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Bacardi Rum Factory – Tour & Drinks

6/21- Bacardi has started running some of their tours, but NOT the Historic Tour yet. However, they now offer a “Casa Bacardi Waterfront Experience”, which is hanging out at the Bacardi facility and a drink. Check their reservations page on line for tour availability.

Prior to April, 2016 this used to be free. There is no “free’ tour anymore. Now the “Historical” tour and 1 welcome drink in a plastic Bacardi souvenir cup cost $15 . Other tours- include the “Historical tour” plus either a premium Rum Tasting tour (5 types to sample) or for “Mixology” course tour cost more.

Bacardi Rum Factory

We are Bacardi rum fans, so of course we took a trip to Bacardi Rum Distillery Tour to do the Historical tour. I have been on other sugar cane and rum tours on other islands and always enjoyed them. This was different, more of a tour about Bacardi and how they make rum at the factory, but not a factory tour. But it is generally entertaining.

Two things before we start:

  • – it is freezing inside the tour building – I was happy to have a sweater with me!
  • – bring the e-mail addresses of friends so you can send them a video e-card from the tour.

    Our Tour

    This is a run down of the tour: When we got to the Bacardi gate, we said we wanted to take the tour and the guard gives you directions to the parking area.

    After parking, we walked into an open-air pavilion — with the bar and chairs and tables set up. We stopped at the desk to the left and checked in for the tour we wanted. The historical tour is available in either English or Spanish. They gave us our commemorative cup and a Bacardi “coin” that you can keep or trade in at the bar to fill your glass with a drink. (Cuba Libre, Daquari, or Bacardi Sunrise.) Other drinks are available for additional cost. The tours are every 30 minutes (alternating English and Spanish). So there may be time for a drink before the tour, but no drinks are allowed on the tour, so drink fast — or wait and have the drinks after the tour.

    Our tour was called quickly, so we boarded the tram. The driver talks a little about the company and the buildings and sculptures you see on the way to the tour building. It is not the actual factory, just a tour building. The tour is 1/2 hour of a glitzy, informative, entertaining commercial for Bacardi.

    They start with some history of sugar cane in the Caribbean and the origins of rum making. Then there is a nice movie about the Bacardi family history, and the Bacardi rum making process. I love the music in that movie!

    Next you go into a reproduction of the original factory and the guide tells you how the rum was made and shows you how it is stored in burned oak barrels. Then you can look at all sorts of old Bacardi family memorabilia – pictures, original bottles, documents and a section to smell the types of rums.

    Then you go into a "bar" where they tell you how to make Mojitos, daquaris and a Cuba Libre. He also explains what Bacardi rums are available and how to use them. No samples here. 🙁

    Then onto a neat section where they display all sorts of old Bacardi drink ads from magazines from the 1940’s to today – kind of cool!

    Casa Bacardi

    Then right into the gift shop, where they have lot of Bacardi merchandise and some rums that are not available elsewhere. They also have computers available so you can send out a video e-card to friends at home. We made complete fools of ourselves and sent it out so everyone could get a chuckle!. At the end, we walked back to the starting visitors center.

    All in all the tour takes about 45 mins and then we chilled out with the drinks for about another half hour, so it is a nice way to spend a half day. No pictures are allowed in some of the inside portion of the tour, but one can have your picture in front of Casa Bacardi! And there is a lovely view of El Morro fort across the water from here.

    The tours are available Thursday -Sunday. Closed on the Big holidays- 3 Kings Day (1/6), Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day

    Allow 2 – 3 hours.

    phone: 787-788-1500


    Drink responsibly and Don’t Drink and Drive. Uber is available!

    Directions from San Juan – By car, get out of San Juan, go on Rt 18 until Highway 22 W, get off at the exit for Catano / Road 165. There is a little brown Bacardi sign. Take Road 165 until km 2.6 – follow the brown Bacardi signs. The Bacardi factory is visible on the right side just before the exit. You can also turn right at the light at Int 888 (it is in an industrial park area).

    From Old San Juan – Take the ferry from Pier 2 to Catano, for $0.50 pp, each way. When you arrive in Catano, go to the right for a taxi to the factory for about $3.00 pp each way.

    It should be about 20 min drive from the San Juan area.

    You may be able to get some of the rum cheaper at the Duty Free store in the airport.

    We are in the process of updating the maps we use on our web site. While we're working on that, you can click on the GPS coordinates below to view the location on Google Maps ... assumes no responsibility regarding your safety when participating in the activities described in this article. Please use common sense! If your mother or that little voice in your head tells you that you are about to do something stupid … then don't do it! Read more about Safety →

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    We are not would have to contact them directly.

