Murals of Paseo De Diego in Río Piedras

At one time, the Rio Piedras Mercado and the Paseo de Diego was a vibrant area, with lots of life. Sadly, the area has fallen into near abandonment.

Río Piedras Murals

However, the local businesses and community are trying to revitalize the surrounding area. The area has been christened Paseo del Arte, and there are beautiful murals and artwork all around. A few of the restaurants, cafes, and apartment buildings are having new life breathed into them.

Río Piedras Murals

We recently visited the area and walked around on a Sunday (note: everything was closed on Sunday). We were able to walk around and take lots of photos of the murals. There are a few pieces of free-standing art also – the Astronaut and the Roach.

Río Piedras Murals

It was a little eerie walking around the area. I can’t say we felt unsafe, but we didn’t feel comfortable (not for any specific reason) on some of the side streets. There were a few other people around, but not many. I would have to assume there would be more people around on a weekday or Saturday.

Río Piedras Murals

While you’re there, be sure you go to the Rio Piedras Mercado for shopping or a snack – help support the local merchants.


Plan to visit the area during daylight hours, as we do not know if the murals are illuminated at nighttime.

If you go, just be aware of your surroundings and enjoy the art!

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