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Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo – Fun in the Sun!

The beach is officially “open” They have opened the bathroom/showers to an outside company who were maintaining it. It is possible during busy times, this service will be available. Cost $1/day to use and so worth it for a nice, clean bathroom!

Seven Seas is a lovely, small, crescent-shaped beach, with soft sand and almond and palm trees that provide some protection from the sun. The views are fantastic, just beautiful to look out at the water and see the lighthouse in the distance. Water is blue and beautiful. There is a coral reef some distance from the beach, making a natural wave break. This makes for a nice protected beach, with calm waters that the whole family can enjoy. This beach usually is awarded the prestigious Blue Flag status, so you know it taken care of.

When the balneario is “open”, there should be lifeguards on duty, usually from 9:00am to 5:00pm , to help you have a safe, fun day at this beach. On big problem lately is that the sand is not raked clean of natural debris that falls from the trees and washes up from the ocean, so it may have seaweed and leaves you need to clear away to have a nice sandy area to set your towel out.

Seven Seas Beach

Seven Seas is a nice beach, and in the winter you may be one of the few people there. This is a real plus! It can get more crowded in the summer months, as it is very popular with the locals. Currently, there is no food kiosks available, though there is a restaurant that is open on weekends.

Because the the water is usually calm here, I think this is a good spot to learn to snorkel. There’s a tiny reef to the far right (facing the water) that supports a number of fishes to watch while snorkeling. Before the reef is a sea-grass area that you can see all sorts of creatures- like sea cucumbers and conch. Another good spot to snorkel is to go to the far left (facing the water), near the "end of beach" sign. Look for the rocks. It’s shallow there and there are some coral formations. It is not great snorkeling, but it is something to look at while you are learning your technique. These areas are not in the lifeguarded area, so do so at your own risk.

Friendly mounted police at Seven Seas

This beach has restrooms and shower facilities, – bathrooms are now operational and clean. There are also private shower stalls in the bathrooms. But it will cost $1/day.

This beach has picnic shelters, and camping is allowed (with a $10/d permit). Both of these need to be arranged prior to arrival. There is a small fee for both. But one nice benefit of having these facilities is that the beach is also guarded by the local police force, usually mounted or on ATV. These Policemen are very friendly and will sometimes talk to the kids and let them on the horses. My niece loved it and learned the that the Spanish word for horse is “caballo”. We have not seen police patrols on recent trips, but the lifeguards and other beach workers were around.

The balneario is open certain days and times, but since all beaches in PR are public, you can use the beach (without facilities) any day by just parking along the road and walking in. Just park along the road and walk in through the opening in the fence.

Seven Seas Beach


Parking is $5.00 plus IVU (sales tax). Campsites are about $10.00 per night, minimum 2 nights. The gazebos are $20 and $30/day. Bathroom/showers cost $1/day per person to use (discounted rate per camper).

The balneario is officially open Wed- Sun, from 9am to 5:00pm (Sept- April). In Summer (May-Aug) they are open 7 days a week and are open 8:30am to 6pm .

I would try the tourism department of Fajardo… (787) 863-1565. Or maybe 787.863.4013 will get you to the right people.

From Route 3 in Fajardo, take Route 194. After you pass El Conquistidor Resort, 194 becomes Route 987. Continue on 987 until you see Seven Seas Beach on your left.

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Yes, the beaches are undergoing a switch from DNRA to local towns. The Seven Seas is now being administered by Fajardo. I believe they allow tent camping now...but I can't gaurentee that. You should try calling the Fajardo Turismo department...maybe they can help.

Comment by Gwenn on 09 Feb 2020

Hi! I am looking to camp here at the end of February the camping open? How do I reserve a spot? I was under the impression that we had to call and reserve but nobody is answering the phones. Any help is appreciated!

Comment by Kaylee Moore on 07 Feb 2020

I visited this beach on November 22, 2015 with my boyfriend. We were among maybe only three families on the beach. It was very private, and not to mention gorgeous. We abandoned our backpack and towel and splashed in the beautiful water for a couple hours. We took a stroll along the beach and returned to only our towels. Someone had stolen our bag with our car keys. There were only families on the beach, so I assume it may have been a solo hit by someone strolling by with deliberate and fast intentions to grab and go. It was very inconvenient. It took three hours for our rental car store to drive to Seven Seas and give us a second pair of car keys. It's a gorgeous beach. Just keep an eye on your belongings. Even if you're among five people on a beach, you can NEVER be too careful.

Comment by Addie Scoggin on 28 Feb 2016

I do not know of any email addresses for Parques Nacionales. This is the reservation page- you can fax them.

Comment by Gwenn on 18 Dec 2015

Hi, do you have any email address to make a reservation for camping? Thanks. Juraj.

Comment by Juraj Frohlich on 10 Dec 2015

Sorry, I won't be much help, but they are closed on weekends. Try calling on Monday and Tuesday. Worse comes to worse and you can't get through, show up and ask at the gate. It shouldn't be too busy for camping, so there should be room. And I think they will be "open". Good luck!

Comment by Gwenn on 08 Aug 2015

Hey! i am looking to get a campsite permit for august 11th but i cannot seem to reach them. I managed to speak to them once, but the lady did not seem to understand much of english. any help ?

Comment by Cody on 08 Aug 2015

I don't camp, but maybe someone will have current info. But I have never seen the bathrooms in great shape. I hear there is a guard until 11pm.