    Comment by Gwenn on 29 Mar 2017

    Do you sell barrels?

    Comment by Nelida on 27 Mar 2017

    There are no discounts for residents for the tours that I am aware of at this time.

    Comment by Gwenn on 06 Aug 2016

    How much is the resident discount for the mixology tour?

    Comment by Juan on 14 Jul 2016

    You will have to contact Bacardi directly for the recipe. We are not affiliated with them at all.

    Comment by Gwenn on 30 Mar 2016

    We visited and took the mixology tour. I would love the recipe for the original daquari that we made at the end of the tour, could you please share so I can make it for my friends?

    Comment by Michelle Feldman on 30 Mar 2016

    1) Yes- parking at Bacardi- free. 2) Yes- parking at ferry- free I believe 3) in the article- at the bottom of the map. 4) Yes, there is an open air pavilion (so shade) where they can wait, with a gift shop and bathrooms and food. You won't miss it, it is the big are right at the parking area.

    Comment by Gwenn on 24 Feb 2016

    Hello, I have a different type questions. We are spending a week in Dorado and we will have a rental car. We would like to do the Bacardi tour and then take the shuttle to Old San Juan so we can speed a day there and not need to park. 1) Is there parking at Bacardi? 2) Is there parking at the Ferry? 3) Address to enter in GPS to get to both? 4) We have 3 kids 14 and under, and 6 adults, one adults will not be tasting. Will she be able to wait with the kids outside while we taste? Or where do they wait? Can this be done? Any help you could give me would be more then helpful. We leave on 3/19/16 Thanks Judy

    Comment by Judy on 24 Feb 2016

    From what I see on their website, kids are allowed on their Historical tour, but people must be 18 yo to do the Rum Tasting or Mixology tours.

    Comment by Gwenn on 02 Feb 2016

    Hi there, I was wondering what the age requirement is to enter the facility? A number in our group are under 21 but 18 plus? Now I understand the drinking age is 18 is it 18 to enter the factory? THanks

    Comment by Joseph Sheehan on 02 Feb 2016

    You will need to contact Bacardi directly.

    Comment by Gwenn on 12 Jan 2016

    I know this is a weird request, but we toured the factory 2 years ago and purchased an umbrella from the gift shop, It was black, very well made and had the Bacardi symbol on it. Its my husbands FAVORITE umbrella that my daughter broke. I would love to replace this umbrella if possible, can someone please contact me as to how to order another umbrella.

    Comment by Joi Strong on 12 Jan 2016

    This used to be a great place to visit. We came every year with friends from the states. The tour was free and you got two complemantary drinks. Afterwards we alsways went to their little shop and bought some rum and souveniers. Now they charge$12 dollars per person and that only includes one drink. Not worth it at all.

    Comment by Mark Jones on 22 Dec 2015

    yes, you can go without a tour and book one once you get to Bacardi.

    Comment by Gwenn on 01 Dec 2015

    Is it still ok to go and not to have a reservation? We're going in January and are in San Juan from 7am-3pm. Want to make sure we get on one of the tours but are nervous about booking a specific time if the ship doesn't dock on time.

    Comment by Mary Lepa on 01 Dec 2015

    Yes, it is fine. Alcohol doesn't go bad.

    Comment by Gwenn on 28 Nov 2015

    We were at the factory about 25 years ago and bought a bottle of light Rum which I wonder if it is still good as we never opened the bottle? Could anyone tell me that for sure?

    Comment by Sue Kellogg on 28 Nov 2015

    We have not actually been to Bacardi in a few years now, so we haven't tried either of these tours. I guess it depends on which drinks you would prefer to taste. Some people don't really appreciate the taste of straight rum. I think you make 3 mixed drinks (and drink them) or 4 rum tastings straight up.

    Comment by Gwenn on 24 Aug 2015

    For the $35 value which tour do you think if more worth it? The mixology or the tasting?

    Comment by Anderson T. on 23 Aug 2015

    Nothing in Walking distance, except a restaurant. But maybe you can get the tax to take you to Isla Cabras to check it out. But you need to make sure he will come back for you to get back to the ferry!

    Comment by Gwenn on 24 Jun 2015

    Anything else in Catano worth seeing that's within walking distance of the pier or a short taxi ride? I might skip out on the Bacardi tour but find the the 50 cent ferry ride intriguing.

