Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo – Fun in the Sun!

Seven Seas Beach 3/15- Great news! They have opened the bathroom/showers to an outside company who is maintaining it! Cost $1/day to use and so worth it for a nice, clean bathroom!Update 1/13 (from a comment below)- Again- here is a case where a beautiful nature resource has gone to waste. It used to be that Seven Seas Beach, located in Fajardo on the northeast corner of the island, was a gem of a beach. But it now again lacks the care it needs to be a real beauty. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a beautiful vista, but it just isn’t always a great clean, sandy beach experience. It is a Balneario, so it has gated parking, facilities, and lifeguards and since 2007, it has been awarded the Blue Flag label. I am not sure how it keeps getting this award because this beach is not maintained, the showers and bathrooms need cleaning and repair. It is a shame. I bet in summer months, it is better maintained. Seven Seas is a lovely, small, crescent-shaped beach, with soft sand and almond and palm trees that provide some protection from the sun. The views are fantastic, just beautiful to look out at the water and see the lighthouse in the distance. Water is blue and beautiful. There is a coral reef some distance from the beach, making a natural wave break. This makes for a nice protected beach, with calm waters that the whole family can enjoy. When the balneario is “open”, there should be lifeguards on duty, usually from 9:00am to 5:00pm , to help you have a safe, fun day at this beach. On big problem lately is that the sand is not raked clean of natural debris that falls from the trees and washes up from the ocean, so it is now covered with seaweed and leaves. You need to clear it away to have a nice sandy area to set your towel out. Seven Seas is a nice beach, and in the winter you may be one of the few people there. This is a real plus! It can get more crowded in the summer months, as it is very popular with the locals. Currently, there is no food kiosks available. Because the the water is usually calm here, I think this is a good spot to learn to snorkel. There’s a tiny reef to the far right (facing the water) that supports a number of fishes to watch while snorkeling. Before the reef is a sea-grass area that you can see all sorts of creatures- like sea cucumbers and conch. Another good spot to snorkel is to go to the far left (facing the water), near the "end of beach" sign. Look for the rocks. It’s shallow there and there are some coral formations. It is not great snorkeling, but it is something to look at while you are learning your technique. These areas are not in the lifeguarded area, so do so at your own risk. This beach has restrooms and shower facilities, (note: on a number of recent trips (11/08,1/09,11/10,2/11, 8/12), most of the bathrooms and showers were not operational). A couple sinks had water, only a few toilets flushed. None of the showers at the bathroom area were operational, but some by the picnic shelters work. Update 3/15- bathrooms are now operational and clean. There are also private shower stalls in the bathrooms. Friendly mounted police at Seven SeasThis beach has picnic shelters, and camping is allowed (with a permit). Both of these need to be arranged prior to arrival. There is a small fee for both. But one nice benefit of having these facilities is that the beach is also guarded by the local police force, usually mounted or on ATV. These Policemen are very friendly and will sometimes talk to the kids and let them on the horses. My niece loved it and learned the that the Spanish word for horse is “caballo”. We have not seen police patrols on recent trips, but the lifeguards and other beach workers/Parque Nationales reps were around. The balneario is open certain days and times, but since all beaches in PR are public, you can use the beach (without facilities) any day by just parking along the road and walking in. Just park along the road and walk in through the opening in the fence.

Parking is $5.00 plus 7% tax. Campsites are about $10.00 per night, minimum 2 nights. The gazebos are $20 and $30/day. Bathroom/showers cost $1/day per person to use (discounted rate per camper).

The balneario is officially open Wed- Sun, from 8:30am to 5:00pm (Sept- Mar). In Summer (April-Aug) they are open 7 days a week and are open 8:30am to 6pm .

Call 787.863.8180 for information. Call the Parques Nationales at 787.622.5200 to get a campsite permit.

From Route 3 in Fajardo, take Route 194. After you pass El Conquistidor Resort, 194 becomes Route 987. Continue on 987 until you see Seven Seas Beach on your left.

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