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Visit a Manatee Rehabilitation Center

Mar 8th, 2015 • By • Category: Nature, San Juan Metro, Tour

Manatees are endemic to the ocean surrounding Puerto Rico. Due to boating “mishaps” and the loss of coastal habitat, there are fewer than 600 of these gentle creatures in our local waters. The Manatee Conservation Center at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico works to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured and orphaned manatees. Their endeavors are supported by volunteers and donations. You can help by taking a tour of their rehabilitation center, meeting the manatees “in person”, and making a donation. Your visit can help make a difference between saving this species … and extinction.

Snorkeling on Vieques

Feb 23rd, 2015 • By • Category: Beach, Nature, Snorkeling, Vieques

If you’ve spent some time on the island of Vieques, you have no doubt visited some beautiful beaches. But what do you do when you get bored of yet another gorgeous beach? You jump into the water with a mask, fins, and snorkel to see what lies beneath the waves! Here are some spots that on Vieques that we’ve found to be good for snorkeling. Is your favorite on the list?

Take a Hike on Vieques

Aug 3rd, 2014 • By • Category: Hiking, Nature, Vieques

If you are looking for something to do on Vieques other than go to beaches, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has made 3 new hiking trails. Called Vereda Cerro Playuela, they opened these trails in mid-2013. The trails offer the experience of going through a few different types of forests, great views, and remote beaches that are so beautiful you will be so happy for this diversion.

Playa Grande Beach on Vieques

Jul 6th, 2014 • By • Category: Beach, Hiking, Nature, Vieques

Vieques is known for it’s beautiful, white-sand beaches with calm, sparkling blue water that are perfect for sunbathing and swimming. There are other beaches on the island that have rugged beauty and seem to go on for miles. Playa Grande is that kind of beach. It’s perfect for long walks, sunbathing, and countless photo ops.

My Favorite Beaches on Vieques

May 11th, 2014 • By • Category: Beach, Nature, Vieques

Vieques is a small island located in the Caribbean. And guess what? It is loaded with beaches! And not just any beaches – some really amazing beaches. They come in all shapes, sizes and sand colors. I bet everyone that visits Vieques has a few that stand out for them as favorites. With so many beaches to choose from, it is hard to choose which one is the best!

Canyoning in South El Yunque with Kalichi Adventures

Apr 20th, 2014 • By • Category: Hiking, Nature, Porta Antillas (East), Tour

Puerto Rico is full of natural beauty, from the beaches and coastline, to the mountains, rivers, and forests. These can really be appreciated when you are able to visit some of the most remote and unspoiled parts of the island, and immerse yourself in the wonders that abound. Kalichi Adventures offers an amazing canyoning tour that puts you right in the middle of what we think is the most beautiful part of the island.

Experience Local Hospitality at Café Gran Batey

Apr 6th, 2014 • By • Category: Food & Lodging, Nature, Porta Cordillera (Central), Shopping, Tour

We recently went on a tasting tour at Café Gran Batey in Utuado, and we fell in love. We got to see coffee growing in their fields, and how they process the coffee at every step … all the way up to bagging the freshly-roasted, warm beans for sale. This is not to be missed if you are in the area and have a couple hours to spare.

Experience Mosquito Bay in a Kayak

Mar 30th, 2014 • By • Category: Nature, Tour, Vieques, Water Sports

There are only a few bioluminescent bays left in the world, and Puerto Rico is fortunate enough to have three of them. The biobays in Puerto Rico are Laguana Grande in Fajardo, Mosquito Bay in Vieques, and La Parguera in Lajas — with Mosquito Bay being the brightest of the three. We visited Mosquito Bay recently with Black Beard Sports, and had a great time!

Visit Playa Caracas on Vieques, With a Car or Not

Mar 24th, 2014 • By • Category: Beach, Nature, Snorkeling, Vieques

Vieques to known for it’s remote and secluded beaches. Now, thanks to some relatively recent road improvements on Vieques, Playa Caracas (aka Red Beach) is a beautiful white-sand beach in the US Fish & Wildlife reserve that is accessible by the local public transportation. No Jeep required!

Discover Some of the Best of Culebra

Feb 23rd, 2014 • By • Category: Beach, Culebra, Nature, Snorkeling

Culebra Island Adventures offers some tours that allow you see some great beaches, do some kayaking, and come face-to-face with sea turtles while snorkeling. They can coordinate all of your transportation and act as your tour guide, which makes for a carefree way to see some of the best stuff that Culebra has to offer.

More Exploration in Guánica Dry Forest

Jan 5th, 2014 • By • Category: Hiking, Nature, Porta Caribe (South)

The Guánica Dry Forest has loads of hiking and biking trails, and it offers a number of different sights and opportunities for viewing nature. Our most recent hike on the Ballena Trail was no exception. Besides the amazing cactus and easy bird viewing, we found small cave, ruins, and a 700-year old tree.

Spend Some Time Exploring Culebrita

Dec 29th, 2013 • By • Category: Beach, Culebra, Hiking, Nature, Porta Antillas (East), Snorkeling

Culebrita is a tiny cay located off the north-east corner of Culebra. It is uninhabited, visited only by a few people every day, and holds many wonderful “secrets” waiting to be explored. You can only get there by boat, but it is totally worth the effort in order to experience this unspoiled island.

Take a Relaxing Trip on the Río Espíritu Santo

Dec 15th, 2013 • By • Category: Nature, Porta Antillas (East), Tour

The town of Río Grande has branded itself as the “Cuidad del Yunque” – the “City of El Yunque”. While El Yunque National Forest is certainly the highlight, there are a few other things of interest to do here. One of those activities is a trip on the Río Espíritu Santo on La Paseadora pontoon boat.

Playa de Jobos and Pozo Jacinto in Isabela

Dec 8th, 2013 • By • Category: Beach, Nature, Porta Atlantico (North), Porta del Sol (West), Water Sports

If you are looking for a fun beach spot in the north-west part of Puerto Rico, you can head to Playa Jobos (Jobos Beach) in Isabela. This stretch of sand offers surfing, beach bars, and a little exploration around the rocky coastline.

Join in the SUP Craze

Nov 18th, 2013 • By • Category: Nature, San Juan Metro, Tour, Water Sports

Over the last few years, Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has become extremely popular. It is very easy to do, requires just a little equipment, and provides a great whole-body workout. If you haven’t tried it yet, or even if you are an experienced pro, paddling in Puerto Rico is a great vacation activity that the whole family can enjoy.


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