    Comment by Brian on 24 Jun 2015

    I don't should contact Bacardi directly to ask. (787) 788-1500

    Comment by Gwenn on 03 Jun 2015

    Would like to know if the tour gift shop still has the specialty rum bottles that get certificates and personal engraving on them? I was at your tour last year...which was GREAT! I didn't have time for the engraving or the certificate.....your people were so busy engraving that day, they didn't get to my name. I had to get on my bus back to the pier. Hope you still have them......I'm coming back in a few months! Thanks, Micky

    Comment by micky on 01 Jun 2015

    No free tour anymore. There is an admission fee to get in for tour and 1 drink. And then for an additional fee, you can get a longer tour and course and more drinks.

    Comment by Gwenn on 25 May 2015

    Would like to know if tour has gone free and any other updates on Barcardi that I can get. Will be cruising to San Juan on June 18th 2015.

    Comment by Dave S. on 25 May 2015

    You'll have to contact Bacardi directly. We can't help you with that here.

    Comment by Ray on 19 May 2015

    We will be purchasing four bottles of rum each bottle will be personalized, would like to know if its possible to have them shipped back to the states. Thank You

    Comment by kit bell on 19 May 2015

    You might want to contact Bacardi directly. Their recruiters are unlikely to see your comment in our blog.

    Comment by Ray on 15 May 2015

    Saludos, mi nombre es Rayza Vega Santiago. Graduada de la UPR-Aguadilla con un Bachillerato en Biología: Biomedica. Ademas, poseo un Certificación en Biotecnología Industrial de la UPR-Humacao. Me interesa saber si hay alguna convocatoria abierta para hacer la solicitud y ser parte de la compañía aportando mis conocimientos y habilidades adquiridos durante los años de estudio. Agradezco su pronta respuesta.

    Comment by Rayza Vega Santiago on 14 May 2015

    Took a tour today and it was fun. Left the Intercontinental hotel and had the Taxi drop us off at pier 2 for $21 bucks. Bought a ticket to the ferry for .50 cents each and waited around 40 minutes for the Ferry. Took about 10 minutes to cross the lagoon. Plenty of taxi's waiting on the other side for a short trip to Bacardi for $3 bucks per person. We each got two free drink tickets. We each used one while we waited for our English tour. The tour was interesting. Then back to the welcome center & gift shop. Used our last drink ticket and jumped into a waiting taxi. There were plenty of taxi's at 6:00 PM. Got to the ferry just as it was docking. Got a dollar bill out and bought two tickets. Jumped on board and 10 minutes later arrived in Old San Juan. We went straight to Raises for dinner. Take $5 or $10 dollar bills for Taxi's. They did not take to kindly to $20 or $50 dollar bills.

    Comment by Chico & Lori on 27 Jun 2014

    I assume you mean Bacardi's address. I don't know it, but they have a contact us page:

    Comment by Gwenn on 30 Apr 2014

    Un cordial Saludo: Me gustaría saber su dirección postal para poder enviarles una carta, seria tal vez a relaciones publica, sobre una consulta que tengo. Gracias

    Comment by Lillian E. Betancourt-Flores on 29 Apr 2014

    It will be about 2.5 hrs drive and you can drive right to the plant. But maybe you can do it on your drive back to the airport? Otherwise, it really wouldn't be worth the trip- IMO

    Comment by Gwenn on 23 Mar 2014

    Hey, this sounds like a really cool trip. We are staying in Rincon for the rest of our stay. Can you get to the factory from here if you drive. We were told it would be a couple hours to drive but will we still have ferry?? Thanks

    Comment by Emily A on 23 Mar 2014

    Awesome information. I was looking for a way to take this (free) tour without paying the $50 that the tour guides were asking for. Thank you so much, headed to Old San Juan for that ferry :)

    Comment by Caprisha on 21 Mar 2014

    The Tour and 2 drinks are free. Getting there is the only cost.

    Comment by Gwenn on 17 Mar 2014

    So am I correctly assuming that the tour is free, but if you go through an outside tour company or book through a cruise line it is 40$??? Other than the taxi ride of 3$ pp and the cost of the ferry to Catano, are there any other charges for the tour?

    Comment by Hayleeb on 16 Mar 2014

    The best way to get there is take 165 to the 888 exit. On 165 from the airport there are brown distillery tour signs but getting off in Catano you will get lost. The sing for 888 is not there but as soon as you get off 165 on 888 you will see the Bacardi front gate.

    Comment by Brad on 18 Feb 2014

    The tour is interesting, but when we were there, it was over an hour wait. We asked for additional drink tickets and they were given because of the wait time. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a bottle of the Bacardi Limitada 12yr (avg) rum ($85 when I was there) - it is quite amazing!

