Enjoy Views of San Cristobal Canyon via the Vereda Suñé

If you like to walk and enjoy nature, a walk at one of the trails of the Reserva Natural del Cañón San Cristóbal might be just for you. Para La Naturaleza has opened some of its protected nature areas for public use. One of the trails in Barranquitas, the Vereda Suñé (or Suñé Path), is a nice short walk to a scenic view point (mirador). You can add onto this walk by continuing on, or by taking the trail at the visitors center to see the view of the falls. We did both to get the most out of our walk and it was very enjoyable.

Vereda Suñé

Because there is no parking at the trailhead, you need to park at the visitor center / offices / vivero. Here, they have people to tell you about the trails, and there are restrooms. The employee told us we could walk to the end of the property behind the visitors center to see a view of the falls. This grassy path leads through the vivero, to an opening that gives a very nice view of the distant waterfall and river in the San Cristobal Canyon. The steep rock walls are impressive. This trail is a flat 1000-foot walk. As an aside, you can also purchase some trees at the vivero. Just ask at the visitor center.

Vereda Suñé

From there we walked down the main road to the end, where you will come to a green gate with a walk-through where you can enter the property. This is the “trail head” for Verde Suñé, with a sign and a map of the trail. This path, along a closed road has some ups and downs, but not too steep. We just walked and found stuff to enjoy. You will hear birds and not much else! very nice. There were lots of different trees and butterflies along the trail.

On the left side on your way in, you will find 2 areas where they have planted different types of trees — an area with fruit trees and swings, and then next field had other types of native trees. A little farther in, on the right you will come to the trail that leads to the mirador (or look out point). The view is of the canyon, but from that angle there is no waterfall view. This was just about 1400 feet from the parking lot. You can turn around and go back the way you came or go to the right.

Vereda Suñé

We continued along the path down to the right (leaving the mirador). This was a steeper way down, but very short, and got back on the original, flat path. From here we walked a bit more to the right — I think the view from this flat open area was probably the prettiest we saw! It was a view to the other side of the area, towards the rolling hills of Barrenquitas.

From there We continued walking the trail, but it was nothing too exciting past this point, so we turned around and went back. All in all, we walked maybe 1 mile total in this area. It was very enjoyable hour.

Vereda Suñé


Para La Naturaleza offers access to these trails free of charge. They ask that people help protect and preserve the natural areas.

You can access the trails Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5:30pm.

It was hot an sunny. We recommend a hat, sunscreen, and ample drinking water. Wear sturdy shoes, as you will be walking on grass and rocks.

Allow an hour or two.

You can call them at 787-722-5882, or email them at reservaciones@pln.org for more information.

You can visit the Para La Naturaleza website for info on these trails, and other trails that are open to the public.

Dogs on leashes are permitted. Please pick up after your dog.

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