with a sign that says “Estancias L-E”).

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