    Comment by Frank on 12 Jan 2014

    I am not sure, but they might just be waiting at Bacardi to take the last tour people back. You could always get the phone number of the guy that drives you from Catano pier and then call him when you are ready to go. It is important to get the timing right as the ferry only leaves Catano every hour mid day and every 30 mins (during rush hour 3:30-6:30).

    Comment by Gwenn on 23 Oct 2013

    What is the availability, i.e., waiting time, for getting a taxi back to the Catano pier after the tour? Especially when there is are cruise ships in town. . . .

    Comment by Mary on 23 Oct 2013

    Bacardi will be closed on Thanksgiving (and any other holiday).

    Comment by Gwenn on 12 Aug 2013

    Our you going to be open thanksgiving day. we are on a curise and would like to vivited

    Comment by steven scheibler on 08 Aug 2013

    M-Sat the last tour is at 4:30, so yes you will be able to go. Sunday, the last tour is at 3:45,so on Sunday you won't make it.

    Comment by Gwenn on 28 Jul 2013

    If owe arrive to the distillery at 4 will we still be allowed in?

    Comment by Earl on 28 Jul 2013

    Info about the Catano ferry is

    Comment by Ray on 23 Jul 2013

    There is no parking at Pier 2. There are a couple parking garages on Calle Recinto Sur, a block or 2 from the Pier.

    Comment by Ray on 23 Jul 2013

    Is there plenty of parking at Pier 2 & do you have to pay for parking? The tour sounds like fun!

    Comment by Joyce Brown-Stone on 22 Jul 2013

    Forgot to ask, what time does the ferry start & end & how often does it run? Thanks

    Comment by Joyce Brown-Stone on 22 Jul 2013

    If you tip the bartender they give you more drinks :D

    Comment by Nicole on 14 Jul 2013

    just re-read your post and saw what you wrote about. Thanks for the info

    Comment by Mark on 16 Apr 2013

    I noticed there was a mention about drink tickets. Is there a limit on how many drinks you can have before or after the tour? When can you sample, is it before or after the tour?

    Comment by Mark on 16 Apr 2013

    It is past San Juan, so you would somehow need to get back to the mainland of PR and then get there. It would be a real out of the way thing to do can fly to Isla Grande and take a cab to Bacardi. That would be a very expensive trip just for the tour and 2 free drinks! You could take the ferry and then rent a car and drive yourselves. But honestly, the Bacardi tour is not worth the effort.

    Comment by Gwenn on 07 Apr 2013

    We will be visiting Vieques later this month and want to take the tour... How would you recommend getting there from Vieques?

    Comment by David on 04 Apr 2013

    Robert, we aren't associated with Bacardi, but I bet you would have better luck asking your local supermarket manager.

    Comment by Gwenn on 30 Mar 2013

    I have been using the Bacardi frozen alcohol drinks for years, but the last few years I have been unable to find them in any stores in California. Could you let me know where they can be purchased. Thank you, R. Strong

    Comment by Robert on 29 Mar 2013

    I took the tour when in the navy years ago, one of my favorite memories of Puerto Rico. Do this one, you will be glad you did.

    Comment by Paul on 19 Mar 2013

    I suggest you contact the Bacardi company. They may be able to help. The numbers I have for them:787-788-8400, 787-788-1500 Good luck!

    Comment by Gwenn on 03 Oct 2012

    Just three days ago I visited your Casa de Barcardi in Cantano w/my friends who never took the time to visit your wonderful place. But I missed the opportunity to pick up a sweat shirt w/the barcardi logo and wondered if you have a website that I can tap to and order a few items. Please advise. I want to show off a little at the job........

    Comment by Mercedes Rosas on 30 Sep 2012

    I took the tour Dec 2012 after we docked in San Juan (Carnival Cruise Dec 2012) It was one of our day trips and the rum was out of sight, very nice tour also. Our tour guide was great, very informative. I wish I had bought some rum home, they had it on the ship.

    Comment by shirley on 04 Mar 2012

    Yes. Bacardi Reserve is now being sold in the States.

    Comment by Ray on 02 Jul 2011

    There is no age restriction on who can go on the tour, as long as minors are accompanied by an adult. The drinking age in PR is 18. Obviously, they won't give alcohol samples the minors ... their "free drink" tickets will get them a soda.

    Comment by Ray on 02 Jul 2011

    do they have an age limit? I'm well over 21 but my younger sister isn't.

    Comment by lulu on 01 Jul 2011

    can i get bacardi reserve in the us?

