Sample Sangría, Hand-Crafted With Love, in Caguas

Open again Fridays and Saturdays for tastings and buying bottles to take home!

Sangría is a traditional drink in Spain … and of summer. This delicious and light blend of wine and fruit juices make it a perfect drink to enjoy any time. With Puerto Rico’s Spanish heritage, and year round hot weather, it is only natural that sangría is all the rage here. There are large sangría festivals held a few times a year around the island, and you will find a decent selection of different brands/flavors available in supermarkets and restaurants.

Sangría Los Hermanos is a small (but fast-growing) family-operated business, specializing in hand-crafted sangría. It is a labor of love, and it tastes great!

We have always enjoyed sangría, so when we got the opportunity to do a tasting of all the flavor offerings of Sangría Los Hermanos at The Sangría Factory, we happily went.

Sangría Los Hermanos

The Sangría Los Hermanos store, and bar, is located in Caguas. It’s a small building near the center of town, with a really cute paint job. The business is owned by Emmanuel Reyes Ruíz and family. With the help of his family, Emmanuel developed his recipes using a mix of wine, various fruits from Puerto Rico (some from his family’s yards), and Puerto Rican rum from Serralles. They have recently expanded, moving their production facilities just a short drive away. Now the original building is just for enjoyment of their sangrias!

When we went originally, he had only four flavors of sangría — grape, passion fruit, tamarind and guava — and was working on another (of which we got a preview sample). His sangría has won awards at the local competitions, and proudly boasts the “Hecho en Puerto Rico” logo. They were awarded an Excellence in Quality Award by “Hecho en Puerto Rico” in May 2016 and years later and other awards for excellence through the years and now their product is being exported too.

Our Tasting Experience- Note this Tasting is now only available for cruise tours and private parties/groups with reservations. They now have other great offerings!

We met Emanuel at The Sangría Factory one afternoon, while my brother and sister-in-law were visiting from the States. We immediately fell in love the outside of the place … obviously the owners are Puerto Rico proud. Just inside the door, there is an area with some chairs and tables. After being welcomed in, Emmanuel started a short video (bilingual) about sangría (in general), and the history and products offered by Sangria Los Hermanos.

As he gave out samples of the sangría, one flavor at a time, Emmanuel talked a little with us about how he actually makes the sangria, about his family, his business, running a business in Caguas … really everything. He was so pleasant, and obviously proud — as well he should be.

Sangría Los Hermanos

With each new flavor we tried, we had a hard time deciding on our favorite, as they were all very good, light, and refreshing. Of course, after a few glasses of sangría, the atmosphere got more jovial, too!

Emmanuel has a “family toast” that he asks everyone to say as they enjoy a drink. It is quite funny. We enjoyed ourselves. We got giggly. We bought a couple bottles to take home for future enjoyment.

New July 2019: The new Sangria Factory experience is more sit down and relax at the tables and order what you want. Maybe get a flight of shots of any/all 11 flavors of their sangria, and then order your favorite by the glass. They also have signature cocktails made using their sangrias. Also they have nice selection of hand made snacks to eat along with your drinks

While in Caguas, stop by a few of the museums along Caguas’ Ruta del Corazon. .

Sangría Los Hermanos


Bottles of the sangria (and other products) are available for purchase also at the Sangria Factory.

They are open Friday and Saturdays 12p-6pm. They have a menu of their sangrias of course (by glass or flight of all flavors) and other drinks mixed with their sangrias! Also they have nice selection of snacks to eat along with your drinks.

Allow about 1 or 2 hours for the sangría tasting.

You can call Sangría Los Hermanos at 787-747-0000 for more information or to make a reservation.

You can visit the Facebook page, for more information.

These tasting tours (as described above) are usually only available for groups of 8 or more, by reservation. They have restroom onsite.

Sangría Los Hermanos is located in Caguas, just 40 minutes from San Juan. Take Route 52 to exit 19, then take Road 156 toward the mall. Turn left at the second light, and then a quick right into the parking lot (by Gatsby). The shop is the second store in from the corner of Road 33 and Calle Ramon Emeterio Batances.

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