Visit El Salto de Miramar

If you are in Juana Díaz and want to get a little exercise, or have a 4WD vehicle, check out El Salto De Miramar. This is a pretty waterfall and pool, located high up in the mountains. Not much is written about this waterfall, but we decided to go check it out when we were recently in the area. It was worth the effort!

Salto de Miramar

This waterfall is located at the end of Road 512 – after the paved road becomes dirt. Since we do not have a 4WD, we decided to park at the end of the paved road and walk the dirt road to the waterfall. It is a 12-minute walk, uphill, in the full sun – so it was a workout! But it was actually nice, with cool breezes and being so high up in the mountains, the temperature was about 10 degrees lower than at the bottom of the mountain!

The dirt road is pretty steep, made of dirt and clay, with lots of loose gravel and rocks, so a regular car would have trouble on way up and down. But walking was OK with closed-toed shoes.

Salto de Miramar

We enjoyed the plants, flowers, birds, and butterflies along the edge of the road. They made up for the workout, and it gave you something to check out while catching your breath. Once you get to where the road flattens out a bit, you will see a trail on your left down to the waterfall.

The waterfall was very pretty, maybe 30-40 feet tall, and the pool was deep and cold. Very refreshing after the walk! We hung out there a while, put the drone up to see what was around.

Salto de Miramar

The actual road keeps going up so, as gluttons for punishment, we continued straight up on the dirt road to see what was up there. At the top was a gate at the entrance to a newly planted coffee plantation. From way up there, there was a view to the coast but not any real views of the river. All the road grading was newly done, so I can’t say it will always be this easy, but for now, it was worth the walk!

Salto de Miramar


Plan your journey to get in and out before dark.

Bring water for the walk up the road, it is in full sun. Wear closed-toe shoes.

Allow 20-30 minutes for the round trip walk between the end of the paved road and the waterfall. Allow more time if you plan to hang out at the waterfall.

Follow Road 512 to where the pavement ends and it becomes a dirt road. If you don’t have a 4WD vechicle, park off to the side of the paved road and walk the rest of the way to the waterfall.

The town of Juana Díaz is about a 90-minute drive from the San Juan area.

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