Comment by Gwenn on 25 Feb 2015

I am wanting to camp with my husband and children in April 2015. Does anyone have any current experience camping there? Are there operable bathrooms? Safety for rental car and tent camping?

Comment by Becky on 24 Feb 2015

I don't think they reserve spots, I think you just go and pay at the gate. As long as it is not summer or a long weekend, I don;t think there is a space issue. You could call and ask (787) 863-8180. Looks like $10/n, possibly a 2 night minimum. Facilities are questionable- they have always been out of order or dirty whenever we go. If you go, please comment back and share the newest info!

Comment by Gwenn on 21 Oct 2014

Any one know how to reserve a camp ground at Seven Seas? Thanks!

Comment by Sylvia on 21 Oct 2014

Yes, it is not too far a walk- maybe a mile or so.

Comment by Gwenn on 31 Aug 2014

Is it possible to reach the bio bay tours from camping? I was curios if I may walk to the launch of the tours such as Kayaking Puerto Rico Adventures? Thank you!

Comment by Nataliya on 19 Aug 2014

Alice, we have not heard of any, but I don't assume that means none have happened. As you know it is a pretty remote trail. But if it happened a lot, I think we would hear about it.

Comment by Gwenn on 23 Feb 2014

Does anyone know if there have been any more robberies on this beach since we were robbed in January 2013?

Comment by Alice on 18 Feb 2014

Not from this beach. If you have your own kayak, you can launch it from Las Croabas and enter the lagoon from there. But you need to know the route (or follow a tour, which will make them very annoyed). They don't like flashlights, so glow sticks would help a bit. There is no way to walk to the bay without a tour.

Comment by Gwenn on 23 May 2013

Is it possible to so a self tour/visit of the Bio Bay from this beach?

Comment by Sarah on 22 May 2013

You're welcome. I wanted everyone to be aware and to be careful!

Comment by Alice on 28 Feb 2013

That is very sad/troubling news. Though going on a day the beach was closed may have been a factor, I assume this masked gunman was probably watching for unsuspecting visitors to go into a secluded place, so he could meet up with them and rob them. The trail is not used so often, so even on a regular beach day, it is generally secluded. Thanks for the heads up.

Comment by Gwenn on 27 Feb 2013

Be careful if you visit the beach when it is "closed". This January, my husband and I were walking on the path in the mangrove swamp between Seven Seas Beach and Playa Colora when we were robbed at gunpoint by a masked gunman. He took our backpacks (money, credit cards, cell phones, room key, car key). He didn't harm us but it was still a very upsetting experience as you might imagine. Partly our fault for visiting when the beach was closed but we had been there 2 years before and never thought anything about it. Also our fault for having all that "stuff" with us. Anyway, beware!

Comment by Alice on 26 Feb 2013

We visited today and agree that while the water is a beautiful color, the beach is not pleasant. There is debris/litter on the sand and hidden rocks under the shallow twater. The bathrooms were open but in poor shape. The showers outside the bathroom block did not work. There was an attendant in the car park to collect our $5.35, but no other staff or facilities.

Comment by slp on 03 Jan 2013

Just visited 5/27/11. This beach is in horrible condition now, trash and litter everywhere. The beach is also full of huge rocks buried halfway in the sand. I do not recommend going.

Comment by BA on 27 May 2011

Seven Seas is a great place and please, don't tell anyone about it. During the "winter months" no one ever goes there. But, if you are in San Juan without a car, take the bus East on Ashford Ave. headed to Luiza and Pinones. Get off at the Baleanerio (public beach) just past the Courtyard by Marriott. It is the most deserted beach in the metro area.

Comment by squareyellowpaper on 14 Nov 2009

Thank you so much for all of the information. It's great to get some inside scoop on where to go and where to eat and what to do - I am always trying to find something that not everyone with a Fodor's guide is doing! Thanks...

Comment by Janis on 27 Aug 2009

This is my little secret, please keep it that way! I lived in Puerto Rico all my life, unfortunately had to move at the age of 13 to the US. The one beach that left an impression on me at a young age and STILL to this day is 'Seven Seas'! It is beautiful and clean and peaceful. One day I will return and the first beach out all my old friends I will say Hello to Again will most definitely be my Secret 'Seven Seas in Fajardo'!

Comment by Johanna on 21 Jul 2008

I think the reason they ask for your ticket upon exit is a security measure. It's conceivable that someone could walk into the parking lot and steal your car (not that I'm implying that there are car-theft problems at that beach). If you have the ticket with you on the beach then the thief obviously wouldn't have your ticket. That could be why they took down all of your information. Now, why they made you pay an additional $4 to get out makes no sense ... you couldn't have gotten in without paying initially!

Comment by Ray on 27 Mar 2008

I visited this beach on 3-26-08. The beach itself was very nice and clean. I had a great time...until it was time to leave. As I opened my car door, the entrance ticket I received when I paid the $4 fee blew out of my window and into the parking lot. I could not find it anywhere. Not thinking it was a big deal, I went to the exit. The person working at the entrance and exit almost had a melt down over me losing this ticket. I would have to fill out some forms, give my driver license, and pay ANOTHER $4 just to get out. I was basically being held hostage. I reversed the car and drove through the parking lot for 30 minutes looking for that ticket. Could not find it ANYWHERE... so I went back and paid ANOTHER $4 and she copied my driver license. I am still not sure why it was such a big deal and why I had to pay another $4 to get out when the same person was working and remembered me... I am now afraid I might end up on some "MOST WANTED" list somewhere.

Comment by Alisa Cooper on 27 Mar 2008

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