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Vieques Car and Jeep Rental

If you are planning a trip to Vieques, I really think you need to rent a car or jeep while you’re there. This may seem odd because it is such a small island, but be forewarned — things you want to do can be spread out across the island. There are limited routes serviced by the local public transportation, and many things of interest to tourists are not on these routes.

What Kind of Car Should I Rent?

Not only do you need to rent a car, you need to rent a 4-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle or at least a 2WD with high clearance. The main roads on Vieques are paved and in decent repair. But most of the "best" beaches are down these horribly pot-holed dirt roads. You will be seriously bounced around getting to them, but the beaches are worth it. And you need to reserve your car/jeep rental as early as possible in your planning because there are simply not enough rental cars on the island to meet the demand, especially during heavy tourism seasons.

Don’t bother getting a new vehicle. Most of the vehicles they rent on Vieques are not going to win any prizes for beauty. These things take a beating! And the tires are usually pretty bad (many people have mentioned getting flats!). The newer vehicles are more expensive to rent and you really have to worry about not messing them up. Older vehicles are less expensive to rent, and they usually have already gotten a little dented or scraped, so most places don’t worry much about a little more wear & tear. Expect to pay $55 to $100/day (depending on the company you choose to rent from, and the make, model and year of the vehicle you choose). But realize, you get what you pay for — the cheaper the car …

Our Experience

We rented from Maritza’s Car Rental. We had no problems with reservations, tires or returning the car & everything was fast and painless. We did have to get from the ferry to the car rental agency upon arrival — our hotelier picked us up at the ferry and drove us to get our rental car.

The Jeep we rented was 4 years old and well-used, but adequate for our needs. We could have gotten a larger and/or newer vehicle, but I decided on a price point ($60 per day) and got what I could. I thought Maritza’s service was fine and they even dropped us off at the ferry dock after we returned the car. We met some other people who rented from a different company and they got a cheaper rental price, but their SUV was even smaller and more beat up that ours! It didn’t rain while we were on Vieques, but if it had, they would have gotten wet since their rag top roof was damaged. Martineau Car Rental has newer and better-looking vehicles, but they also cost more.

Hints, Tips & Common Sense

One "mistake" we made when renting our vehicle was not planning for transport of our stuff. We got a 2-door Jeep Wrangler. It holds 4 people comfortably and a minimal amount of stuff. Unfortunately, we are SCUBA divers, so we had a LOT of stuff that we had to take with us — so that ended up in our laps. Luckily, it is a small island, so it was only for 20 minutes at a time. But also, we had to make 2 trips with all our luggage from the dock to and from the house since we and all our luggage did not fit! So don’t forget to take that into account when booking your rental car.

Some people assume that they can just take their rental car that they have on the main island of Puerto Rico on the cargo ferry with them when they go to Vieques or Culebra. This is simply not an option, for many reasons. Most (if not all) of the car rental agencies "forbid" you to do it. If the car breaks down over there, you are responsible to get it fixed an back to them. Also, the cargo ferry is mainly for locals — for supplies and their daily necessities. It does not run every day, and even if you have a reservation, you can be bumped if a local needs the spot. So just plan on renting a car while on Vieques from a local car rental agency. One added "bonus" is these companies usually provide you with a free map of the island. Also, if your car insurance covers rental cars, bring a copy of the declarations page (that states coverage), so you don’t need to get their insurance.

Don’t leave ANYTHING in the car when you park at the beaches in Vieques. I is recommended to take everything out and then leave the doors unlocked. That way, if anyone wants to break in to check your stuff, they don’t have to break anything to do it.

And one more thing worth mentioning … there are only 2 gas stations on the island (just a few hundred feet apart!) and they are not always open … so plan your trips accordingly.

Places that Rent Cars

Because Vieques is a small island, most of the car rental places don’t have a web page, and even if they do, you still have to call to make a reservation. Here is a (alphabetical) list of some car rental companies on Vieques. In addition to these, some of the hotels, and other rentals, have cars that they rent exclusively to their guests. You can call your lodging to find out if a car is available for you to rent (which may turn out to be easier and less expensive than a car rental agency, but I don’t know if it is “legal”, so in the event of a problem, I don’t know if your insurance would cover it).

  • Abreeze — 787-741-1856
  • Acevedo’s Car Rental — 787-741-4380
  • Avis — 787-397-2533
  • B&E Car Rental — 787-435-6488 or 787-435-6020
  • Chepitos — 787-649-2542
  • Coqui Car Rental/ Island Jeep Rental — 787-741-3318 or 787-741-3696
  • Island Car Rental — 787-741-8822 or 800-981-5181
  • Marcos Car Rental — 787-741-1388
  • Maritza’s Car Rental — 787-741-0078
  • Martineau Car Rental — 787-741-0087
  • Toni’s Car Rental — 787-741-8135
  • Vieques Car Rental — 787-741-1037 assumes no responsibility regarding your safety when participating in the activities described in this article. Please use common sense! If your mother or that little voice in your head tells you that you are about to do something stupid … then don't do it! Read more about Safety →

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no, but I know Maritza can have someone pick you up/ drop you off (between the airport and their office). It is possible that the other rental place do to (I have only ever used Maritza). But there are taxis waiting at the airport to take you to any of the car rental places (maybe $5 pp tops).

Comment by Gwenn on 30 Aug 2016

Would you know of any car rental that allows you to pick up the car at the Vieques airport and leave it there as well? We decided to fly there but this car rental thing seems difficult... Thank you!

Comment by Ria Durand on 29 Aug 2016

I don't know for sure, but a quick Google search found this: Road 201 Km. 1.0 But you would have to call them to verify.

Comment by Gwenn on 30 Dec 2014

Where is Acevedos car rental located Thank you

Comment by Tina on 29 Dec 2014

Edmonton- None are really "cheap", and the price varies depending on how new, how large and how beat up the vehicle. You would have to call and get quotes.

Comment by Gwenn on 13 Jun 2011

Just the info I need before I go visit the place. I had reservations on whether to rent a car or not because as you said, Vieques is a small island. But I guess you have a point on why I should choose to tour the place by car. Your advise just gave me an idea on what decision I should make. Which among the car rentals is the cheapest..? Need to save up for souvenirs.. Thanks..

Comment by Edmonton Chrysler on 24 May 2011

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