Swimming in La Mina Falls- Currently not available

La Mina Falls, El Yunque National Forest

Update- 7/2020 La Mina Trail sustained a lot of damage due to Hurricane Maria. They are working on it and hope it will reopen in 2023.

If you’re planning on swimming in La Mina Falls during your visit to El Yunque National Forest, we have a couple of tips for you.

First, be sure to wear shoes when you go into the water. The rocks around (and under) the water are slippery, uneven, and sharp. You should wear old sneakers, water shoes or something like Crocs. And be careful….did we mention their are some hidden underwater rocks and all the rocks are slippery!

Second, when you enter the water just walk straight in toward the center of the water fall. Don’t be fooled by the steps over to the right (when you’re facing the falls) that lead down to the edge of the water. The bottom of the pool on the right hand side drops off quickly and the rocks under the water are more uneven. If you just wade in from the center, the bottom has a more gradual slope and the rocks are a little easier to navigate.

Third, there is nowhere to change at the falls, unless you hide behind a rock or a tree. So try to wear a swimsuit or shorts that will dry quickly … otherwise you’ll have an uncomfortable hike back to your car!

Fourth, check with the Rangers before going in any river in El Yunque to check current conditions. If it has rained recently, flash floods can develop, making swimming/entering the rivers risky.

I Hate To Say "I Told You So"

If you don’t believe my second tip, then take three minutes and watch this video.

My brother didn’t listen to us and insisted on taking (what looks like) the easy way into the water. He learned the hard way! The audio on this video consists of the sound of the waterfall itself, and of us laughing our butts off behind the video camera!

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