Fast-paced Excitement – Jet Skiing in Luquillo

Nestled along the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico, Luquillo Beach is a pretty area. Jet skiing here offers a unique opportunity for visitors to see it from a different perspective – you get to enjoy the beautiful water and the backdrop of El Yunque mountains. Jet skiing offers high speed excitement for locals and tourists alike, and there are a few rental companies waiting to help you experience the thrill.

Jet Ski Luquillo

The jet ski rental companies are located on the beach behind and to the east of the famous Luquillo Kioskos, you will see the jet skis lined up in the water and the companys’ tents set up on the sand. My brother was in town and he had wanted to try it, so we did!

We chose to do it in this area because, even though there were high surf warnings, the water here was calm. I have done jet skis out in the Atlantic were the waves were much bigger and that was “thrilling in a scary way” to me! Hitting those bumps was too jarring for me to do it for long! Other people might prefer that, but I prefer a smooth fast ride!

Jet Ski Luquillo

There are a couple company options to choose from on Luquillo Beach, depending on your comfort level and desires. One company only offers guided tours with a group, and another offers a guided tour or you have the option to just jet ski around on your own “free style”. It is nice to have options!

I didn’t know the different companies when I booked our trip … we kind of randomly picked one. Once on the beach, I spoke with the other company, to understand what options are available. I know we had a blast … it was fast and exciting, and beautiful! We rented the jetski for an hour and we all felt that was enough time … even 30 minutes would give you plenty of time to enjoy yourself!

Both companies offer 30-minute or 1-hour rides, with one driver and the option for a passenger. Both companies include a PFD (life jacket), and they explain how to operate the jet ski, safety instructions, and the “rules of the road”. The controls are very simple – on/off, the throttle, and the safety lanyard.

Jet Ski Luquillo

Our Ride

We went with Hydroventure – New Adventure Water Sport Rental. We booked online for the first slot of the day. This company has only a few jet skis, but they were in good working order. We did their 1 hour “Free Style”, with driver and a passenger. The sign-in was fast and easy (make sure you have a mobile phone with data connection), we donned our PFDs, got the how-to instructions for the jet ski, were told where the “Free Style” area limits were (to avoid the coral reefs), and then we were on our way!

A guide led us out and showed us the area again, and then left us go off on our own. He remained out in the “Free Style zone” area, in case someone needed him. We had a great time … those jet skis really go fast! But of course, you can go as fast or as slow as you want – you are in control.

Jet Ski Luquillo

While we were out on the water, we watched the other company (Puerto Rico Jet Ski Rental) get their group ready. They had a jet ski on the sand to demonstrate the operating and safety instructions and operating rules. Then they had everyone get on their jet skis and away they went, following their guide, to the west to their tour area. They told us that, on the way back after the tour, they go to a little sand bar area out their, where you could watch the sea life. It looked well-organized and professional. All the people that went seemed happy! This company even had chairs set up if you needed to wait for the next tour.

Jet Ski Luquillo

One thing I do want to mention is that the whole area does have air-breathing marine life … both turtles and manatees, so it is very important that you are aware and watch for them on the surface. We stopped a little away from the reef and watched a few green turtles swimming around … we always made sure to slow down in that area.

I suggest you book online at reserve your time slot. Some people who just did “walk up” looked like they had to wait a few hours for their tour. We enjoyed going early (11am), as there were hardly any other jet skis out on the water. As the day went on there were lots more people riding around.

Jet Ski Luquillo


Prices for all the companies seem comparable. All require IDs (driver license) and have age restrictions.

Make sure you have nothing in your pockets, and that anything that you take with you is OK getting wet.

Allow 30-60 minutes (based on the tour you choose). Allow extra time to check-in, and to wait for your turn.

You can access the area of the beach where the jet ski operators are located by either parking behind the Luquillo Kiosks and walking eastward on the beach, or by parking in Balneario Monserrate and walking westward on the beach.

Hydroventure – New Adventure Water Sport Rental Book Free-Style Tour Now
• Visit their website or call 939.529.1320

Puerto Rico Jet Ski Rental Book Guided Tour Now
• Visit their website

Gringo’s Water Sports (website) is another operator that offers jet skis. They are located in the Luquillo Kiosks.

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