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Map of the Old San Juan / San Juan / metro Region

In addition to the descriptions, we’ve put together this interactive tourist information map using Google Maps, that shows the locations of the various attractions in our articles. We’ve also indicated some other important things in our area like hospitals, some restaurants, food stores, and shopping centers.

We hope that you find this information helpful in planning your trip to Puerto Rico.

If you’re traveling with a GPS unit, you might be interested in the GPS coordinates that are in the bubble that pops up when you click on a placemark in the map.

Map Controls: Zooming & Panning

To ZOOM – double-click, or use the + and – buttons on the left side of the map
To PAN – click and drag on the map, or use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the map
Use the MAP, SATELLITE buttons to choose your view: Map or Satellite

New Feature: Placemark Clustering

We've enabled a new feature on our maps that we call placemark clustering. In our opinion, while it's nice to have lots of places to display on the map (we currently have about 550 places in our database), when there are too many locations marked on the map, having all those placemarks displayed at once can be confusing and less than useful. With placemark clustering, when you are viewing a large area, placemarks that are close together are clustered and displayed as a circle with a number it in. The number represents how many placemarks are clustered or hidden by that circle. As you zoom in on an area, a cluster will separate into individual placemarks. If you want to disable this clustering behavior, you can click the Uncluster Placemarks button below the map.

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