Trek to Salto Curet in Maricao

Salto Curet in Maricao

Waterfalls are always beautiful. Here is another example of an off-the-beaten-path waterfall. Salto Curet in Maricao is not easy to get to. Besides being about ½-hour drive along a small, twisty, turning mountain road, once you actually get to the river you have hike in and then walk up stream. But I think it is very pretty and worth the effort — if you have the time.

Our Up-River Trek

It had rained hard all morning the day we went to the falls. By afternoon, it was still overcast but dry. So we went out exploring. Just as an FYI — much of the Puerto Rican mountain region is orange clay soil. This became very obvious when we finally got to the river — it was orange!

Now, I will tell you that this river trek was not the smartest thing we have ever done. When playing in rivers, you have to be constantly aware of the conditions because flash floods happen when it rains higher upstream.

On this particular trek, we could see where the water line was earlier in the day. The river had flooded about 6-feet higher than it was when we got there. But being us, we went into the river anyway.

Just because we did this does not mean it’s a smart thing to do. In hindsight, it was pretty careless of us. If you decide to do this (or any activity in the river) please don’t be stupid!

Salto Curet in Maricao

To get to the waterfall, follow the driving directions below and drive as far as you feel comfortable driving. Keep an eye on the condition of the dirt road and don’t drive so far that you end up stuck!

From the parking area, follow the dirt road down and to the right, down to the river. Cross the river and follow the road up and go to the left. You’ll have to cross the river again. Keep following the road until you come to a house at the end, where you’ll see a Salto Curet sign. From where we parked, it took about 20 minutes to walk this far.

Salto Curet in Maricao

At this point, you’ll be back at the river yet again. From here there is an upstream walk to the falls, which will take another 10 minutes.

The river is usually clear and not very deep, so I bet it is easy to make your way. Of course the day we went, we couldn’t see the bottom, so we had to really take our time and watch our footing. But it still was easy enough and when we got to the falls, it was great!

I’d say the falls are about 40 feet tall, with another set of falls above that, and even another set above that. Probably 100 feet in total from top to bottom. If we could have only been there when it wasn’t orange! But still … it was beautiful!

Directions, GPS, and Map

Salto Curet in Maricao

Driving Directions: Once in Maricao, take Carratera 105 East until you get to a bridge, at about KM 28 or so. On the other side of the bridge, you will see a sign for Salto Curet. Turn right onto that Road 425 and drive to the end and park. If you have a 4WD vehicle, you may be able to drive farther (across the river a few times) and save yourself a little walking. But it may not be worth the risk of getting stuck in the mud. We parked and then did the rest on foot on the packed-dirt road.


We are in the process of updating the maps we use on our web site. While we're working on that, you can click on the GPS coordinates below to view the location on Google Maps ... assumes no responsibility regarding your safety when participating in the activities described in this article. Please use common sense! If your mother or that little voice in your head tells you that you are about to do something stupid … then don't do it! Read more about Safety →

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I was born and raised in Maricao.

Comment by Rafael Martinez Alequin on 15 May 2016

Comment by Xavier on 20 Feb 2015

Thanks Doug. We do mention the building and the sign (we have a picture of it in the article) when you have to go upriver to the falls. But thanks for the reminder for people who are making this trek.

Comment by Gwenn on 03 Oct 2012

Thanks for the great write up. The only comment I would have is that after you hike up the trail about 1 mile or so, you will come to a building on the left. There is a sign that has an arrow pointing to the left that says Salto Curet. There is really no trail and you cannot see the waterfall. Trust the sign. You will have to walk upstream for about 500 yards and then it magically appears around the bend.

Comment by Doug DArche on 05 Sep 2012


Comment by Hugo E. Rivera on 27 Aug 2012

Hey. I am Jessica, native to the island. I have never been there to be honest and finally am looking up some places so I can get to them before anything happens to me. Love my island dearly and been here for so long, only seen less the 25% of what it has to offer. I came here and felt my self blush because you saw it on not it's best conditions. But partly happy that you enjoyed it either way. I have not been there and the fact that you still think its beautiful even when it, lol, makes me happy!!! Thanks for comming!!! hahah ^^

Comment by Jessica M. Vera on 21 May 2010

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