    Comment by ka on 25 May 2011

    Must see! We went to PR for Christmas and decided to go to the Bacardi tour. It was one of the most fun I had on a trip! The tour is great and the people are so friendly. We visited the gift shop and their prices are pretty reasonable. The drinks were pretty good, too. One thing that you must try is the rum flavored cake in the snack shop...Yum! Next time I visit PR I'll visit the tour again for sure!

    Comment by YC on 14 Mar 2011

    Condado to the Cataño ferry terminal in Old San Juan? It's about 2.75 miles, or a $12 taxi ride.

    Comment by Ray on 14 Mar 2010

    We're going to San Juan next month. Hopefully nothing has changed as far as the tour and transportation. We will be staying on Ashford Ave in Condada, how far is that from the Old San Juan ferry?

    Comment by Dimples on 14 Mar 2010

    Thanks for the GREAT information and the links. I am going to Old San Juan next December and this was on my list of things to do!

    Comment by Jennifer on 31 Dec 2009

    No reservations necessary. Just show up and enjoy your free drinks until it's your turn for the tour.

    Comment by Ray on 17 Dec 2009

    I would like to know if if necessary to make an appointment to go to the Bacardi Factory tour. Thank you. We are planning to go Saturday or Sunday (Dec 19th or 20th.

    Comment by Miguel Picart on 17 Dec 2009

    We justed cruised 2 weeks ago to Old San Juan, read the comments before we sailed and went to the Bacardi factory. Thank you so much for your info. We took the water ferry for 50 cents and a $3.00 taxi ride. Bacardi Factory had a great tour and the drinks weren't bad either. We went with 17 people and all enjoyed the excursion without having to pay 4 times that amount to the cruiseline! Thanks again!

    Comment by Twirler on 12 Jul 2009

    I actually did this tour with my boyfriend about a month ago after a long day in the Morro and Old San Juan and thank god we did because the factor was very informative and the drinks where delicious.

    Comment by CJ on 10 Jun 2009

    As one of the most ardent fans of Bacardi on the planet [im irish so there is no limits] i enjoyed this article thank you.

    Comment by james veaney on 16 Nov 2008

    That really depends on at which pier your cruise ships docks. If it's one of the piers in Old San Juan, then the walk is less than 5 minutes. If you dock at the Pan American pier (on the south side of the bay across from Old San Juan), you'd have to take a taxi to get to the ferry pier. If you're at the Pan Am pier, I don't know which makes more sense: taking a taxi to the ferry pier, then the ferry to Catano, and then another taxi to Bacardi, OR to just take a taxi directly from the Pan Am pier to Bacardi.

    Comment by Ray on 07 Jul 2008

    how far is it from the pier the curise ships pull in, to the ferry terminal #2

    Comment by john on 06 Jul 2008

    I'm going to assume that you're stay in the San Juan / Isla Verde area. There's no easy way to get from that area to Bacardi via bus. It's possible, but not practical for tourists. A taxi would cost around $28 one way. Your best bet would be to get to the ferry terminal (pier 2) in Old San Juan and take the ferry to Catano and then a taxi to Bacardi. The ferry is 50 cents one way. And the taxi ride to Bacardi from that side of the bay is only a couple of bucks.

    Comment by Ray on 07 Jun 2008

    Is there a way to get there by bus or taxi? What would they charge? Instead of taking a tour down there...

    Comment by Ari on 02 Jun 2008

    Both the Casita and Don Q are on the waterfront across from Pier 1. Acutally, the Casita is a little to the west of Pier 1. This map will help.

    Comment by Ray on 18 May 2008

    Just like Lou, we are planning a cruise which arrives at 3pm (October 21). Using your other suggestions, where is the Casita or the Don Q shop? Thanks.

    Comment by Barbara on 18 May 2008

    Sounds like you'd be cutting it pretty close. With the ship scheduled to dock at 3pm, there's no telling when you'll actually get off. By the time you catch the ferry and pick up a taxi to Bacardi, you just may be too late for the last tour (which starts at 4:15). Why not just stop by the Casita or the Don Q shop for some free rum drinks? Hope this helps.

    Comment by Ray on 27 Mar 2008

    Sir: We are coming on a crusie ship on 8/16/08 and we should be docking at 3 pm. Do we have time to see Bacardi??? We were at your plant 2 years ago and happen a great time. We took the boat over ourself but with this docking time will we have time again. I hope so. Please let me know. There going to be 4 of us. Thanks Lou

    Comment by biglou13 on 25 Mar 2008

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