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Photo Op: Comerío Represas

Mar 16th, 2015 • By • Category: Porta Cordillera (Central)

Waterfalls, both natural and man-made, are always great backdrops for photos. These dams in Comerío are no exception. Built in the early 1900s as hydroelectric plants, these now defunct sites offer some great photo ops. And the best part is that you can see them from the side of the road without even setting foot on a trail!

Visit a Manatee Rehabilitation Center

Mar 8th, 2015 • By • Category: Nature, San Juan Metro, Tour

Manatees are endemic to the ocean surrounding Puerto Rico. Due to boating “mishaps” and the loss of coastal habitat, there are fewer than 600 of these gentle creatures in our local waters. The Manatee Conservation Center at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico works to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured and orphaned manatees. Their endeavors are supported by volunteers and donations. You can help by taking a tour of their rehabilitation center, meeting the manatees “in person”, and making a donation. Your visit can help make a difference between saving this species … and extinction.

What’s Happening? March 2015

Mar 1st, 2015 • By • Category: General

Golf Tournaments, Music Festivals, Races, a Pet Festival, Food & Wine Festivals, Orchid Festivals, and even a Saint Patty’s Day parade! There are lots of activities going on in Puerto Rico in March 2015. Here are some of the more noteworthy events.

Snorkeling on Vieques

Feb 23rd, 2015 • By • Category: Beach, Nature, Snorkeling, Vieques

If you’ve spent some time on the island of Vieques, you have no doubt visited some beautiful beaches. But what do you do when you get bored of yet another gorgeous beach? You jump into the water with a mask, fins, and snorkel to see what lies beneath the waves! Here are some spots that on Vieques that we’ve found to be good for snorkeling. Is your favorite on the list?

What’s Happening? February 2015

Feb 1st, 2015 • By • Category: General

Caribbean Baseball Play-offs, festivals celebrating everything from coffee to music to rum, a BBQ competition, and Puerto Rico’s blow-out pre-Lent “Carnaval Ponceño” … There are lots of activities going on in Puerto Rico in February 2015. Here are some of the more noteworthy events.

Jardín de la Princesa Park Now Open in Old San Juan

Jan 12th, 2015 • By • Category: Old San Juan

The Jardín de la Princesa park in Old San Juan was opened to the public in October 2014. It features five bronze sculptures by Jose Buscaglia representing the Source of the Heritage of the Americas. There is a small garden, and a playground for the kids. It along Paseo de la Princesa, not far from the cruise ship piers … so it’s an easy stop on your tour of Old San Juan.

What’s Happening? January 2015

Jan 4th, 2015 • By • Category: General

Fairs, Kings, Paso Fino Horses, and the biggest street party this side of New Orleans. There are lots of activities going on in Puerto Rico in January 2015. Here are some of the more noteworthy events.

Coffee Flavored Rum – A Great Puerto Rican Libation

Dec 21st, 2014 • By • Category: Recipes

Coffee-infused Puerto Rican rum is a tasty treat that is quick and easy to make. It can be used in other recipes as a substitute for Kahlúa, added to coffee, or enjoyed as a shot or on the rocks. Make a bunch of bottles to give away as gifts, and be sure to keep one for yourself!

Holiday Season Family Fun at La Feria – The Park

Nov 30th, 2014 • By • Category: General, Music, San Juan Metro

Do you know someone who loves amusement parks or carnivals? Then La Feria – The Park will be right up their alley. This annual carnival runs from Late November or Early December through the end of the first week of January. This family-friendly fair is full of amusement park rides and games, food and refreshments, live music and shows, holiday light displays and even a petting zoo.

Visit Loiza for Some Authentic Hand-Crafted Souvenirs

Aug 24th, 2014 • By • Category: Art, History, Music, Porta Antillas (East)

The town of Loiza has a long and interesting history. The African heritage of the area is seen all around town — in the music, dance and art. The Loizeno people are proud of their ancestry, and the local artisans often use it as a primary theme in their artwork. If you really want to take home a meaningful and authentic hand-crafted souvenir from Puerto Rico, skip the Made in China stuff that you’ll find at the airport. Instead, take a short trip to Loiza where you can learn a little history, and buy directly from the artists.

Take a Hike on Vieques

Aug 3rd, 2014 • By • Category: Hiking, Nature, Vieques

If you are looking for something to do on Vieques other than go to beaches, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has made 3 new hiking trails. Called Vereda Cerro Playuela, they opened these trails in mid-2013. The trails offer the experience of going through a few different types of forests, great views, and remote beaches that are so beautiful you will be so happy for this diversion.

Volunteer to Help Save Puerto Rico’s History

Jul 20th, 2014 • By • Category: Beach, History, Porta Antillas (East)

Archaeologists have found evidence of pre-Taino people living in what is now Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve in Fajardo. They have uncovered human skeletons, bones, shells, tools, and clay pots that date back to 300-600AD. But now, this historical site is at risk of being lost due to actions of the waves and wind, and the rise in sea level. It is a race against time to save the remains – and they need your help!

Playa Grande Beach on Vieques

Jul 6th, 2014 • By • Category: Beach, Hiking, Nature, Vieques

Vieques is known for it’s beautiful, white-sand beaches with calm, sparkling blue water that are perfect for sunbathing and swimming. There are other beaches on the island that have rugged beauty and seem to go on for miles. Playa Grande is that kind of beach. It’s perfect for long walks, sunbathing, and countless photo ops.

Vieques: More Than Just Beaches – North Side

Jun 23rd, 2014 • By • Category: History, Vieques

What do you do when you’ve had too much sun or are simply tired of lounging around on beautiful beaches? You take a road trip! Even though Vieques is known for it’s beautiful beaches, there are still some non-beachy things you can do to pass the time. Here is a list of things you can do on the north side of Vieques that don’t involve a beach blanket.

Try Some Puerto Rican Moonshine Rum

May 18th, 2014 • By • Category: Food & Lodging, Porta Cordillera (Central)

Moonshine, White Lightning, Hooch, Tennessee White Whiskey — call it what you will. Here in Puerto Rico, alcohol made in your backyard is called Pitorro or Cañita. Destilería Cruz produces a brand of legal Pitorro, called PitoRico, that is available plain or in various local fruit flavors. Their factory is in Jayuya, and the public is welcome to stop by to see them making it, have a taste of local moonshine, and pick up a few bottles to take back home.


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