Enjoy a Unique Experience at Siete Chorros

We recently decided to spend a day exploring San Lorenzo. When we heard about a place with “Siete Chorros” (seven jets of water), we knew we had to see it! These “jets” of water form what appears like seven waterfalls that descend into a very nice pool. It is an easy-to-find location that will give you a real “local” experience.

San Lorenzo is a town in the center of the eastern half of Puerto Rico. The town has a few interesting and historical places to visit, lots of nature, and some amazing views. Being landlocked, the rivers are where the locals go to cool off. Siete Chorros is a pretty site … it looks like the river falls off the rocks and form seven waterfalls that are about 12-15 feet tall. They drop into a nice pool that you can swim in and enjoy the area.

Of course the day we went, it was rainy, so the water was brown/muddy, and the current in the river was strong, so we weren’t going to go into the water. The owner of the bar warned us that the river rises quickly, so to be extra careful, and if it starts raining to get out quickly … so take note of that is you decide to go on a rainy day.

Siete Chorros

Here is the odd thing. This waterfall is located behind a bar called “Colmado Bar González”. So to visit it, you have to ask the bartender or owner of the property if you can go down to it. He was bi-lingual, very gracious, showed us the gate we needed to go through, and told us to be careful on the steps and in the water.

You walk down these steps, (avoid the chickens) and then turn left and continue down more steps (thus avoiding going into the door of their house!). You will see the river and waterfalls right there and you need to cross a few rocks to get to the river. It’s a unique place.

The family asks that people keep the area clean and free of trash … so pick up anything you see left behind by others. Once you are done playing/visiting this area, stop back in the bar to buy a drink/snack, and thank the owner. If he has time, he will chat with you a bit. He seemed so please to have us “tourists” visiting. We felt a small purchase was a cheap price to pay for him letting people have this unique experience, and his sharing this pretty place.

In researching this online, I found references to people calling it “El Salto”, but I have only ever heard it called Siete Chorros.

Avoid going into, or too close to, the river if it is raining, or if the current in the river is strong.


There is no charge to visit this waterfall, but we recommend buying a snack or something at the bar before you leave.

Since it is private property, it is only accessible when the owners want. Right now it is closed Mon and Tuesdays. Open Wed-Fri 10am – 6pm and Sat and Sun 11am – 6pm.

Check their Facebook page for new info.

Contact info- either a message on Facebook or call (787) 457-8149

Colmado Bar González is located on Carretara 745 at KM 4.3. That is west of Carretara 181 in the town of San Lorenzo. Park at the bar. It is on a small road, so be careful where you park, and don’t block other people in.

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